Isekai GM 18. Rewards

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I was red with embarrassment.

I slowly returned to the ship with Adelle.
Adelle seemed embarrassed as well and flew a short distance away from me.
A lot of the people who fell into the sea had been rescued, they were now receiving warm soup which Roxas had prepared.

It’s nice to have such a great cook in these rough waters.

As we descended, the Earl came running to greet us.

「Masaki-dono, thank you for saving the Kingdom from this crisis. Who would have thought that Leviathan was being manipulated…」
「It won’t happen again. The Leviathan said that he has had enough of human offerings」
「What!? The Leviathan can talk!?」
「Yes, he was surprisingly friendly. And I got this item」

I showed the Leviathan Bracelet to the Earl.
Anyway, the bracelet didn’t overlap with arm equipment, so there was no problem
(TL: thanks, kittenbitten need help with this 腕輪なら腕装備とも重複しないし問題なかった)

「Such a wonderful item……」
「I can’t imagine how much mana is contained inside this item…」

Both the Earl and Claudia came closer to gaze at the bracelet.

「The Leviathan gave me this item and entrusted us with his desire to defeat the Empire. But I am worried that the damage would be too great if I handle it on my own」

Let’s keep the detail about NEET God a secret. To save his dignity.

「Is that so… Let’s head to the castle at once. I have to report various things to his Majesty」
「What about us?」
「I’d like only Masaki-dono, as the head of pirate group and as the otherworlder, and Adelhide to accompany me to the castle」

My men seemed to dislike the idea of me going into the castle without them.
I’ll just have the 3 people who can use magic report to me if anything happens via telepathy, other than that, they can move freely.
I’ll set the inn as the meeting point.

「I understand」

Adelle and I agreed and went to the remains of the military port.

「Big Boss, just take it easy! We’ll be waiting back at the inn」
「Thank you. If something happens, I’ll contact you via telepathy」

Adelle and I got off at the military port and everyone else crossed the canal and passed the cliff.
They should anchor in the lake ahead.

「If we go straight from here, we will arrive at the castle. There are rumors about you around the town. The Hero of the Blue Sea and The Crimson Princess Knight」
「Treated as heroes… I wonder if they know that we’re pirates…」
「Even though I’m not a princess…」

It seemed that both of us don’t want to stand out, we would rather be left alone if possible.
Since we just fought head-to-head with the Leviathan and saved the legendary god from a curse, I guess it couldn’t be helped.

Adelle, the Earl, and I went up the brightly lit stairway together.
We were walking up the slope for a while and admiring the white wall. Is it marble?
Eventually, the gorgeous royal palace appeared before our eyes.

Both of us were lead by the Earl. A soldier ran toward us from across the street.
The soldier told the Earl something and the Earl handed a bundle of paper to him. Then the soldier bowed and left. I wonder what happened.

「Apparently, His Majesty wants to see both of you now. It seems that he watched your battle with a telescope」

D-d-does that mean he saw my little “scene” with Adelle?! No way! I refuse!
Well, even if I said “I refuse”, the King wanted to meet us, so we had to meet him.

God damn it!

「Audience with the King, eh? Even though I don’t know anything about the nobles etiquette…」
「Just follow my movements and you will be fine. Fortunately, His Majesty isn’t very strict about manners」
「I’m very thankful for that」

Following Adelle’s movements, right? I will manage somehow.

「I had intended to introduce both of you to his Majesty, but this incident saved me time and effort. Oh, it’s time… Come with me」

It seemed that we were planned to wait in the guest room at first, but we were told to head to the audience chamber at once.
As we were lead to the audience chamber, Adelle looked like she was reminiscing something.
I remembered that she was acquainted with the King, has she been here before?


Both of us arrived at the audience place.
The marble floor in the audience room was covered with a bright red carpet.
In front of us wearing a thick red cloak sitting on the throne was the King with a luxurious crown that looked heavy on his head.

The royal guards were stationed near the surrounding walls.
The knight who stood beside the King was equipped better than the Earl.

Since I don’t know anything about etiquette, I bend my knees a bit and lowered my head.

「Raise your head」

I was able to look at the King’s face after he told us to raise our head.
Meeting a King is really nerve wracking. I hope my nervousness didn’t show or I disrespected him.
He was probably 60 years old. His white mustache and gray hair stood out.

