YTIF 12. What the Moon Priests Wants

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TouranーI muttered her name to make sure I remembered it. Come to think of it, it’s the first time I used another person’s name in this world.

「So, who are you, child?」

*kukuku* Touran laughed.
Ha? Didn’t she already knew who I am? As if she read my thoughts, Touran shakes her head and her hair waved in the air.

「I’m not asking who “They” think you are, it’s about who “You” think you are…. Different, isn’t it?」

「ah… right…」

I don’t want to listen to anyone who admire me as 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』. I guess it’s easy for her to guess that I didn’t like the title 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』. She probably knows that I threw tantrums to the maids when I first came here.

I don’t know exactly how much authority or power this trapped woman or the 『Moon Priests』 had, but as an organization that could move freely inside the castle, I’d say that they had some special position to some extend.

(TL: I don’t really know about this. Can someone help me?  正直城の奥深くにある座敷牢に閉じ込められたTenshiのなり損ないとやらにどれだけの権限があるかなんてさっぱり分からないが、月天官、という少なくとも城内を自由に動くことの出来る組織を抱えている以上、それなりに特殊な立場にあると考えていいだろう。)

「I am Minafuchi Kaya. A high school student.」

I answered briefly. A high school student. If I couldn’t think about anything better to express myself.

「Kaya. Standing between the heaven and the people. Sounds like someone who can protect others from storms.」

「Like those reinforced roof? Well, the word certainly contains characters from my name」

「The one who protects and leads the people. It was the route that often taken by the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn」

I don’t exactly know how did my name related to the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. Protect and lead the people? Is that how I protect Tenshi?

At the moment my head began smoking, Touran waved her long sleeve that spreads heavily and flutters in the wind. I can sense her sneering and sigh from her voice.

「… We can’t have a conversation if I’m the only one who’s talking. Honestly, it’s no fun at all. Well, it can’t be helped. Then, let’s slowly teach you about Guardian of Scarlet Dawn」

Finally we entered the main subject. *hmph* Why should I entertain you with some petty chat?

「Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is one of Tenshi’s line of defense. The one who maintains and protects Tenshi’s 『Loyalty』」

….. I heard that already.
There must be some more explanation to it. I glared at Touran. Touran tilted her head in amusement.

「That’s all?」

「The word that can express Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is limited to this. However since you came all over here, I will answer everything Kaya wanted to know」

She clearly enjoyed making fun of me.
My emotional self began thinking about leaving this place and go back to the room but my rational self holds it down.
Touran will answer anything I asked. Let’s be rational here.

「….Ja, the first one. What does Tenshi’s 『Loyalty』means?」

I didn’t understand what it is so I don’t know what is Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. I didn’t know anything regarding Tenshi as well. I need to gather information. Let’s use this opportunity to the fullest.

「Tenshi is an existence between heaven and man, it’s the existence who brought day and peace into this world. When Tenshi wakes up, the sun rises. When he sleeps, the sun sets. Therefore, anyone who were born in this Scarlet World do not dare to oppose Tenshi. In that way, Tenshi became arrogant. He treat himself as the most important person and started to treat those around him as he likes. If day-night cycle stops, the people can’t live their life.」

「So basically he’s a tyrant?」

「Correct. In this castle, Tenshi dictates everything」

As an incarnation of 『day』, aren’t you a bit too dark? Oh the irony.

「Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is always someone from the Blue World. They are the most noble and virtuous person. That’s why Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is the only one who can oppose Tenshi. ……. yoi ka, Kaya. Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is someone who will not prostate in front of Tenshi, but someone who stood up against him. It’s an existence that prevent Tenshi from doing something overboard and remind Tenshi to take care of the people」

….. Ah, I see. That’s how the 『Loyalty』is protected.

In short, watching an idiot before he went too far. Aa… So even if I don’t show any respect to Tenshi, it didn’t even matter. Because being annoyed by Tenshi is one of the job description.

For the people of this world it’s fine if I point out Tenshi’s mistakes and refusing to serve him. After that the ruler (Tenshi) will see his mistakes and changes himself ….Will he even change?

「Fufu… Did you noticed something important?」

Touran giggled *kukuku*.

