Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon

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Title: Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon
Alt Title: The Ordinary Me is Extraordinary Anyhow

Author: Yume Neko 夢猫

This is the Author’s updated version of Heibon. There are some differences with the first version translated by MojoTranslations. Please click here for their version

Synopsis by MayonaizeShrimp:

The mediocre me is summoned to a different world.

My name is Akizuki Rio.

Magical Power: Average
Attribute: Wind
Special Abilities: none

Even so, I can see spirits for some reasons, and I can borrow their powers as I wish. Due to the nature of my previous job, I’m accustomed to animals and I can get along with monsters.

For the time being, I want to live my life while making the people who dragged me here and treated me badly regret doing so.

Chapter List:

Heibon 1. I Got Involved
Heibon 2. I Can See Spirits
Heibon 3. It’s a Cheat
Heibon 4. 20 Days Before Deadline
Heibon 4.5 Extra. The Day I Invoke the Goddess’ Wrath
Heibon 5. Aide-sama is Troubled
Heibon 6. The Captain Appeared
Heibon 7. I Finally Snapped
Heibon 8. On my 20th night, I died
Heibon 9. Apparently, I did see the red-eyed guy
Heibon 10. Trials Comes One After Another
Heibon 11. The Teachers Had Arrived
Heibon 12. Various Confirmations
Heibon 13. The Encounter I Had in the Middle of Forest
Heibon 14. Master’s Sister is Really the Strongest
Heibon 15. Just People Outside of the Normal Standards
Heibon 16. Master is Being Bashful
Heibon 17. Apparently, That is How You Confess Your Love
Heibon 18. The Agency’s Representative Baldness Appears to be Quite a Hit
Heibon 19. Monster Taming
Heibon 20. Ending A Ladies’ Warfare
Heibon 21. A Doubt was Born
Heibon 22. The Four People in the War Conference Room
Heibon 23. Hunting is One of My Forte
Heibon 24. Discussion about Our Grim Prospects
Heibon 25. Flowers to See Them Off
Heibon 26. 2 Months Worth of Changes
Heibon 27. A Summon from The King
Heibon 28. I Will not Obey the King

9 thoughts on “Heibon 28. I Will not Obey the King”

  1. Wow, so he can’t remember the person he sentenced to death by throwing into that forest 😅

    Thank you for the update ❤️

  2. yeah… You go girl…
    Wait until it reach Rey, Rey’s sister, Leonhart, Tonic and other influential people about the forced participation through royal decree…
    I want the King to get pressured and lectured from the knights army representatives and the magic department representatives…

  3. Oof, I shouldnt have read this all in one go. But man, I love it. YAS GURL, I love when ppl stand up to shitty higher ups. Man, I cant wait till the next chapter.
    I wonder what her friends will say when they find out she did that, praise her maybe lolol

  4. Thank you for translating this. It was a fun read albeit a quick one. I also just joined the discord to be updated when things pop up.
    Anyone recommend something like this?

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