Dreadnought 7. Telephone

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Honestly, I’m starting to lose interest in this series…

After school.

Mamoru was in classroom F with 2 people.

There were some students who stayed behind.

Before that, there were Sakura and Rio but both of them went home earlier.

「The beauties are gone……..」
「Don’t be so depressed. Go look for some club activities for now」

Mamoru and used their MAD to look up school clubs.
In any case, club activities might be fun. Mamoru was actually interested in it.

Member gathering period for club activities started from next week and first graders will be able to see various clubs there.

「Even so, I am planning to enter the Magic Arts Formula research society」
「That’s a serious place」

Mamoru couldn’t help but looking away from the amazing sight of 『Shun choosing club activities for his future』.

If you do it earnestly, I’m sure women will come to you.

Imagining a serious version of Shun, Mamoru shook his head left and right.
Right now, Shun clearly had a fever. As a friend, Mamoru need to stop his friend.

「Na, Mamoru」
「Un? You’re not actually serious, aren’t you?」
「You think I’m joking??」
「No, but right now, you are not you. What do you want?」
「I really put my finger on it…. Oy, your MAD」

Mamoru heard Shun and watches his MAD.

An incoming call from unknown number.

Only few people knew his MAD number.
And one of them is in front of him.

But who? Mamoru wondered and he chose to answer the call for the time being.

『Hello? Yuki-kun?』

Mamoru frowned when he heard the girl’s voice.

「Kujou, where did you get my number?」

Shun grined and Misaki continued in a happy tone.

(Why the hell are you sharing other people’s personal info????) Mamoru struggled to keep his calm.

「By the way, how much did you pay for my number?」
『I asked him and he answered me immediately. As the prize, I’ll call him by first-name』
「I told her in exchange of her calling me by first-name」

Hearing 2 explanations at a same time made Mamoru irritated.

Shun had a such happy expression, but Misaki didn’t promise to call him by first-name immediately.

Mamoru couldn’t look at Shun in the eye, out of pity, so he turned his gaze instead.

「I am looking forward to be called Shun-kun」
『I had no problem with calling you like that, Yagami-kun but… I don’t get accustomed to call a boy by his first name, I think I’ll call you with your surname for now』
「Is-is that so……..」

Mamoru chuckled and rose from his seat
Shun was clearly happy.
For the first time, Mamoru left the classroom while pitying Shun.

「Fuu… Oi, he was really looking forward it.」
『I will try, but I’ll call him that way about once in 10 times. I don’t really want to call him that way』
「Un, well well do your best」

While thinking that Shun couldn’t be saved, Mamoru decided to leave it like that.

「So, what do you want?」
『Fun, can’t I call you on a whim? I just called someone I met on school entrance ceremony』

Misaki replied with a sullen tone.
Mamoru can only sigh when hearing her voice.

「If there’s nothing important to talk, I’ll hang up」
『Of course I have important things to tell you, but I wanted to teach you about some manners first』
「Teach me? Teach me what?」
『I like when you treat me equally and doesn’t hold back, but I don’t really like to talk in serious manner. So I request your change of attitude in exchange for this information』

Even though she sounded annoyed at first, she said the second sentence in happy manner. While thinking, Mamoru reply in pleasant tone

「Very well then. Hora, tell me」
『Muu…. I won’t teach people with such attitude. You will soon find it out anyway, I can save time and effort to introduce you guys. It’s way more interesting that way』

Rather than that, Mamoru didn’t like that way this conversation going.
Misaki making confusing remark had a devilish smile.

Misaki, born in Kujou family as the top 13 households, had a strong nature since birth.
That’s why there were almost nobody dares to treat her like normal.

There are few people that she can talk normally, like Mamoru. Apart from the descendant of 13 families and some influential people, Mamoru is the only one.

So Misaki was happy to make fun of Mamoru.
As a member of Kujou family, if she showed a rebellious attitude, everyone will panicked. If she looked angry, she will receive a serious apology almost immediately.
If she did a mischief, prank, etc. that can develop into a bullying culture.

For Misaki who couldn’t even joke with people, she had a nice conversation with Mamoru.

「Well, if you are okay then it’s fine. It’s not a really big deal, no?」
『eeee, even if it’s not a big deal. However, my friend just headed to Yuki-kun’s class』

Mamoru could hear footsteps rushing up the stairs vigorously.
Somehow, Mamoru can imagine the owner of those footsteps.

It’s the crazy lion. She was shaking her long blonde hair and ejecting carnivorous aura.

『Leona Ames Milford-san. She’s on good terms with me. She was looking for a boy who looked like Yuki-kun so I told her about you. After that, she just ran out of the classroom. Ara, what’s wrong? You seem to be panicking』

Mamoru frowned his eyebrows as he looked directly ahead.

Using perception magic, it’s not difficult to see distant places.
He asked Misaki mid conversation.

「……. looking for me?」
『Just a few moments ago. However, it was Yuki-kun who messed up with her. I thought either Yagami-kun or Yuki-kun who broke her heart』
「It sound so fun……… ne?」
『Fun? Is it? Yeah… Maybe… Maybe it’s kind of fun. I rarely caused trouble to others』
「To enjoy other people’s suffering, are you still a human?」
『Yep. Jaa, be careful and try not to get into the infirmary. Leona is very strong』

That said, Misaki broke off the call and Leona came out from the stair.

「Gah!! I apologize that I made some rude remarks, therefore please go away!」
「That attitude is impolite! I will carve courtesy into that body!!!!!」
「hyuー, that’s one extreme remark. Is M really that irresistable?」

Sharp tone came from the classroom. It was so loud that Leona could hear it.
There was a smiling face and it was clear that he was enjoying this situation.

「Who the hell is M?」
「Iya iya… With 2 bishoujos like Kujou-san and Milford-san, there’s no way I can withdraw. By the way, how did you befriend each other?」
「Friend? Me? With this guy? You can’t laugh at it even as a joke. We are enemies!!」
「Mutual enemies? That’s a wonderful relationship. Jaa, are you going to fight?」
「Of course! I will challenge this man for a duel! And I will not let you get away this time!」

She points her finger and declare it proudly.

「datte sa…」
「I just got interested in this fight. Anyhow, wouldn’t you feel annoyed if she chase you around in the future? Just fight her already」

Convinced by Shun’s words, Mamoru accepted Leona’s challenge.

「I understand. I will fight. Don’t cry if you lose」
「Who is going to cry!?!」
「Hai, let’s move to the training ground. I will take care about the permit immediately」

And so we were moving to the training grounds together with Shun.

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