「Tenshi’s death, If he dies then the crown is lifted」

「Crown? But when I saw him yesterday, I don’t see anything on that bastard’s head」

「It’s not an actual crown. It’s something located around his forehead」

She basically said that Tenshi’s crown was a metaphor of his proof of authority, but I’m not quite sure. Maa, it can’t be touched nor seen but he’s wearing some kind of a crown, isn’t he?

「That crown is proof of Tenshi. Therefore… Only the 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』 can remove that crown from Tenshi. Only the person who can give their whole being and go against Tenshi」

「……………. So it’s possible to force him down from the throne?」

「That’s not all. 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』 also have the ability to pass the crown to another person」

「Eh? To that extend?」

In spite of being repeated, Touran nodded. She fanned herself while enjoying my reaction, then she started to talk again.

「There is only one Heavenly Crown. Therefore when someone had chosen as a Tenshi, no one can take the crown. When a child is born with divine protection, the child of the night will become the incarnation of the day」


「That’s right. Tenshi’s failure will be the moolight and protect the peace of the night. That is the 『Moon Priest』」

Geh… I heard everything.
A soldier with jade clothes said that Touran was the Lord of the 『Moon Priest』.

「……….fuun. In other words, you are telling me to crown you as Tenshi. Isn’t that right, Touran?」

Finally everything is connected. Just knowing who you are looking at makes me felt better.

「Then, if I made you the Tenshi, will you return me to my world?」

Touran picked the edge of the paper with her fingertip and turned it up a little. Before I can move on, I need to draw some arc.

「…. The reason no one told me anything about this. Confused after being dragged into another world, there’s no way I wouldn’t torn off Tenshi’s crown, right?」

「That’s right. Tenshi who lost the crown can’t make the day rises. As long as the 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』 doesn’t grant the crown to anyone, everyone will gradually die」

It made me feel terrible however, I am tempted to do so.
I would like to return to the original world and I didn’t care if this world was destroyed. I could take the crown from Tenshi by force, destroys everything in this world, and then leave like nothing happened.
So I thought things would be.

「ーThis is the worst」

It sucks…

Even though everything was crystal clear, there was an awful feeling in my chest…

YTIF 11. Conversations that Don’t Advance are Unpleasant


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I was following the jade clothed soldier along an unknown hallway. The idea of walking through an unknown place doesn’t scare me at all. It didn’t change the fact that I don’t know anything anyway.
How should I call this Lord? Tenkan? If you write the letter, is it written as『Moon Priest』? Was it because they patrol when the moon is up? (TL: I’m not sure about this. 字を当てるなら、月の天の官、かな?夜番だから月天なのか。)

Iya, they must be dressed like that because they’re on night duty. Then, are Moon Priests specialized in night duty?

The man stopped in front of a door. It’s a huge black door as big as the one in Tenshi’s room.

Both jade clothed soldiers on each side of the door looked a bit surprised when they saw me.

Somehow their thin reaction is within the normal range. It seemed that people in this world can have stress too. I felt a bit relieved.

「Please come in…」

A man opened a door without showing expression.

「…. If you wearing those clothes, are you part of the night watch?」

I tilted my head a little as I asked him.

「After going such a long way to visit this place. You should meet our Lord for more satisfying answer. Please not worry about it.」

「Hmph, I will be the judge for that.」

The man could only give a bitter smile when I cut him down.

His reaction…
It’s… normal…
It’s a normal adult reaction.

That’s it. Coming here is maybe a good idea.  I wanted to hear the story from people who has normal reactions. (TL: taking some liberty here. The raw is… weird…)

I followed him through the black door.
Somehow I became a bit anxious. Whether he spoke the truth or not, unpleasant thoughts rose to my head.

They said that I fit perfectly as the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn.
It didn’t make any sense.
What’s does it even mean?
I never understood why they called me to this world.

All of them will be answered when I meet this Lord.

For now, I can only move forward.

Maybe these people can help with my imprisonment here.

It’s alright… Go for it..

「I’m here」 (TL: tsukimashita yo!)

「….e? ah?」

A man just popped up and called me out from nowhere. I was so confused that I couldnt’ form a proper response.


The man extended his arm towards me. I walked without thinking much. Suddenly I noticed something resembling a jail on the other side of the room.