「Earl Allan, we are really grateful for your initiative to gather reinforcements to help the Kingdom in its crisis」
「I’m honored by such praise, Your Majesty!」

After the Earl lowered his head deeply, the King looked towards us.
My nervousness made me shiver.
Why can’t 【Status Effect Immunity】 cure nervousness?

「I am Roland el Saint Drag. You must be the person who stopped the Leviathan. It was a great fight to watch. I thought it was over when you were eaten but I was surprised when you came back out alive」

As expected, he saw the whole incident…

「Your praise is wasted upon someone like me」
「And humble as well, but you certainly deserve the praise. No matter what anyone here says, you have saved this Kingdom」
「It is as dear father had said. Even among the legends, I have never heard about any human surviving a fight with the Sea God Leviathan. Your achievement will be written in history. You should be proud about it」
「R-right! I will devote myself to keep your expectation」

I lowered my head deeply as I replied. Maybe this is fine. Since both of them didn’t show any displeasure, I think it’s fine.

So the one beside him is the prince. That explained a lot. He is black-haired ikemen. that looked lean and muscular even with the armor on and looked very similar to his father

「It’s been a long time, Adelhide. I’m sorry we couldn’t help the Valentine Empire」
「I understand because of the distance between Valentine Empire and the Kingdom, just the words are enough. For now, let us pray for the fallen ones」
「I remember many years ago… You were brought to me by my little brother as a very energetic small child. You used to run very cheerfully around the palace」
「P-please don’t spread it around. Roland, His majesty. I was a child back then. I’m different now」

Adelle’s face became red as his majesty retold the story of when she was a child.
Even so, she is still cute right n-… Wait what? Little brother?
I asked the Earl.

(Is Adelle his Majesty’s niece?)
(That’s right. You don’t know?)
(I didn’t know… Adelle didn’t tell me anything)
(Perhaps she didn’t want to show off her lineage and wanted to be recognized for her own effort)

It makes you wonder that if your parents were royalty of another country and watching your every moves with a biased viewpoint.
Maybe that’s why she didn’t tell us. Then I will respect that.
I don’t want to treat the current Adelle as a princess.

「And that embrace just before… The way you embraced Masaki was good enough to be put into a drama」
「In truth, there are petitions to make a play from it, dear father」
「His Highness Roland… Prince Leon… uuu………」

So his name is Leon.
Both king and prince were having fun over there but over here I’m could pass out from the embarrassment.
I beg of you, please stop the drama!
I couldn’t see her face but Adelle’s face is surely bright red.


「Very well, I have 3 people to reward. First, Earl Allan who rushed to our aid when the Kingdom was in peril, The Kingdom presents you the Andorra territory」
「Thank you very much your Majesty!」

Earl Allan seemed to have just increased his territory.
If you get the territory, you can apply taxes to various businesses, but that’s not related to me right now.

「Next the Hero of the Blue Sea. Masaki Toudou, you will be given a medal from Saint Drag and a Baronet noble rank. Furthermore, you will be given 1 million francs for crippling the Empire’s naval fleet」

So they officially recognize me as the Hero of the Blue Sea.
A medal and rank have come! The baronet rank is above the regular knight and below a baron.
However, what about the confirmation about the destruction of Empire’s fleet?

「I’m sorry, your majesty. The report about the destruction of Empire’s fleet is based on Masaki-dono’s testimony alone. We need more confirmaー」
「Our spies who broke out from the Empire captivity have confirmed it. Masaki might know this person」
「E? I… am not…? M-me?」
「Correct. Please come in」

As his majesty spoke, a man wearing knight armor came in.
Is it someone I know?

I stared at his face but I couldn’t remember anything…
I have a rather good memory but I couldn’t remember.

I don’t recognize his height and style either. His muscle build is common as well. He has a normal height too. He is probably 50 years old. But where have I seen him before.

Looking at me who tilted my head, his Majesty seemed to enjoy my confusion.

「Hahahaha. You do not seem to recognize him」
「Your majesty, please stop with the joke. Masaki-dono, I’m the Empire soldier who gave you the breakfast… and a spy for the Saint Drag Kingdom. My stomach got a little thinner thanks to your advice 」
(TL: Masaki gave him the advice to jog 30 minutes every morning in ch2)

「Oh… you’re that guy!」

I remembered. He was the soldier I talked briefly.
It was a short chat, but it preserved my mental health.

