MayonaizeShrimp First Anniversary


Yay! First anniversary!


I know my quality is sub-par at best and my speed is slow af.
But you, the readers, still put up with me and wait patiently.
(Or you don’t have any choice but to wait, but I’m doing my best, okay?)

Thank you, people who donated to my PayPal, I definitely use your money to good use.
Thank you, Indonesian Novel Community for giving me the incentive to use discord.
Thank you, NovelUpdates Translator Community for helping me with difficult sentences.
Thank you, Ebisu TL for hosting my translations and free Japanese lessons.
Thank you, Karuma for being the best editor even though I kept abusing you for work.

Thank you, dear readers. I can’t promise faster translation, but I will do my best improving my accuracy.

Let us raise our glass and cheer for another amazing year.
Another year filled with hope and hentai dreams!
Ero Banzai!


Hey guys and happy anniversary to MayonaizeShrimp. Although I’ve only been here since August I’ve gained a lot of enjoyment from helping to release chapters for GM and NoFatigue as well as reading the comments from the readers.

It’s been a honor to edit these chapters and to make a new friend and I look forward to editing more chapters. Happy Anniversary!!



We want to personally thank those people who had donated.
Thank you for your generous donation:

  • Stephen M
  • Sean H
  • Will C
  • Cory S
  • Tim C

My Future Plans with Ebisu TL

My announcement on moving

I am here to announce that while I will still post here, I am moving Isekai GM and No Fatigue to Ebisu Translation.

Please note that I’m not abandoning this blog!
I’m planning to translate a mini-series here!

There are several reasons why, but to not make it sound like I am desperate for fame or money, it’s regarding why I’m translating in the first place.

My main goals are:

  • Practice for that damn TOEIC exam which I can’t even take to this day
  • Seeing the continuation of the novel I “enjoy” reading
  • Gathering reader base for my original works


As I have hinted in the past, I am planning to write something and translate it into English, and the best way to gather reader is by translating other series and shamelessly advertise my translated original work in this site. But by moving over there, I don’t have to desperately gain readerbase alone. Putting my original works there along with other JP and CN novel will give me the needed exposure.

Please note that I’m still the sole translator and Karuma is still the sole editor. I’m not dropping anything, I’m just moving. I will still be posting every chapter update here and redirect you to that site. (Making NU still recognizing me as the translator)

And here I will invite you to join MayonaizeShrimp discord. It’s still an ideal (and arguably better) place to discuss Isekai GM and No Fatigue. We are still making the PDF version of each series, divided by arc, and you can download it in our discord.


This is MayonaizeShrimp,
And this is NOT the last of me.

PS: If you’re interested in the original work I’m talking about, you can ask me for it in the discord. Of course, assuming you can read Bahasa Indonesia.

The First Survey Results

Since I don’t want to hide anything, I will publish the survey results.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I really appreciate your input and I read everything. I forgot to put Translation Accuracy on the survey so please tell me if I make a mistake.


And now I need to reply to some important remarks:

adding in a back/ next page link would be really nice. honestly, i have a memory like a goldfish, and my internet is really slow so by the time i go back to the index, I’ve forgotten what chapter I was on…

Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to make the prev/next button since I have to crawl all the way through my previous posts. BUT I’m saving to buy a host for myself, then I can install a plugin for it. You can donate to my paypal (patreon is still broken) to speed things up.

It’s probably better to find a proper editor to fix the grammatical errors than to worry about them yourself, unless you really want to improve your English. Translating is hard work already, before even taking proofreading and editing into account. Thanks for translating for us!

After I read this, I checked my email and Karuma offered to be my translator (A week before I opened the email). So thank you. Thank you, good sir!

I automatically use reader-mode with my browser, which means I always see the anti-copy material. Your choice of material is becoming so bad, so NSFW, that of the hundreds of stories I follow I am seriously considering dropping a story for the first time just due to the anti-copy material. At least Lightning Maid Nanaki is amusing, and its TL installs anti-copy material nearly every other line that is purposefully made to resemble the speech-thoughts of one of the characters in the story.

Thank you for your concern, but I have to write the anti-copy. Instead, I put a warning at the beginning of every chapter so people have the chance to turn off the reader-mode/view.

Few gender swaps on Donna

My bad… I fixed it.

Honestly, I felt the anti-copy policy was little tame. I think you need to step it up! Larger incoherent or insulting paragraphs, maybe some ASCII art of stupid stuff would be nice too. I know another site at one point in time made their entire page an unintelligible mess if you tried to copy it/view through a reader mode.

I think you’re right (somewhat). I won’t depend on NSFW watermark anymore. I’ll give some random things on random occasion, but currently, I like giving something about SpongeBob or Thomas the Tank Engine.

If they just highlight everything and copy anyway, what would that do? They could kinda just remove the text though :l Idk if its possible for wordpress, but for certain I know that PDFs cant be copy pasted. Maybe try that? :0 P.s. Thanks for your hardwork!

They never highlight to copy (well, some of them do). We can’t stop piracy, but we can create enough problem for the pirates. And if you look at those aggregator sites, those anti-copy texts still exist.

My three sizes are: 168, 1… Oops, I don’t have 3s

Your breast size is as tall as me…

This is Just Me Ranting

Just my rants about ads and leechers.

Move along, people…

I was researching about ads when someone told me

“Why are you so focused about ads?”
“For money of course!”
“Isn’t donation enough? Not to mention the drop in your quality as well”

The words hit me like a truck (No I’m not transported to another world). I was completely focused about finding a good CPM ads and dish out chapters like crazy without spend some time to grammar check it.As you can see in my late 3-5 chapters, there are tons of typos and translation errors because I didn’t care about the quality at all.

I remembered the reason why I started all this:

  1. TOEIC exam
  2. I want to read
  3. shit and giggles (obviously the most important)

I didn’t care about ads.
I didn’t care about money.
I didn’t care about other sites taking credit from my work.

I just translate because I want to read. And I just ruined thousands of people’s reading experience by using ads and popups.

Therefore I want to apologize for the trouble and I won’t use ads anymore.
(unless I got into a financial crisis and in a dire need for money)

If you think my work should be rewarded, then please donate to my PayPal.


Thank you for reading my MTL


With love,

Your Mayonnaise Coated Sea Arthropod.


PS: I may or may not host this translation elsewhere to remove the wordpress ads.