It’s a prison?

I resist the urge to do a full power dash after I noticed that there was a humanoid figure in confinement.

「ーA guest? How unusual…」

The figure in prison have brilliant jade colored hair like the clothes worn by the night watch. A woman with pale yet inhumanly beautiful face whispers in a bell like tone.

(TL: Don’t ask me! Here’s the raw: 「ぅ、ぉええええええ!!」)

What the hell was that?! I can almost taste the tempura that I just ate!
Her face looked so beautiful. Seriously, it’s impossible! nowaynowaynoway! Ugh… I felt sick. My stomach can’t hold it.

「Ugh… It was real… The impossible beauty is real」

Even though I almost passed out, the man guiding me seemed happy and unable to hold his laughter. Don’t laugh! I’m suffering here.

「Dame, mou. Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is really interesting!」

Want me to vomit all over your face?

Somehow my nausea won and I vomited. Maids came when I was almost at my limit and offer me some drink to wash my mouth quickly.
I’m bad when looking at beautiful women but not to the extend that I would vomit on the spot.
I sit on a chair facing the woman in black prison.

「Are you alright?」

「Haa… maa. I’m sorry. I made a mess」

「I don’t mind it. I was half expecting it.」

Her tone made it sound like it’s her fault. In my defense, that beautiful CG face is so unreal. For now, I’ll try to communicate.
I came here thinking that they are better than those red clothed people but these guys are making fun of people too. I wonder how many people are actually trying.

「So, who are you?」

I didn’t come here for a chit chat so I quickly go into the main subject.
The bishoujo smiled. What? You think it’s funny? Say something!

「So straightforward. But I don’t dislike it」

「Is that so? But I can’t say the same about you」

「Antsy are we? Because I can grant your wishes?」

「Then talk quickly. Who are you?」

She dodged all my remark like a drunkard. The girl giggled before finally answered my question.

「My name is Touran. I failed to become the Tenshi」

Wait a second.
WAIT a second….


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YTIF 10. I Don’t Feel Like Talking to Him Anymore


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I continued my exploration after finishing the meal and I found a room with a lot of paper, brush, and ink-like-things. Inside, there are 3 people organizing things and moving boxes here and there.

「Are paper and ink expensive?」


「Does it cost a lot of money?」

「Ma-nii? …… Anyone who works in this department can use as many paper and ink as they need」

Didn’t they have money in this world? By the way, I have been told to protect Tenshi but I didn’t hear anything similar to paycheck.

Is this a world without economy? A society without economy? Maa, this world had Tenshi as someone with absolute existence so maybe it’s the reason no money is needed.

(TL: *Communism intensifies*)

「Jaa, may I use them too?」

「Of course. There’s nothing in this place that you can’t use. That includes Tenshi’s bed」

Eww… That’s a bad example. I imagined getting into Tenshi’s bed and felt sick . Oy! Rude… (TL: 最悪 = worst. I want to say Asshole but our MC didn’t use curse words much)
The staff squint his eyes like he just seen something funny. I don’t like guy. He just disgust me. For now, I will ignore his eyes.

「Do you need to write something?」

「Yes. I’m making assassination plan to kill some kuso jiji who summoned me」

「I will be in a lot of trouble if someone get assassinated ne」

The staff laughed for amoment.
I didn’t think this man thinks I’m serious. It seems that just by being near the maids and robed jiji made all jokes seems dead and they must not talk much in the first place.

Anyway, I took a lot of paper, ink, and brush and stuff them into a box. Meanwhile, I ignored the people who knelt to me in this room.
I got some writing tools and now I can write down any information on this. Should I go back? Or maybe I should go exploring a bit? When I was thinking about what I should do, I saw a soldier yawn from the end of my eyesight.

I guess he’s in the night shift. He must be sleepy.

「You there. How long have you been awake?」

Apparantly, he’s not monitoring me. The soldier tilted his head and looked confused.

「At first, I thought that you would return to the Temple of Dawn immediately, but… 」

「At first?」

「But it seems that you did many things that didn’t suit the role of Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. To the point where you can’t be called Guardian of Scarlet Dawn ne」

I don’t know what he’s talking about. I think I got more wrinkles between my eyebrows. The man laughed and his expression clearly said 『I wonder what I should do』

Well, how about you ‘get lost’?
I think it’s time to get out of here.