「Let me re-introduce myself. I am a Saint Drag spy. I work directly under his Majesty’s order. and… I’m an otherworlder like you A 『Shinobi Chief』from the MMO 『Sengoku Samurai Senki』. My name is Jirou Tanaka」
「Another person from my world!」

I met a person from the same world for the first time. But he came from a different MMO.
I tried to search my memories for various online games but it’s too vague…
That meant it’s not an MMO I played before.
I couldn’t imagine how many kinds of people came to this world…

「Jirou, I’m sure you have many things to talk about, but we still have rewards to give. The medal please」

Jirou disappeared and reappeared immediately with a small box in his hands.
Adelle gave me advice as she knew I was kneeling without knowing how to receive the medal.

《Stand up, it’s easier for his Majesty to attach the medal to your left chest》

I just let him attach the medal to my Azure Dragon Cloak.
He attached it to me accordingly without any incident or special ceremony.

「Originally, I’d like to have rewarded you with territory but…」
「Dear father, I think that’s moving too fast for Baronet Masaki. Why not give him a house to live instead? There is a mansion suitable for Baronet Masaki」

Yes. I’m grateful for a house. Even if I have 100 million yen of Japanese money, it will disappear quickly depending on the housing market.

「That mansion… that’s right… together with Adelhide. Very well. Let’s give him some territory after he has done more work」
「Furthermore, you wouldn’t need to hire any soldiers yet」

So I’ll be given a territory if I do more work? I don’t want to sound like a certain Sea God, but I’m don’t want to work.

「Finally, Adelhide Bernstein. For defeating the sea serpents and protecting our soldiers, I will reward you the title of a knight. I’d like you to serve royal palace if possible, but you seemed to have found someone to serve already」
「Thank you! I have been saved by Masaki-dono twice. Even as a noble, I will continue to serve Masaki-dono」
「Dear father, other nobles may try to get their hands on Adelle. I also think it’s good to put her under Masaki-dono」
「Certainly, that is another good point. Work hard」

Even though she didn’t get to work in the palace, she was accepted as a noble of Saint Drag Kingdom.
There are many men who would aim for Adelle to succeed the royal family blood.
Then it would certainly be safer to put her under my wing.

The kingdom then acknowledged my pirate group as my own private soldiers.
The prince also told me that they wanted a person capable of moving quickly to deal with occasional fights.

He struck me as a kind and a quite friendly prince.
A likable fellow.

And this is how I got a lot of money, a mansion, and became a noble of this country.
I’m tired of thinking about the nobility’s political war but this is necessary to defeat the Empire.

I’ll endure it.

Oh, I need to have a talk with Jirou. I’d like to ask him for any information he has about this world.
Besides Jirou, there may be other people who came from the same world as I do.
Maybe they can be a reliable companion, and on the other hand, they could strike us as a formidable enemy.

As I carved the Leviathan’s threat in my heart, I left the audience chamber.

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Isekai GM 17 pt 2. Enslavement (Extreme)

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It’s dark.

I couldn’t see anything.

Even though I have invincibility, I can’t see anything if there’s no light.
I used 【Wisp】 to produce light.

(Ughhh… So I’m really inside… gross…)

Since it’s inside a living creature, of course everything is made of flesh. There’s no reason to pretend it’s a cave.

I opened the 【Map】 and looked at the interior. It’s basically a poorly made dungeon.

There was a strong acid near my feet that melted the outer part of my 『Azure Dragon Cloak』 that I used as a disguise.
I canceled my disguise to preserve my precious cloak.
Now, I am alone with my gaudy equipment.

Even with a strong acid, my GM equipment didn’t seem to melt and no smoke came from it.
I carefully fly up and move around. I didn’t know what would have happened if I don’t have my Invincibility.

I found a skeleton a few steps away from a tree with suspiciously dull shine.
Looking at the root, it seemed that it was a spear but grew some roots.
The sight of a tree shining black is way too suspicious.

Is this the root of the cause? This skeleton… it might be from an Empire slave or a war captive.
The skeleton wore a familiar looking collar….. It was the collar that they tried to attach to me.

I guess he was ordered to be eaten by Leviathan and he was instructed to plant the spear inside the body.

That concluded my analysis. This guy is a victim as well.

After putting away his remains as an item, I struck the tree that was rooted to the body with my sword 『Seven Arthur』 but a water membrane stretched and prevented the attack. It’s the same membrane like Leviathan.

