Isekai GM 36. The Royal Capital of Thorns

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Elhessan

That’s weird. I could’ve sworn I’ve published chapter 36 last year. Chapter 40 is still 30% done.

FOR PHONE READERS we now have Night-Mode button located right after the comment section. I’m still trying to find a way to move it on the top of the chapter for phone users.

FOR DESKTOP READERS the Night-Mode button is located at the right sidebar. You have to enable javascript to trigger the button, but it should remember the night-mode setting even after you disable javascript
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Isekai GM 35. Skill Fusion and The Emergency in the Empire

This Link leads to the fake chapter => FAKE CHAPTER LINK

This link leads to the real chapter => REAL CHAPTER LINK

The fake chapter also leads to the real chapter anyway, so be my guest and read it. I certainly didn’t spend the last 10 minutes to write the fake chapter.


No seriously, I spent like 2 minutes writing it.