Suddenly, a horribly disfigured woman appeared from the corner of an aisle. The woman covered her nose with a sleeve and rushed over to me while yelling 「Minafuchi-sama」.

「Aaa, I was looking for you. But why are you in such a horrible place?」

Well this place is certainly not the best place. But I didn’t have any intention to follow any of your rule.

「Besides… Why are you talking with the Moon Priest?」

(TL: I’m clueless here. I don’t even know who’s talking. それに……月天官など連れて……導師が何と仰るか)

No, why do you care who I was talking to? Who the hell are you? Even though I want to throw a tsukomi here, I’d rather not argue with this absurd woman.
Wait, she was catching up. The soldier came along while grinning. She ran hurried to my front and knelt in a praying pose.

「Minafuchi-sama, please. Please address Tenshi-sama’s invitation」 『Let’s have some lunch together』 「Douka, please dress up and in order to go to ascend the Akaten Shrine」(TL: I think she said it in a very formal tone)


Why did that kuso ikemen call me? Is he picking on me? I can’t even eat rice in the same room with him. My vomit will pour like niagara (TL: someone help pls… ゲロ止まらなくなる)
Because I glared, the woman shivers uncontrollably.

「I just had breakfast so I don’t want to. Tell him I refused」

「N-no way……」

「Aー, tell him to call me only if he decided to return me to my own world. Other than that, tell that useless man to strip naked and roll around on a pile of shit」

(TL: Is it my translator acting up or she really did say that? あー、あと元の世界に戻せるようになった時だけ呼び出しに応じるとも伝えといて。それ以外のクソくだらねえ用事で呼び出したら使いにしたやつ裸にひん剥いてその辺に転がすからなって)

The woman opened and closed her mouth with a pale face. What’s with this woman? Stop looking at me with that stupid face.

I passed by her. Then, I heard someone shrieked from my back. I looked back in bad mood.

Why did you yell?
It will be troublesome if someone gets the wrong idea.

The soldier tried to hold his laughter while holding his sides. Do you really want to laugh that badly?
Besides, when I think about it, both of then didn’t seem to respect Tenshi that much.

「……Guardian of Scarlet Dawn… really… AMAZING!!」

what the…
After that, she left the speechless me with the soldier.

「……. Nee, Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama. Are you really not going to meet Tenshi-sama?」

「I don’t feel like talking with him again. So I won’t go」

It’s useless to talk to someone who don’t even listen to you, I know that since that conversation we had yesterday. I don’t know how this world can stand that vomit inducing face.

「Can you please say it once more? One more time」

「It’s just waste of time. He’s the first person that I truly hate from the bottom of my heart. I don’t respect that person」

「………..I see…」

The male solder took a deep breath, preparing to confess.

「Minafuchi Kaya-sama, I beg you please meet our lord. Our Lord will certainly be able to help you」

What should I say to make this guy understand. Who the hell is your 『Lord』?


Wasn’t the only 『Lord』 in this place is Tenshi?

But… will he really help me?
If this soldier didn’t lie, I’d better meet his『Lord』.
Since I literally can’t be hurt, it can’t be bad to meet him.

The problem is, I don’t know who is it.

There’s not enough information. I don’t know how I should answer him.

「Can I assume that it will help me return to my world?」


「Your Lord… is not Tenshi?」

「No, he is not」

Without pause or hesitation.

Was there any other faction besides Tenshi in this place?
Even when Tenshi protects the well-being of this world?

「I understand. I will go」

「……Thank you very much…」

Even if I got lucky, there’s no way I could grab some useful information alone.
I couldn’t believe anything even if I heard it from a maids or the kuso jiji who summoned me.
That’s why, hearing the story from another side seems quite interesting…


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YTIF 9. Local Food doesn’t Agree with Me


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As I explore the building with the weird soldier following me, my surrounding seems to be… less luxurious.