「Tch! But I know your weakness!」

Unfortunately for the Empire, I found the countermeasure for the water membrane.
I flung 【Flame Javelin】 at the tree and the membrane evaporated. Then I struck with 【Seven Arthur】 before it recovers. After 7 more strikes, the tree finally crumbled.
I tried to collect some wood chips or anything salvageable but all of them turned into purple smoke and disappeared.

「Now how do I get the evidence…」

Right after I put my sword on my waist, the interior of Leviathan’s body began pulsating.
I fly with 【Wing】 before being pushed down to a strange place.

Heading out with 【Wing】, I finally saw the entrance, the Leviathan’s mouth.

I will escape right after it opens it’s mouth.
After such a long time… It’s not that long but it’s nice to be outside. I don’t want to go inside a living body anymore.

Let’s re-apply camouflage before exiting. GM equipment is too gaudy.

After I attached my disguise, a voice emanates from the body.

《O mortal of an unknown world, Thou have released this one from my mind’s prison. This one thanks thou greatly》

I started looking for the source of the voice but it came from all around me.
It was the Sea God Leviathan.

《You’re very welcome. I’m sorry I forced you to swallow me whole and for damaging your scales and body quite a bit》
《Kukuku… Even though this one was so dishonorably enslaved, I never thought that there were beings who were capable to damage this one. It has been a thousand eons since the last time this one’s body has received a wound》

It seemed that the sea god had lived for a long time.

《I was desperate, but I noticed the problem after some investigation… That you were being manipulated. Please forgive me》
《For liberating this one’s mind from the clutches of an evil known as the Empire, I wish to reward thou who was able to damage this body of mine. Such a good clash of powers. This one is sated. It’s impossible to live such a long span if thou can’t bear a single scratch through the heat of battle. Wahahahaha》

The sea god seemed to be enjoying it’s self.
It was thanks to 【Invincibility】! It would have been an instant death otherwise!

《Just in case, what is the reward? I don’t need anything like eternal life》
《This one does not possess such power to present. This is the reward that this one presents thou》

The god created a mass of light and presented it to me.
I wonder how should I take it….
I’ll just receive it with both hands.

When the light faded, a bracelet appeared.
It was covered in beautiful decorations. Which glow blue… A color I like.
It looks great.

《This is a great item. The design is wonderful as well》

I conveyed my thought.

《This one doesn’t understand this “deezien” thou speak of but it seems thou are very fond of that bracelet. As long as thou wear that bracelet, all in this one’s clan will lend thou their powers when thou require it They will help thou with the battle thou currently seek against the evil known as the Empire. In addition, the bracelet has the ability 【Summon: Water Dragon】. Thou should be able to master that power with ease》

Summoning a water dragon? That skill is only available to a summoning job like dragon knight in the MMO I handled. Are there any flying dragons as well…

When I looked at the skill column, the skill 【Summon: Water Dragon】 was added.

【Leviathan ring】 : Bracelet with the blessings of the Sea God Leviathan. The Ocean will lend it’s power to the owner of this bracelet. Special ability: Water Dragon Summoning 〜 Rarity: EX

I saw the EX rarity for the first time.

The MP consumption is so intense that it couldn’t be compared with normal magic, but the item can modify the cast range.
I couldn’t use the ability in rapid succession even with GM items.

《I see. This is a very amazing item. Thank you. Are you going to take revenge on the Empire?》
《The ancient oath dictates us not to meddle with the beings of the land. If this one were serious, all those evil and innocent on the land would sink into the bottom of the ocean. That is not the intention of this one. Therefore this one needs to give up on revenge. I will entrust this onto thee》

Even though it’s breath could create a flood that would be a blessing for the prisoners and kill many innocent citizens on land.

On the contrary, it will kill other beings too.
Even the god is considering it.

《To be truthful, revenge is too troublesome. This one doesn’t want to move and doesn’t want to work, this one would rather sleep》

《So that’s your real motive!!》

I regret admiring this NEET God!

《This one will now take it’s leave. This one shall continue to bother other mortals as it is. You are an interesting mortal of an unknown world. Here is some advice. Beware of those that are also from worlds unknown. Because of their strong powers, they disturb the balance of this world. And this one hopes that thou don’t follow their paths as well》

《I will receive your advice in good faith. Don’t eat bad things next time》
《This one has had enough of human sacrifices. This one shall ask the priests for some better things this time》

It seemed he learned his lesson. But if he wanted to eat, I will him give this.

《Please take these as souvenirs. Though it might be unsatisfactory for your huge body…》

I took out some handmade cookies that were wrapped in light.

