The First Survey Results

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Since I don’t want to hide anything, I will publish the survey results.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I really appreciate your input and I read everything. I forgot to put Translation Accuracy on the survey so please tell me if I make a mistake.


And now I need to reply to some important remarks:

adding in a back/ next page link would be really nice. honestly, i have a memory like a goldfish, and my internet is really slow so by the time i go back to the index, I’ve forgotten what chapter I was on…

Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to make the prev/next button since I have to crawl all the way through my previous posts. BUT I’m saving to buy a host for myself, then I can install a plugin for it. You can donate to my paypal (patreon is still broken) to speed things up.

It’s probably better to find a proper editor to fix the grammatical errors than to worry about them yourself, unless you really want to improve your English. Translating is hard work already, before even taking proofreading and editing into account. Thanks for translating for us!

After I read this, I checked my email and Karuma offered to be my translator (A week before I opened the email). So thank you. Thank you, good sir!

I automatically use reader-mode with my browser, which means I always see the anti-copy material. Your choice of material is becoming so bad, so NSFW, that of the hundreds of stories I follow I am seriously considering dropping a story for the first time just due to the anti-copy material. At least Lightning Maid Nanaki is amusing, and its TL installs anti-copy material nearly every other line that is purposefully made to resemble the speech-thoughts of one of the characters in the story.

Thank you for your concern, but I have to write the anti-copy. Instead, I put a warning at the beginning of every chapter so people have the chance to turn off the reader-mode/view.

Few gender swaps on Donna

My bad… I fixed it.

Honestly, I felt the anti-copy policy was little tame. I think you need to step it up! Larger incoherent or insulting paragraphs, maybe some ASCII art of stupid stuff would be nice too. I know another site at one point in time made their entire page an unintelligible mess if you tried to copy it/view through a reader mode.

I think you’re right (somewhat). I won’t depend on NSFW watermark anymore. I’ll give some random things on random occasion, but currently, I like giving something about SpongeBob or Thomas the Tank Engine.

If they just highlight everything and copy anyway, what would that do? They could kinda just remove the text though :l Idk if its possible for wordpress, but for certain I know that PDFs cant be copy pasted. Maybe try that? :0 P.s. Thanks for your hardwork!

They never highlight to copy (well, some of them do). We can’t stop piracy, but we can create enough problem for the pirates. And if you look at those aggregator sites, those anti-copy texts still exist.

My three sizes are: 168, 1… Oops, I don’t have 3s

Your breast size is as tall as me…

Another suggestion box
My Future Plans with Ebisu TL

7 thoughts on “The First Survey Results”

      1. Actually I think I didn’t got that mail, I even tried to look at it on my inbox just now… strange…

        Also you can try doing it first on a free hosted WP like

    1. I am just a passing scientist with some (theoretical not so much practical) knowledge about cryptology and cryptanalysis, but I wanted to make some comments about your methods to protect your content. You don’t have to take it to seriously but I hope it might inspire you. (I usually don’t post often on websites because I am lazy / anonymous leach/ not caring enough to communicate with others (somehow it makes me sound like a loner boohoo).

      I think it is pretty creative how you use a (random) substitution method to encrypt your text, with an adapted reader to reinterpret it (only if you read it directly). I really appreciate the work translatOrs are putting in on these kind of websites and I admire the techniques people like you build up to protect your work. Sadly there are some weak points though: there are two different methods two circumvent it (a third if you count in trying to hack the decoding, but I am not sure to what degree that is possible, my technical knowledge on that part is lacking sorry for that).

      The first bypass would be making a photographic image and parsing the text visually. With some (reasonably?) advanced software you can filter text out of a page (at least until it becomes all captcha-y obviously). The other way is the fact that you use single substitution, witch means that by (automated or non-automated) frequency analysis (since it is not standard English, but a translation of Japanese it might be necessary to make an adjusted letter frequency table) one can (easily?) reconstruct the original translation (most likely even (semi)-automatically).

      The photographic weakness is hard to solve and would require things like a special background that makes letters harder to recognize (but also harder to read for normal people (to a lesser extent) . Sadly it is ill-advised to do so. The second weakness can however be resolved. If instead of a single substitution you use a multiple substitution (also substitute spaces with something and something with spaces, this is rarely done and makes it much harder to counteract with more standard programs!)(adjusted to the chapter length and of course adapted every chapter). Even better would be an continuous adaptative substitution (where you replace letters based on previous letters (you start with some n chosen substituted letters and next you substitute based on some random function of the letter n-1 places before) this is more or less uncrackable (cracking implies calculating every one of this out and checking whether it is gibberish or not, this is very very taxing to do (especially if your function is creative then it is literally impossible without cheating). That kind of technique would even trouble specialists of the government trying to parse/copy your translations (not using photocopy though).

      I don’t know about the availability of these kind (both creating and stealing) of programs (I am a theoretician) (they at least exist on a military level and in the realms of professional hackers though), but if (big if) one is prepared to spend some time on it, nearly anyone should be able to make a program that does this kind of thing. (some time depending on the person varies from days (specialist genius) to weeks , months , years , decades, lifetimes (hopefully they reincarnate enough to finish!), … )

      Then again if they really do invest that much effort to steal they may just deserve to get it (or they could just pay a translator/learn Japanese or any other relevant language).

      My apologies for this ginormous wall of text consisting of abstract explanation, hopefully this may help/inspire you and if not… meh

      1. For making a photo image of it and orc’ing it I countered it by using fonts that is hollowed. Yes, I use some hard to orc fonts so a thief that I know did was to also extract the custom font itself for him to use.

        Also I had an Idea of using multiple variant of custom fonts on a chapter release that is randomly used to counter downloading the font, aldo using dummycustom fonts so he wouldn’t know what to use. Sadly this idea poped out after I shutdowned my own site.

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