You Think It’s Fine to Just Summon Me to Another World? Eh?


The last update of this WN is 2 January 2016 so I think it’s fine to pick this up. It was translated by OmegaHarem and only have 1 chapter translated. Might as well translate it from the very begining.

Synopsis by MayonaizeShrimp:

I, Kaya Minafuchi, a Japanese high school girl, was summoned to another world by its god, in order to protect it. Their god had summoned me to defend this world, and to the people that summoned me, my reply was of course:

“I don’t care about that. It’s your world, so do something about it yourselves.”

After that, I got captured…

This story is the antithesis of the summoned to another world story.

Chapter List:

9 thoughts on “YTIF 12. What the Moon Priests Wants”

      1. Worked after I requested desktop site instead of mobile. The mobile one just opened new tab with ads when i entered the captcha. The get link button never appeared.

        1. the previous link still exist. It just the new tab takes priority. Open the tab lists and close the new tab. Then you clicked on the previous tab and click the get link button.

          Thank you for telling me this issue. I hope you like the chapter

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