YTIF 8. Weird Guy in Jade Clothes

“I will finish it on 10/06/2017”

I can’t believe how wrong I was.

I need to procrastinate some more. Here’s chapter 8.

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“I will finish it on 10/06/2017”

I can’t believe how wrong I was.

I need to procrastinate some more. Here’s chapter 8.

The best (and fastest) way to get a woman to do something is by giving her what she wanted.
But the thing that this woman want is not something that this people can give. Of course you know what happened if a woman is treated like this.

……. That being said, moving around like this is probably the best I can do to obtain information.
Because of yesterday’s incident, people in this temple (or castle whatever) still think that I was rebelling unreasonably. In other words, they won’t to give me any vital information until I cooperate.
From now on, in order to return to my previous world, I need to behave myself to a reasonable level.

I need to increase my credibility before doing something reckless.


Some clothes with many kinds of decorations were hung on a screen next to the bed.
As usual, it was red. I was sick of it. It reminded me to the Tenshi’s hair. It was a quite amazing color, actually. It certainly look artificial, but it’s probably natural as he’s a ‘god’ from Scarlet World.

On the other hand, I think someone changed my clothes. Since I didn’t feel sticky despite not taking a bath, probably some maids washed and changed my clothes for me. I was thankful of course, but honestly, I think they were selfishly changed my clothes without telling me. I felt more anger than my shame.
I really need to put some brake before my mood rushes too much. Just because I’m not yelling angrily didn’t mean that I’m not irritated, though. I grabbed a suitable one and put it on.

As I went outside, a guard went ‘oh’.

「Are you getting up, Guardian-sama?」

I glared at him silently. Really… If you don’t have anything important to say, then shut your mouth.

「Oh, scary scary…」

Tch… I ignore his laugh and continue straight through the corridor before it was split into three directions. The right one was the Tenshi’s residential area, which is why I will not go there.
….. Suddenly, I felt that something is wrong and stopped walking.

Something’s not right.

I looked at him again.

Yep. Something is definitely wrong.

「Is something wrong?」

I can’t just drop the subject, not after I stared him for so long. Even though I knew it was impolite, I don’t think I can just ask him cheerfully.
It really strain my nerves but I really need to know the answer.

Although it was really disgusting, I need to do some acting and try to behave a bit.
I unwillingly ask the soldier

「Why is your clothes… not red?」

The color of this man’s clothes is really makes me uneasy.
Except for those damn old men, all people I met wore red clothes. However, this man over here wore something more like bright bluish green… something like jade?

「Why did you ask if it’s not red? Oh right! It’s because I’m a night watch, that’s why」

That answer was not very satisfying an only further increase my irritation. I don’t like this frivolous person.

「The night watch wore different color?」

「E〜to, Guardian-sama. I’m sorry but I don’t catch what you’re trying to say」

「… I was asking if your uniform color is decided by your guard schedule」

I unintentionally said it in lower voice.
I could see that he didn’t understand why I’m asking him a weird question. He let out a small laugh.

「…. I don’t think I understand」

「Just answer me. Is your uniform color is decided by your guard schedule or not? No forget it, I understand now」

What’s so funny anyway. Well let’s stop this conversation. This conversation doesn’t provide any useful information and only irritates me further.
I turned away and walked through the corridor, when he exclaimed 「A, Wait a second, Guardian-sama」and chased after me.
E? Why are you coming over here?

「What’s wrong?」

「Iyaa〜, it’s not important actually」

「What? I can’t get out of the room?」

「Umm, I don’t think there’s such a rule」

God damn it, then what is it…
I think I got wrinkles already. I don’t have any time to chitchat with you right now.

「I’m just wondering what are you doing, Guardian-sama」

I stopped my feet and glared.

「Are you ordering me not to get out of the room?」

「Eh? N-no, that’s not it」

「Then what?」

「It’s just… I’m just trying to be kind… If you’re looking for something, wouldn’t it better if you have a guide?」

Kindness… If you people show me kindness, I might just vomit all over it. Even if this person didn’t have any bad intention, he’s still this world’s inhabitant.

But still, it was quite unusual…
The situation where 『everyone is enemy』is quite painful when you experience it yourself.
I know I shouldn’t quickly turn down anyone, but I can’t just trust anyone. It’s difficult to stand for yourself like an adult…

「…. I don’t need a guide. Your job is to guard, not monitor me. Don’t follow me」

「Nn… stubborn…」

This time, I made my way through the corridor.
The man still follow me after I told him not to.

Stalker??? He’s a fu-
I almost cussed. I don’t think it’s good to just throw away curse words in all directions. In my defense, almost everyone did it on reflex.

A sudden thought about my classmates quarreling just popped up in my head.
In school, everything you do is evaluated.
I used to look down on anyone who have a low evaluation because of any stupid thing that they had done. However right now, I have a weird understanding why they did that. I think to those classmates of mine, everyone was enemy so they tend to throw cuss words around.

Truly, everyone is selfish.

Perhaps the soldier noticed that I’m searching for something because I peeped through each room.
I thought he was worried that I might try to escape, but he explained the name and the use of each room. Even though I had no intention to befriend this guy nor answering him but he didn’t seem to mind.

Well, if you worried too much, you won’t be able to get out of that room in the first place.
He don’t seem to mind my attitude, maybe because he’s an adult. I remembered what my brother told me before. He said that there was a weird sense of tranquility when he saw a child threw a tantrum.
The words sounds cool, but I think it was really naïve.

As you can see, I played around with Translation Assistant Tool and it was easy to make 「」『』【】…〜〈〉《》ー symbols so I think I will use these from now on.

I now I need to procrastinate some more.

And I think I need to mention my previous post. But TL;DR is I’m opening another suggestion box in near future.

Once again thank you.

Editor: Self-edited.

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