「A, are you going there? It’s just the servant working area」

I ignore him as I walked there. I turned a corner and I was met with a quite lively hallway.
A lot of people with simple brown clothes are busy working here and there. Some people doing repairing, cleaning, etc.
When someone with a strange face appeared, all of them stopped doing their work and knelt in a hurry. Perhaps this is indeed the working area for low class servants.

Since the soldier didn’t say anything, I don’t know if I can walk through this area… I mean, it was uncomfortable to see some random people make way for you to pass in an exaggerated movements.
The difference in our culture is clear. For me, who didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand, the sight is just unpleasant.

「I think it’s a bad idea ne」

The soldier behind me spoke to himself without worrying about being ignored while making the most stupid smile in the current human existence. It’s quite annoying but it’s not very intrusive.
It may be because I’m feeling the same thing.

「………. I don’t think I can laugh until I can get back home」

The soldier stopped walking. I ignored him and continue to advance.

As I walked further, I felt damp heat from the entrance nearby I tried to look what that room was. Apparently, it’s a kitchen. I could see both men and women in brown clothes struggling with tremendous amount meat and vegetables.

Oh right, I haven’t eaten anything yet.
I instinctively tried to enter the room but my hands were grabbed and stopped me.
It was the soldier who caught me.


「It’s dangerous. You can’t just enter a room where people carrying boiled pot and knives running around.」

… Of course they’re running around.
What should they do then? Crawling around?
Should they crawl like those people in that hallway.
Of course it’s dangerous! Thank god you stopped me.

(TL: My sarcasm game is weak. the raw is ……皆、慌てて床に這い蹲ろうとするのだろうか which translates to … should they crawl around instead. Someone please make this funnier)

He just gave me a warm look and his expression said「Aren’t I such a nice guy?」.

「What? I won’t hurt anyone without any reason. All i want is to return to my world」

(TL: Can anyone help me? 寧ろ下手に関わったり関わられたりする方が嫌だ、と嫌悪感からついそう反論してしまう。)
There’s no way I’m protecting that Tenshi, and I can’t forgive him after he trampled all over my dignity. As a kidnapped victim, I will act accordingly.

「Un. How should I say it… I think you really fit the role as the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn」

「Wha? I don’t understand…」

「Oh that’s right. The word must not get around」


You can’t talk about it? I began to get angry and he tried to change the subject.

「Anyway, do you have any purpose to come to the kitchen?」

「…. I’m not thinking about anything in particular, but I think I’m hungry」

「I think your meal is being prepared in your room already」

「Well, I don’t understand it myself. I think it doesn’t taste good. I’d rather cook my own food.」

「Even though you are prepared the same top-quality dish like Tenshi…」

Even if he said so, I didn’t think the food was that good. I smelled a lot of spices but I didn’t know what was on that meat. It just tasted wrong. Maybe my body is rejecting the unfamiliar food.
I don’t know how many times I said it but I don’t want to be accustomed to this world’s culture. I really don’t want to.

「I just don’t want to eat this world’s cuisine. Especially if I’m eating the same thing as Tenshi」

「Just for that petty matter? I see」

The soldier nodded. The soldier nodded like he was convinced.

「Forgive me, Guardian-sama. You need to continue your exploration alone. Fight on!」

He said that in a loud voice.

Eee…. I can’t get in. I didn’t get to ask him anything before.

Another soldier saw me and quickly came to approach me from inside.
With a nervous face he asked me 「P-please make me some Blue World food」. (TL: Blue world meal, kudasai)

Who is this?

The moment I turned around to ignore him, my stomach started to growl. Wow that was embarrassing. It seems that I was more hungry than I expected. Iyaa, it was obvious that I was more hungry than expected.

「…… E-excuse me」

I put my embarrassment and hunger aside and stepped into the kitchen. Many people looked down as they prepare the unreasonable number of vegetables. Are you not even allowed to move your line of sight?

「Uwaa, clay cooking stove…… So primitive……」

「Hou, this is primitive to you? The Blue World is amazing!」

I ignored his remark and observed the cookware that was used. Not only the pizza clay stove, all other cookware were primitive as well.
The soldier shut his mouth. I’m tired of this inconvenient life in this lousy world. I need to explain some basic tool in the original world.