《This one gladly receives it. This one will now sink into the sea bed once again. Thou should work hard as well》
《Ah. I’ll take care of the Empire, so please take rest without reserve》

In my words, the Leviathan nodded it’s huge head.
And then the excessive bulky body disappears to the bottom of the ocean.

It’s better if both of us didn’t meet again. I have had enough of a fight with that giant.
I don’t want to be blown away multiple times.

Suddenly, something came up fast from below.


The strong impact staggered me.
Someone grappled me and bypassing the 【Invincibility】.
When I looked at my arms, Adelle was hugging me tightly.

「You are safe… I’m so glad…!!」

Adelle was shivering while hugging me.

「or… Am I DEAD as well!?」she said with tears streaming down her face.

Adelle had lost her parents and family right before her eyes.
Many people followed as well.
And now I was acting suicidal as well… What I did was bad.
No wonder she was crying. I stroked her head to calm her.

「It’s safe now and I will not do it again unless I’m absolutely sure that I’ll be safe」
「But… at least… a single word…!」
「There was no time. We didn’t know if the Kingdom could take another hit from Leviathan」

That was not my only excuse. I didn’t bother explaining the rest, but it was true that there was no time.

《That is a good place and the atmosphere is good… but everyone is watching》


Claudia notified us using telepathy.
Right. The place we are now was the place where Leviathan was.
All eyes were on us.
And Adelle jumped at me who was flying alone.
And I gently stroked her hair.
And we were seen by a large number of marines and their soldiers.

The Earl was watching us like he was watching something heart-warming.

I could die from the shame!!!
Not even 【Status Effect Immunity】 nor 【Invincibility】 can help me!

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Isekai GM 17 pt 1. Enslavement (Extreme)


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《Ha!? What are you talking about?》

Why the hell I must not defeat it? If I leave it be, the Kingdom will be destroyed.

《Listen, Leviathan rules the sea monsters in this surrounding sea. If Leviathan dies, the other sea monsters will wreck havoc and fight to be the top of the food chain》
《Jaa, what should I do then? Is there any way to keep it in place?》
《Originally, Leviathan is a dragon that governs the peace of the sea. One of the Empire’s war vessel must have attacked it. Right now, there must be a reason why it attacked the Kingdom》
《So it’s my job to find it eh?》

Finding the reason why Leviathan went berserk while fighting it is ridiculous! But I have no other choice. If the sea monsters were left unchecked, they might attack the other port city.

《I know how absurd it is, but please do your best!》
《Easy for you to say! Fine! I’ll do it!》

I cut the telepathic connection and focused my attention on the gigantic body before me.
I avoided it’s attack while observing it’s body.
There’s only one effective skill for observing.
【Appraisal】 could measure the strength of the enemies and appraise unidentified items.
While avoiding it’s attack, I removed 【Sonic Blade】 and switched it with 【Appraisal】.
Even if the damage could be invalidated, it’s necessary for me to not being blown into the oblivion.

Right after 【Appraisal】 was registered in the skill frame, I used it immediately on the Leviathan.

Water God Leviathan
Race : High Ancient Dragon
Status condition: Enslavement (Extreme)

I couldn’t even see it’s HP and MP!! It’s so high that I couldn’t even see it with 【Appraisal】!
However, I could see something to worry about.
That 【Enslavement (extreme)】 status effect…
When it comes to enslavement, there must be a medium somewhere.

I need to look for it.

I attacked with 【Wave Sword】 to keep it’s attention while avoiding it’s attacks. It’s enough to scratch the scale but not enough to inflict damage.

I tried to look for the medium but… this guy’s body is way too long!
It’s tail was below the sea, but when I looked at the 【Map】his body length alone reached kilometers.

(It’s impossible to attach a collar to this guy. It’s body is way too big)

A telepathy came from Adelle.

《Masaki, someone manipulated the Leviathan!! You must not kill it!》
《I knew it already! I saw it’s status effect!》
《The ship you were talking about belongs to the Empire! They confessed right away after some torture. They used some kind of spear to control Leviathan》
《I looked from it’s head to tail but I couldn’t find any spear…》

Suddenly, I noticed something.
That’s right! There’s no way a simple spear could penetrate Leviathan’s water membrane.

The spear was inside it’s body. In other words, the Empire must have some ways to put the enslavement spear inside the Leviathan’s body.

