Heibon 1. I Got Involved

Heibon 2. I Can See Spirits

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In case you didn’t know, the author added more details to every chapter and changed a few thing here and there, so I’ll have to re-translate them from chapter 3.

The link for the edited version for chapter 1 and 2 is dead, so I copied it using wayback machine and TLC it.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter…

If you don’t want to die, you have to get stronger.

If you want to stay alive, you have to stay strong.

It’s necessary if you want to keep existing in this world.

Why…  I muttered.

I can’t channel my voice…
Because the scene in front of me took away my willpower to ask…


「You have been summoned by mistake. Please wait while we call the real Goddess-sama.」

After that, I was led to the corner of the wide stone room. It seemed I had experienced what people call “summoned to another world”.

Ahh, I haven’t introduced myself.

I am a 22-years-old pet shop worker, Akizuki Rio. My blood type is A and I’m a Virgo.
My face is, umm, ordinary, or should I say.  There’s nothing bad or good about it.

For some reason, a magic formation-like thing suddenly appeared at my feet and sucked me in. When I woke up, what I saw was the place I’m at now.

Before I could overcome my surprise, a white-robed man came over and inspect my body. Afterwards, while seeming severely disappointed, they sighed with exhaustion.

He went back and whisper among themselves, then approached me again.
He told me those words from before.

What do you mean by mistake!?
How is that even possible!?
No, even before that, how can you summon random people as many times as you want!?

But I won’t say it. I can’t say it. The situation was not ideal.

I lost to the pressure of their silent chanting and walked to the corner of the room.

Right after I moved, all the white-robed people lined up in a circle and muttered something and a light shines from the center.

A cute girl appeared from the center after the light died.

Her fluffy chestnut hair swayed and her large double lidded eyes were wide open in surprise. She was probably about 16 or 17 years old. The way she looked around in confusion was cute in its own way.

Same as me, the white-robed man touched the girl and nodded in satisfaction.
Joy rises from the surrounding.

After that, things went by quickly.

While still being shocked, the girl was brought to the royal throne.

Standing dumbfounded in front of the King, Queen, and Prince, she was told about the current circumstances of this country.

Incidentally, since I had been neglected, I followed them on my own accord.

Now then, to summarize the discussion of the King who has been talking for a while, it would be like this.

This world is “Arweid”. (TLC: アーウェイト aaweito)

It’s a sword and magic fantasy world, a world where humans and demons fight with each other for territories.

And this country is the where the human king rules, the “Sarawin Empire”.

Right now, we were in the royal capital err… Hall’en? (TLC: ハーレン haaren. Thank you C.T. World of Words)

Currently, the human territory had decreased as far as one third from the original size, and because of the flood of refugees to the remaining land, there are overpopulation and food shortages everywhere, so the political situation was in a turmoil.

And a long time ago, the desperate people of this country did a “Goddess Summoning” and managed to summon a goddess from another world.

We… Or rather, the girl that was summoned after me was the “Goddess”  who possessed unique powers and fated to defeat the king of demons, the “Demon King.”

By the way, it seems the girl’s name is Misaka Reina.

Well, I don’t know what to think about saying this, but I’m glad I’m not the “Goddess”

At first, I thought, 「What the hell do you mean it was a mistake!??」 but being suddenly told by strangers to save a world you don’t know by risking your life to defeat the Demon King, it’s not something you can call backsies on.

I would definitely refuse.

However, being unable to refuse was one the protagonist’s personality, probably.

Right now, after Reina-san listened to the King’s speech with an earnest expression she looked in front of her with straight-forward eyes, as if she had decided on something.

「I understand. I will try my best for the sake of the people in this world」

Reina-san spoke with a bright face filled with a smile and the royalty expressed their deepest gratitude. Meanwhile, the prince was blinded by the sheer beauty of Reina-san’s smile.

Now then, it felt like everything was going to be wrapped up with a nice mood in this place, so I jumped out to the scene before I was being forgotten completely.

「Excuse me, can I ask something?」

「…Who is this girl?」

Yaay, the King’s voice has lowered down a pitch☆

The soldiers nearby began to approach me while unsheathing their swords.

It’s super scary.

But! But hey!!

I have an important question to ask about my future!

「This person was involved in the Goddess Summoning」
「Involved? What about her ability?」
「She does not have any. Her magic power and attribute are also average.」
「…And, what business does such a person want from me?」

Oh umm? Once he heard the word average, the King has been sending a really condescending look over here. I wonder what this indescribable feeling.

「…Please send me back to my original world」

As I suppressed the arising feelings and spoke those words, the Prince snorted.

「Pfft… That kind of magic doesn’t exist」

Well, it’s pretty much what I expected.

If there was a way to return then the Goddess they finally summoned would declare to be sent back.

Yes, I knew that.

But… Even so.

「…Involving people without permission and say “that kind of magic does not exist” Don’t scrー」

I wanted to yell “don’t screw with me!!” but a hand extended from behind and sealed my mouth.

「Apologies for the rudeness towards your presence. I will give her enough warning after this, so may you please find it in your spacious heart to forgive her?」

He said so while forcing me to bow to the king, while I struggled violently with all my might.

「If you’re saying that then what happened at this place is of no relevance.」
「I am gracious for your blessing. Now then, please excuse us.」

Just like that I was dragged away forcefully and withdrawn from the room, and the place I was finally given freedom was a courtyard-like area a short walk away.

「What do you think you’re doing!?」
「That’s my line! You fool!!」

The one who yelled in reply was a man robed in white.
Probably one of the people performing the Goddess Summoning.

Pulling back his hood with a rustle, his long silver hair and blue eyes glittered under the light. It’s an androgynous and well-ordered facial feature…

If I hadn’t heard his voice then I would’ve likely mistaken him for a woman.

「Don’t you realize you would be killed if you continue speaking like that!?」
「Of course I knew that!! But… this is so frustrating!!」

Yes. It was frustrating.

They summoned me as they pleased and since I didn’t have much power they treated me like a mistake. When I asked them to at least send me back home, they snorted and said such a magic doesn’t exist.

If this isn’t called frustrating then I don’t know what it is.

「What the hell is with summoning someone and selfishly pushing their request onto them and not sending them home!? What the hell is with getting dragged in and having nothing but average powers!? Isn’t it normal!? It’s because the world I was just in was a place without magic or Demons!! It was a place where a peaceful daily life was the norm, it was that kind of world!!」

From there suddenly being brought to this fantasy world, on top of that as a mistake but they couldn’t send me back.

「Before looking down on people, why don’t you consider how absurd your acts are!! Don’t drag people from other worlds into your crisis!! If you can’t return us then don’t call us, idiots!!!」

Breathing roughly after spilling out my heart, the white-robed man lowered his head towards me with an exceedingly guilty expression.

「It’s exactly as you say. I apologize.」
「…………What will I do from now on?」
「You will be provided with the bare minimum of necessary knowledge to live in this world, some gold, and a place to live near the castle, I believe.」

「I see…」

In other words, they’re saying useless guys aren’t needed.
I see.

It’s only been about an hour and a half since I’ve come to this world.

I swear.

I will survive in this world and one day, I would make those people who dragged me here speechless.

Heibon 2. I Can See Spirits

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  1. It is said that you can judge a ruler by how he treats his lesser guests. It is clear that this one is not worth serving.

    Why the “Goddess” would even want to help a ruler as vicious as this is beyond me (well, tbf, if it was me, I would pretend compliance as well, atl at the start, and so long as they didn’t try to chain me with some magical device)

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