Isekai GM 17 pt 2. Enslavement (Extreme)

Isekai GM 17 pt 1. Enslavement (Extreme)
Isekai GM 18. Rewards

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It’s dark.

I couldn’t see anything.

Even though I have invincibility, I can’t see anything if there’s no light.
I used 【Wisp】 to produce light.

(Ughhh… So I’m really inside… gross…)

Since it’s inside a living creature, of course everything is made of flesh. There’s no reason to pretend it’s a cave.

I opened the 【Map】 and looked at the interior. It’s basically a poorly made dungeon.

There was a strong acid near my feet that melted the outer part of my 『Azure Dragon Cloak』 that I used as a disguise.
I canceled my disguise to preserve my precious cloak.
Now, I am alone with my gaudy equipment.

Even with a strong acid, my GM equipment didn’t seem to melt and no smoke came from it.
I carefully fly up and move around. I didn’t know what would have happened if I don’t have my Invincibility.

I found a skeleton a few steps away from a tree with suspiciously dull shine.
Looking at the root, it seemed that it was a spear but grew some roots.
The sight of a tree shining black is way too suspicious.

Is this the root of the cause? This skeleton… it might be from an Empire slave or a war captive.
The skeleton wore a familiar looking collar….. It was the collar that they tried to attach to me.

I guess he was ordered to be eaten by Leviathan and he was instructed to plant the spear inside the body.

That concluded my analysis. This guy is a victim as well.

After putting away his remains as an item, I struck the tree that was rooted to the body with my sword 『Seven Arthur』 but a water membrane stretched and prevented the attack. It’s the same membrane like Leviathan.

「Tch! But I know your weakness!」

Unfortunately for the Empire, I found the countermeasure for the water membrane.
I flung 【Flame Javelin】 at the tree and the membrane evaporated. Then I struck with 【Seven Arthur】 before it recovers. After 7 more strikes, the tree finally crumbled.
I tried to collect some wood chips or anything salvageable but all of them turned into purple smoke and disappeared.

「Now how do I get the evidence…」

Right after I put my sword on my waist, the interior of Leviathan’s body began pulsating.
I fly with 【Wing】 before being pushed down to a strange place.

Heading out with 【Wing】, I finally saw the entrance, the Leviathan’s mouth.

I will escape right after it opens it’s mouth.
After such a long time… It’s not that long but it’s nice to be outside. I don’t want to go inside a living body anymore.

Let’s re-apply camouflage before exiting. GM equipment is too gaudy.

After I attached my disguise, a voice emanates from the body.

《O mortal of an unknown world, Thou have released this one from my mind’s prison. This one thanks thou greatly》

I started looking for the source of the voice but it came from all around me.
It was the Sea God Leviathan.

《You’re very welcome. I’m sorry I forced you to swallow me whole and for damaging your scales and body quite a bit》
《Kukuku… Even though this one was so dishonorably enslaved, I never thought that there were beings who were capable to damage this one. It has been a thousand eons since the last time this one’s body has received a wound》

It seemed that the sea god had lived for a long time.

《I was desperate, but I noticed the problem after some investigation… That you were being manipulated. Please forgive me》
《For liberating this one’s mind from the clutches of an evil known as the Empire, I wish to reward thou who was able to damage this body of mine. Such a good clash of powers. This one is sated. It’s impossible to live such a long span if thou can’t bear a single scratch through the heat of battle. Wahahahaha》

The sea god seemed to be enjoying it’s self.
It was thanks to 【Invincibility】! It would have been an instant death otherwise!

《Just in case, what is the reward? I don’t need anything like eternal life》
《This one does not possess such power to present. This is the reward that this one presents thou》

The god created a mass of light and presented it to me.
I wonder how should I take it….
I’ll just receive it with both hands.

When the light faded, a bracelet appeared.
It was covered in beautiful decorations. Which glow blue… A color I like.
It looks great.

《This is a great item. The design is wonderful as well》

I conveyed my thought.