《Masaki, what’s the matter?》
《It’s inside the body. The spear is inside Leviathan’s body!》
《Inside!? Is that even possible…》
《There’s only one way to remove it. I must let Leviathan eat me so I can remove the spear from inside. This is the only solution》
《What the hell are you talking about!? Masaki!!!》
《This is the quickest and the most certain way!》
《Wait!! Masaki!》

I forcibly cut the telepathy connection and slashed my sword towards Leviathan’s nose.
The thin layer of water membrane around it’s nose couldn’t block my blade and Leviathan roared in pain. It opened it’s mouth to eat me.

But it was what I was hoping for. I rushed and disappeared right into the Leviathan’s mouth in front of everyone.

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Isekai GM 16. Sea God Leviathan

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So I caught a cold.
Since I can caught cold, that means I’m not an idiot!

No update next week (or until I got better)

Adelle couldn’t believe her own eyes.
The Sea God Leviathan was destroying war vessels like nothing.

The Kingdom retaliated desperately, shooting artillery and magic, but the water membrane around Leviathan deflects them without doing much damage. It’s 【Water Breath】 shattered the Kingdom’s war vessels into thousands little pieces.

In addition, some sea serpents were destroying both fishing ships and war vessels without discrimination.
Because of their numbers, the knights were having trouble fighting them.
(TL: Leviathan came with his families and kids)

But she must contact her benefactor first… She send a thought to Masaki.
It seemed that he had noticed it as well. His perception ability was even greater than Adelle.

《I confirmed it’s presence. I am heading for battle. Don’t do anything reckless!》

She closed the telepathic connection to Masaki and threw a 【Mana Spear】 towards the nearest sea serpent who was aiming for a fisherman.

The spear penetrated it’s head and it died instantly.

「Y-you saved me… but what happened here?」
「Think about it later. Evacuate immediately」
「Tha-thank you for helping us! Thank you!」
「You’re welcome. Now hurry up!」


Right after she saved a fisherman, another one screamed for help. Many people fish in the canal because there were no enemies there.

Adelle threw 【Mana Spear】 one after another to the sea serpents, most of them died with a hole in their neck but there were too many of them.

The sea serpents fought back and release 【Water Breath】 to Adelle.
She avoided them but their sheer number drove her into a corner.

《Don’t do anything reckless》

She remembered Masaki’s last word. However, if she fell back now, the sea serpents would flock again and attack the other ships. If she waited another second, the warship will sink.

(Don’t do anything reckless… But if I don’t then the life before me will…)
Adelle thought briefly.

(…I wonder if he would save me again)

She was lost in thought in a battle.

The serpents didn’t miss the chance. Her escape was delayed for a moment and a 【Water Breath】 severed one of her arm.


Although she could act under the sun, Vampire is the strongest at night. Her self-healing capability dropped significantly and she couldn’t hope to recover until night.

The sea serpents kept blasting 【Water Breath】 to hunt her down.
Adelle didn’t attack and prioritized only on her evasion, but some sea serpents were heading to a weakened warship.

「Oh crap!!」

At this rate, the fishermen will…
A 【Water Breath】 was aimed to the warship, Adelle stood right in and stretch 【Mana Wall】 to defend.

The other sea serpents joined in and shot 【Water Breath】 towards her.


Adelle let out a heartbreaking voice. Not a knightly voice but a damsel in distress seeking for help.
Just before the breaths were released, a gigantic fire spear stabbed all of their heads and vaporize each breaths.

「I made it in time! Are you alright!?」

It was Masaki’s voice.


That was dangerous!! I barely got there in time!
Even if I flew at full speed, flying across the map still took a considerable time.
When I arrived, Adelle was risking her body to protect a warship from water breaths.
Even though I just told her not to act recklessly… It’s good to help other people, but you need to take care of your own life.

I continued blasting sea serpents with 【Flame Javelin】 and vaporize their breaths.
It’s a strong form of multi-lock. The target is sea serpent’s head.

I imagined strongly and adjusted the mana, then multiple 【Flame Javelin】 appeared and pierced their heads.
All of them were killed splendidly. It feels refreshing.

Let’s heal Adelle’s injury first. She must be in pain now.

「Adelle… You are hurt. Here, suck my blood again」

I cancelled 【Invicibility】 and cut one of my arm with a mithril knife.

「I’m sorry… I got careless…」
「But you protected other people’s life. I can’t blame you for it. You did well」

I gently stroke her head as she suck my blood.
But I didn’t forget the battle.

