Master’s Smile 7. The End of the Subjugation Corps

Master's Smile 6. Kuurin and Crankheight


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「Haa… haa……!!」


One of the soldiers was running all the way through the forest.
Sometimes the tree branches grazed his body and cut through the skin, but he didn’t care about the pain at all.

Why? Because his heart was tainted with fear.
He was gasping for air. Even though his brain was telling him to rest, he couldn’t stop. If he stopped here, he would be killed by the dark guild members.


「Don’t fucking kidding me! There’s no way we can defeat those monsters!!」

Blood was coming from many places as he complained.
Who the hell put up this stupid request?

When I returned to the guild, I’ll find that guy and hit him multiple times.
He’s the one who told him in the first place that there is a weak dark guild filled with beautiful women.

He was baited to the request since he could do anything to those women.
Certainly, the members of 『Salvation Army of Lerkuchir』 are beautiful.

However, those are monsters wearing human skins.
Everyone from the kingdom knights and his guild were killed. Everyone except himself.
If his group ended up like this, the other team must have suffered similar tragedy.


「Oooh… Angels in heaven! I beg you, please save me! Please savー please save me from those monsters!!」


The man grabbed the necklace around his neck and prayed.
That is a humanoid necklace with feathery wings.

The man was a member of Angelic Religion, which is one of the 2 major religion in the country.
He prayed to the angels for his safety.


「Ara… Are you okay?」
「W-who are you!?」

A gentle spoke to the man who was trembling in fear.
Obviously, a man who was seeing his friends murdered one after another right in front of him would react differently to such gentle voice.
He couldn’t help being scared of that voice…



A sight that never should be possible inside the tragedy-filled forest.
It was a beautiful girl who smiled softly dressed in monastery clothes.
The man shuddered as he found a person who wasn’t even supposed to be there. The sister looked at him with worry.


「You seem to be afraid. Is there… something wrong?」

The sister asked him in a relaxed manner, just listening to her makes people feel drowsy.
Usually, anyone would find her strange, but to a man who was weakened both physically and mentally, her way of speaking calmed him.


「A… Aaah… There are so many crazy monsters in this forest… You too. Please run away quickly」
「Ara, how kind of you」
「N-no! It’s not! It’s natural to help, especially if we have the same faith」

Hearing the sister’s words, he felt like mocking himself instantly.
Those words were just a whim.
Certainly, if she weren’t a sister, he wouldn’t even say anything.


「I certainly want to save you, but you have committed a grave sin」
「G-grave sin…?」

As a member of a gray guild, he certainly committed numerous sins until now.
However, there’s no way knowing which grave sin she was talking about.
The sister’s gentle words were mixed with some malice towards the man.


「The merciful God may forgive you, but as the hand, feet, and servant of the god, of course, I can’t forgive you, ne?」
「God? You… You are not the sister of Angelic Religion!」

The subject of belief in the angelic belief is obviously the angels.
Especially, the higher ranked angels.

But the name 『God』 doesn’t exist as their object of faith.
Since her clothes were similar to the Angelic Religion robe, it seemed that he misunderstood.
And Angelic Religion doesn’t accept heretics.


「No way, not believing in angels, then you’re a heretic!!」

The follower of the Angelic Religion brandished his weapon.
『No matter if it’s a woman or monks, do not miss any heretics』

That was one of the angelic doctrines that divided this world.
The woman’s face didn’t even flinch even when a weapon was aimed towards her face.
However, it was the man who is scared.


「You thought I… angelic believer…?」

The sister gently opened her eye.
They are horribly cold eyes which made a grown-up man cry in terror.
In addition, the sister’s eyes were muddy, they’re not human eyes.


「You little SHIT! That fucking religion, who would believe such a shitty religion!! It’s fucking GROSS!! Just thinking about serving those angels make me feel goose bumps all over my body! Because all of me… to God… All of my body is dedicated to Master!!!」


The sight of a sister screaming the word 『shit』 and 『fucking』 startled the angelic believer.
The man couldn’t attack the strange sister, even though she was stupid enough not to believe in his religion.

After that, the sister embraced her own body. She was drooling and looking up the sky.
The sight of her voluptuous body could be seen even outside the robe. Her seductive breath could bewitch any men.

Even in fear, the man couldn’t help but be entranced.
However, those feeling disappear in the next moment.


「Furthermore, this fanatic calling people heretic」
「Good grief. You never change, Anato-dono. Is this a souvenir?」

A ninjaーSolgloss appeared in front of the green-haired small girlーLarady.
Solgloss flung away something from the front of the sisterーAnato.