《This one doesn’t understand this “deezien” thou speak of but it seems thou are very fond of that bracelet. As long as thou wear that bracelet, all in this one’s clan will lend thou their powers when thou require it They will help thou with the battle thou currently seek against the evil known as the Empire. In addition, the bracelet has the ability 【Summon: Water Dragon】. Thou should be able to master that power with ease》

Summoning a water dragon? That skill is only available to a summoning job like dragon knight in the MMO I handled. Are there any flying dragons as well…

When I looked at the skill column, the skill 【Summon: Water Dragon】 was added.

【Leviathan ring】 : Bracelet with the blessings of the Sea God Leviathan. The Ocean will lend it’s power to the owner of this bracelet. Special ability: Water Dragon Summoning 〜 Rarity: EX

I saw the EX rarity for the first time.

The MP consumption is so intense that it couldn’t be compared with normal magic, but the item can modify the cast range.
I couldn’t use the ability in rapid succession even with GM items.

《I see. This is a very amazing item. Thank you. Are you going to take revenge on the Empire?》
《The ancient oath dictates us not to meddle with the beings of the land. If this one were serious, all those evil and innocent on the land would sink into the bottom of the ocean. That is not the intention of this one. Therefore this one needs to give up on revenge. I will entrust this onto thee》

Even though it’s breath could create a flood that would be a blessing for the prisoners and kill many innocent citizens on land.

On the contrary, it will kill other beings too.
Even the god is considering it.

《To be truthful, revenge is too troublesome. This one doesn’t want to move and doesn’t want to work, this one would rather sleep》

《So that’s your real motive!!》

I regret admiring this NEET God!

《This one will now take it’s leave. This one shall continue to bother other mortals as it is. You are an interesting mortal of an unknown world. Here is some advice. Beware of those that are also from worlds unknown. Because of their strong powers, they disturb the balance of this world. And this one hopes that thou don’t follow their paths as well》

《I will receive your advice in good faith. Don’t eat bad things next time》
《This one has had enough of human sacrifices. This one shall ask the priests for some better things this time》

It seemed he learned his lesson. But if he wanted to eat, I will him give this.

《Please take these as souvenirs. Though it might be unsatisfactory for your huge body…》

I took out some handmade cookies that were wrapped in light.

《This one gladly receives it. This one will now sink into the sea bed once again. Thou should work hard as well》
《Ah. I’ll take care of the Empire, so please take rest without reserve》

In my words, the Leviathan nodded it’s huge head.
And then the excessive bulky body disappears to the bottom of the ocean.

It’s better if both of us didn’t meet again. I have had enough of a fight with that giant.
I don’t want to be blown away multiple times.

Suddenly, something came up fast from below.


The strong impact staggered me.
Someone grappled me and bypassing the 【Invincibility】.
When I looked at my arms, Adelle was hugging me tightly.

「You are safe… I’m so glad…!!」

Adelle was shivering while hugging me.

「or… Am I DEAD as well!?」she said with tears streaming down her face.

Adelle had lost her parents and family right before her eyes.
Many people followed as well.
And now I was acting suicidal as well… What I did was bad.
No wonder she was crying. I stroked her head to calm her.

「It’s safe now and I will not do it again unless I’m absolutely sure that I’ll be safe」
「But… at least… a single word…!」
「There was no time. We didn’t know if the Kingdom could take another hit from Leviathan」

That was not my only excuse. I didn’t bother explaining the rest, but it was true that there was no time.

《That is a good place and the atmosphere is good… but everyone is watching》


Claudia notified us using telepathy.
Right. The place we are now was the place where Leviathan was.
All eyes were on us.
And Adelle jumped at me who was flying alone.
And I gently stroked her hair.
And we were seen by a large number of marines and their soldiers.

The Earl was watching us like he was watching something heart-warming.

I could die from the shame!!!
Not even 【Status Effect Immunity】 nor 【Invincibility】 can help me!

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