They tried to shoot breaths again to us but I shot them down with another 【Flame Javelin】. Those sea serpents were just low-leveled mob. We need to haste.

Adelle gulped down my blood without stopping for a breath.
A sudden thought surged up inside me on the battlefield.  I desperately pushed and killed it. Right now, I need to concentrate on the battle.
(TL: Someone help pls 戦場にいる昂揚感なせいか押さえてる感情がにじみ出てくる。)

When Adelle finished drinking blood to a certain extent, her injury are healed completely. (TL: don’t know if she regrew her arm yet)
I chugged an HP potion to recover some HP.

「Sorry. Thanks for the help」
「I know you just recovered but we can’t take a break now. I’ll draw the Leviathan’s attention. You go defeat the minions. Sorry for the absurd request」
「No worries. You won’t make the same mistake as I do, right?」
「Of course. Let’s go!」


We decided to act separately. I reset 【Invincibility】 as I moved and wiped the surrounding sea serpents with 【Homing Flame Javelin】.
With their numbers reduced, I could finally focus on the gigantic body in front of me. I charged a 【Flame Javelin】, enough to blow the mast of a warship into dust, and shot it right into the Sea God Leviathan.

And the result was…
Why the hell didn’t it work at all!?!

Even if the elemental match-up was bad, it had enough power to blow away a frigate ship.

The 【Flame Javelin (L)】 which could evaporate even the surrounding water hit it’s abdomen, but couldn’t even burn one of it’s scale.

「Should I change the attribute?」

The Leviathan looked at me who managed to blew away it’s water membrane.
But for now, my goal of attracting it’s attention was a success.

It opened it’s gigantic mouth and unleashed a giant 【Water Breath】.
The size was so big, it made the sea serpent’s water breath look like a toy water gun.

But it’s breath was negated by my 【Invicibility】. After the 【Water Breath】 settled, I remained hovering in place without moving an inch.
I wondered if it felt surprised.
He looked really confused.

In that case, I will return the favor.
If it could do this much, then let’s test something out.

「【Vortex Burst】」

The highest tier wind spell, it’s the strongest thunder attribute spell that I could remember.
The MP cost couldn’t be compared with 【Flame Javelin】 but it shouldn’t affect my flight. Thanks to my GM equipment, the MP cost is reduced to a third.

Pale white light gathered in both of my hands and discharges electricity.
I gave a strong surging image and gave it a thrust, a huge thunder laser came out from my hands.

I had seen it in the game but looking at the real thing reminds me to a certain rail gun. (TL: maybe a reference to “To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjihou/A Certain Scientific Railgun”)
It looked more like a particle gun than a rail gun.

The 【Vortex Burst】 went straight to it’s enormous body… and that was it.

The water membrane sucked up the lightning plasma and regenerated instantly.

(It’s just a waste of MP!!)

Even though now I understood that thunder would not work, I still thought that my effort was wasted.
But this also served to draw Leviathan’s attention.

I thought it would shoot another 【Water Breath】, but I was thrown away by a 【Water Tornado】.

I could negate magic and physical attacks with 【Invincibility】 but it could only negate natural attack to an extent, the wind flung me into the air. Even though there were no damage, the spinning made me feel sick. I wish dizziness was included as “status effect”.

《Masaki! Are you alright!?》
《Yeah, no problem. What about you?》

Judging from damage she received, it must be quite lively over there.
I couldn’t help but feel worried.

《I had tidied up some of them over here. We can afford to help the Kingdom as well. Right now, our men are doing some rescue》
《Understood. By the way, Adelle. There’s a reaction of a ship from the northwest. Can you please check them out?》

I moved my eyes to the edge of the map and there was a small reaction.
But now, I’ll busy dealing with the gigantic body before me.
I had tried 【Wind Blade】 and 【Rock Missile】 but all of them were blocked as well. I didn’t even need to test the water spell.

Since magic was no good, I tried testing the combination of 【Wave Sword】 and 【Sonic Blade】 but the water membrane greatly reduced it’s power. But I could see some scratches on the scales, so it meant the damage went through.

To avoid more damage, the Leviathan lifted it’s huge tail to slap me. I received it head-on and bounced off the ocean surface multiple times.

My vision spun around, but I didn’t feel as bad as the first time.
Maybe 【Status Effect Immunity】 won’t work unless it came in a from attack.

It seemed the dizziness that came from spinning was not negated at all. It swung it’s tail again towards me, but I rushed in to avoid it.