「Well, it’s possible to start fire in instant. The heat can be adjusted with just one finger. Some people didn’t even cook with fire in the first place」(TL: Electric stove in case anyone forget. I don’t even know the existence of electric stove until recently)

「That is menyou…」(TL: google-sensei said that 面妖 = weird)

「Men? you? What’s that? But seriously, this world is not convenient at all. Really, I don’t want to live here」

「I see, so one of the reason you don’t want to live here is because the level of the civilization?」

There was no frying pan and instead, I found something like a chinese pot. What kind of oil is this? Surprisingly, it smells like olives.
I can’t find any rice but I found some noodle similar to soba. Should I make some tempura? I think it should be possible.

「Oh, There’s no bath, no shower, no TV, and no game. The bed is hard, the clothes are difficult to move, the toilet is disgusting. This world is dirty. There’s nothing good in this world.」

「I don’t understand even half of what you just said but is it really that inconvenient?」

Yes… Yes… While nodding to the soldier, I prepare some egg and flour like stuff, cut some vegetables, and pour oil into the pot. I tried to find a match to start the fire and suddenly an aunt appeared and start the fire for me.
The aunt crouched in front of the stove for a while, then the fire was started. I thanked the aunt and she was flustered. Then she asked me nervously

「Guardian-sama, are you making a Blue World dish?」

「That’s right. Also, my name is Minafuchi Kaya. Please stop refer me as a Guardian」

「Then, Kaya-sama. Is our cooking didn’t satisfy you?」

「Ee. It’s too different from what I usually eat so I don’t think it’s that good」

Unlike talking with those damn group of old men, I don’t feel any anger when speaking to this aunt. It reminds me, I didn’t feel anger toward this soldier as well.
Maybe because they didn’t use stupid honorifics when talking to me. Unlike some maid who use shit-tier overly polite language. It seems that I’m more stressed than expected.

「But… sono… right now Kaya-sama is cooking with ingredient for lower class people… Are you sure it’s alright for you to eat this?」

「Ha? It’s just regular vegetables. Of course I would eat it」

I think I heard a polite honorific there.
The aunt panicked and shook her head. Jaa, I don’t care.

While speaking, I finished the deep-fried tempura. It’s fast because I’m only cooking for one person.
I borrowed a plate and got some paper to reduce the oil, while I boiled the soba noodles at the same time. I put some seasoning similar to soy sauce and bonito. Then the soba noodle is done.

Now let’s bite the tempura. Because the ingredients were same, it taste exactly the same.
But as expected, the one Mama made is better. Sadly, I can’t make my favorite wiener tempura here.

「waa…… I want to go home」

The thought became stronger and stronger.

The more I speak, the more I realized the tension in the kitchen was increasing, but I ignored them.
All my angers are gone and all that remain is homesickness. I won’t accept this world’s culture. I won’t be called the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. I will go back to my world.

※Author note: The worst way to insult a culture is telling their clothes is hard to move and complaining about their room and food. Especially after tasting them.

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YTIF 8. Weird Guy in Jade Clothes

“I will finish it on 10/06/2017”

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I need to procrastinate some more. Here’s chapter 8.


“I will finish it on 10/06/2017”

I can’t believe how wrong I was.

I need to procrastinate some more. Here’s chapter 8.

The best (and fastest) way to get a woman to do something is by giving her what she wanted.
But the thing that this woman want is not something that this people can give. Of course you know what happened if a woman is treated like this.

……. That being said, moving around like this is probably the best I can do to obtain information.
Because of yesterday’s incident, people in this temple (or castle whatever) still think that I was rebelling unreasonably. In other words, they won’t to give me any vital information until I cooperate.
From now on, in order to return to my previous world, I need to behave myself to a reasonable level.

I need to increase my credibility before doing something reckless.


Some clothes with many kinds of decorations were hung on a screen next to the bed.
As usual, it was red. I was sick of it. It reminded me to the Tenshi’s hair. It was a quite amazing color, actually. It certainly look artificial, but it’s probably natural as he’s a ‘god’ from Scarlet World.