It was the leader of the subjugation team.
What kind of torture would he experience?
He thought about it in a sad expression.


「……I’ll also give it my all」
「Oi Anato. Ritta is saying weird things again」

Two women was approaching from another place.
A knight-like woman with a lot of skin showingーRitta and a woman with the intimidating horns on her headーLiz.

The strange this was, both of them were dragging large amounts of severed heads.
Ritta’s were slain with a sword, so most heads were still looked decent with a beautiful cross section. However, Liz’s were plucked with brute force, it’s a terrible way to die.


「Ugh, it’s stinks! Why did you bring those smelly things here!?」
「Vanpiel-sama, you’re noisy」

Looking at the head that Ritta and Liz had, the blonde woman made a fussーVanpiel and a woman in silver-brown maid dressーShuvart appeared.
You can feel Vanpiel’s appearance, but her with her strong self-indulging character, it was more suitable to call her『Selfish Mistress』.


「Uwaa. What’s with that number of head? It’s gross」
「W-what are you going to do with those heads?」

Another two women just appeared.
A red haired woman stared at Ritta and Liz in disgustーKuurin and a woman with drill-shaped silver hairーCrankheight.

「Taking this to Master to be praised」
「Haa?? How could Master be happy to be presented with that stupidly huge amount of head? I know that Ritta is stupid, but Liz too!?」
「P-perhaps we could have some expectation…」(TL: Again, Crankheight have a habit using big words to sound more like an adult. Yes people, weird kanji equals Crankheight)

Ritta puffed her chest with a pride and imagining being stroked by Master for her hard work.
Kurrin always like that with Ritta, but looking at Liz who has 『Not my problem』 attitude doing the same thing as Liz really shocked her.

Liz tried blocking those head with her body from sight.
If those were not a pile of severed heads, her action would look cute.


「Haa… I’m sleepy. I want to go home noow~」
「M-m-me too…」

Crankheight agreed with Vanpiel.
Vanpiel’s action is understandable from her usual behavior, but hearing it from Crankheight made her look surprisingly selfish.
Both of them were looking at the trembling man.


「Iyaaー, with this our 『Beating up Idiots』 is a huge success. This is the reward for reporting to Master!」
「But, what’s with the team assignment?」
「Well, I don’t think anyone of us would die even if someone did something wrong」
「S-so cruel…」

Solgloss revealed her true intent which Larady complained.
Meanwhile, everyone was thinking 『Well, Larady is equally cruel as well』


「Anato-san, all of the other soldier have been annihilated. This guy is the last one」
「Thank you for your report, Shuvart」

Finally, the brown maid Shuvart finished her report to Anato.
Anato nodded in satisfaction.


The man could no longer speak any meaningful words.
In addition the the 2 people who destroyed his team, he got all these monsters.
He couldn’t win one-on-one, now there’s eight of them. It’s hopeless.


「Well then, you’re the last one…」

Anato’s gentle smile didn’t give him any sense of calmness.
All of the members of 『Salvation Army of Lerkuchir』 were staring at him.
Being stared by those overpowered girls…

「Aah… Aeeeh……」
「Uwa! What is it!?」

The eyes stares at the empty space, opened his mouth and hang his dirty tongue.
His body was trembling and he peed himself.

The man was staring at the overpowered monsters and eventually collapsed his spirits.
Vanpiel grabbed his nose and looked at the man’s eyes like looking at garbage.


「Aah… Vanpiel-sama’s face is too scary. Poor guy…」
「EH!? Is it my fault??」

The remark shocked Vanpiel.
Of course it’s not only Vanpiel, but the girls pushed all the scary part to her.

「The last living one isn’t so interesting, is it not?」
「Uwaa, you’re the worst…」

Hearing Anato’s cruel remark towards the man, Kuurin couldn’t help making a bitter smile.
Even so, Kuurin didn’t stop her.


「Can we go back now? Back to Master, back to our guild」

All of them nodded.
Rather than foolish gray guild and the kingdom, spending time with their master is way more meaningful.

It was the common thought of the members.
The members of 『Salvation Army of Lerkuchir』 annihilated 21 members of the gray guild and 20 kingdom knights in a single day.
They turned their back from the poor man, leaving him behind.



「Ahaha… heee… haahahee……」

The man kept laughing painfully until the women disappeared.


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Master's Smile 6. Kuurin and Crankheight

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