On the other hand, I think someone changed my clothes. Since I didn’t feel sticky despite not taking a bath, probably some maids washed and changed my clothes for me. I was thankful of course, but honestly, I think they were selfishly changed my clothes without telling me. I felt more anger than my shame.
I really need to put some brake before my mood rushes too much. Just because I’m not yelling angrily didn’t mean that I’m not irritated, though. I grabbed a suitable one and put it on.

As I went outside, a guard went ‘oh’.

「Are you getting up, Guardian-sama?」

I glared at him silently. Really… If you don’t have anything important to say, then shut your mouth.

「Oh, scary scary…」

Tch… I ignore his laugh and continue straight through the corridor before it was split into three directions. The right one was the Tenshi’s residential area, which is why I will not go there.
….. Suddenly, I felt that something is wrong and stopped walking.

Something’s not right.

I looked at him again.

Yep. Something is definitely wrong.

「Is something wrong?」

I can’t just drop the subject, not after I stared him for so long. Even though I knew it was impolite, I don’t think I can just ask him cheerfully.
It really strain my nerves but I really need to know the answer.

Although it was really disgusting, I need to do some acting and try to behave a bit.
I unwillingly ask the soldier

「Why is your clothes… not red?」

The color of this man’s clothes is really makes me uneasy.
Except for those damn old men, all people I met wore red clothes. However, this man over here wore something more like bright bluish green… something like jade?

「Why did you ask if it’s not red? Oh right! It’s because I’m a night watch, that’s why」

That answer was not very satisfying an only further increase my irritation. I don’t like this frivolous person.

「The night watch wore different color?」

「E〜to, Guardian-sama. I’m sorry but I don’t catch what you’re trying to say」

「… I was asking if your uniform color is decided by your guard schedule」

I unintentionally said it in lower voice.
I could see that he didn’t understand why I’m asking him a weird question. He let out a small laugh.

「…. I don’t think I understand」

「Just answer me. Is your uniform color is decided by your guard schedule or not? No forget it, I understand now」

What’s so funny anyway. Well let’s stop this conversation. This conversation doesn’t provide any useful information and only irritates me further.
I turned away and walked through the corridor, when he exclaimed 「A, Wait a second, Guardian-sama」and chased after me.
E? Why are you coming over here?

「What’s wrong?」

「Iyaa〜, it’s not important actually」

「What? I can’t get out of the room?」

「Umm, I don’t think there’s such a rule」

God damn it, then what is it…
I think I got wrinkles already. I don’t have any time to chitchat with you right now.

「I’m just wondering what are you doing, Guardian-sama」

I stopped my feet and glared.

「Are you ordering me not to get out of the room?」

「Eh? N-no, that’s not it」

「Then what?」

「It’s just… I’m just trying to be kind… If you’re looking for something, wouldn’t it better if you have a guide?」

Kindness… If you people show me kindness, I might just vomit all over it. Even if this person didn’t have any bad intention, he’s still this world’s inhabitant.

But still, it was quite unusual…
The situation where 『everyone is enemy』is quite painful when you experience it yourself.
I know I shouldn’t quickly turn down anyone, but I can’t just trust anyone. It’s difficult to stand for yourself like an adult…

「…. I don’t need a guide. Your job is to guard, not monitor me. Don’t follow me」

「Nn… stubborn…」

This time, I made my way through the corridor.
The man still follow me after I told him not to.

Stalker??? He’s a fu-
I almost cussed. I don’t think it’s good to just throw away curse words in all directions. In my defense, almost everyone did it on reflex.

A sudden thought about my classmates quarreling just popped up in my head.
In school, everything you do is evaluated.
I used to look down on anyone who have a low evaluation because of any stupid thing that they had done. However right now, I have a weird understanding why they did that. I think to those classmates of mine, everyone was enemy so they tend to throw cuss words around.

Truly, everyone is selfish.

Perhaps the soldier noticed that I’m searching for something because I peeped through each room.
I thought he was worried that I might try to escape, but he explained the name and the use of each room. Even though I had no intention to befriend this guy nor answering him but he didn’t seem to mind.

Well, if you worried too much, you won’t be able to get out of that room in the first place.
He don’t seem to mind my attitude, maybe because he’s an adult. I remembered what my brother told me before. He said that there was a weird sense of tranquility when he saw a child threw a tantrum.
The words sounds cool, but I think it was really naïve.

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