(This guy is persistent! But it’s time to end this!)

The most troublesome thing was the water membrane that protect it immediately. It reduced the damage from both magical and physical attacks.
In that case, I can just remove it. First, let’s shoot some 【Flame Javelin】.

I moved rapidly towards it’s gigantic body and strike it’s belly with full powered 【Flame Javelin】.
It’s eyes went pure white and the scales were burned.

(Now is the chance!) I cut down the body with 【Wave Sword】 before the water membrane regenerated.
I attacked 3 more times with increasing power. The attacks were not blocked by the water membrane and creates a large wound. It bled like waterfall.


The roar shook the whole space. So even a god will scream in pain.

But I was not done with this guy. The water membrane regenerated but I could just burn it again.
I will burn him, and cut him, and burn him again, and cut him again. Rinse and repeat, I should be able to bring this thing down.

I released my full-powered 【Flame Javelin】 made with considerable amount of MP.
Unfortunately, only half of my MP was left after shooting 【Vortex Burst】.
I chugged another MP recovery Potion. Suddenly a message came from Claudia.

《Masaki! You must not kill Leviathan!!!》

I don’t even have the strength to make some witty footnote.
Just play the usual game. (HA! You lost)
You know the game.

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Isekai GM 15. A Bad Premonition


It was morning.
I washed my face to make me feel fresher. As I headed out, I saw Adelle swinging her sword in a vacant lot.
Her blurring sword matched her unorthodox movement.
I felt pity to her enemies. Since soldiers often fight with standard movement, they couldn’t fight her at all.
But we must not forget that soldiers can use their numbers as a weapon. In the end, number defines the battle.

「Morning, Masaki-dono」

She greeted me as I came out of the inn.
Back on the ship, I often found her training alone on the deck.

「Do you need a practice partner?」
「I’ll stop for now, thanks for the offer. Even if the wounds would heal immediately, I don’t think I should show that in the city」
「Is that so… I’m on my usual morning jog. What are you going to do?」
「I’ll come with you. It’s nice to be able to run along the sunrise」

I could hardly contain my smile as I imagined Adelle smiling innocently while running along the sunrise.
It would take years for me to forget that image. I forced down that feeling and started running.

「Yosh, let’s go. The last one makes coffee in the room」
「ah, oi wait for me!」

I ran ahead without waiting. I have an imagination to kill.

Both of us ran around the town, many people could be seen preparing their own shop.
Some could be seen sleeping on the corner of the road with empty bottles in their arms. To be able to sleep like this meant that the security was good. Even so, having someone sleep outside isn’t really a good news.

We finished our morning jog and returned to the inn.
Even with 【Physical Ability Up (XL)】, Adelle still beat me without breaking a sweat.
Even my body understood that.

It’s my loss. I’m afraid that she was faster than me.

After returning to the inn, I made some coffee but I was stopped by a knocking on the door. There was Adelle enjoying coffee in the 『Room』. I served some cookies and sweets. Today’s cookies is chocolate.

「Please come in…」

I thought it was an underling but Earl Allan came in instead.

「Pardon my intru- Oh it smells nice. What is this room? This hotel shouldn’t have anything like this…」

Ah… It couldn’t be helped. I didn’t want him to know this but… let’s explain it very briefly.

「I used magic that leads to a certain airspace. In this place, we have water supply and housekeeping, there’s a bath here as well. Because it’s too convenient, I hope Earl would keep it as a secret. Here is some “hush money” for you」 (TL: In case you didn’t realize, he skipped a lot of detail about the 『Room』)

I present a cup of coffee to Earl Allan.

「This magic is surely amazing… I haven’t seen a lot of furniture-type Magic Artifact. If other nobles knows about this, they will waste no resource to obtain this magic. I’ll keep it a secret」

The coffee server comes with the so-called Magic Artifact.
It’s practical and convenient so it really helped us.

「Hoo… This is tasty and delicious」
「You should try this too. It’s Masaki’s handmade cookies. It’s a desert that’s way more delicious than those served in the royal palace」

Adelle who was enjoying coffee recommends the cookies that I made.
You really rate my cookies that high?

「Let’s see …My god, it surely is. Now I understand why all of you seemed so happy. I understand now. It has a special taste that can’t be described」

So he realized it’s greatness. Good.

「I’m honored for the praise. So what is your business today? There should be some time until our departure」
「That is the case but I received a report this morning」
「Yes. There is an empire ship heading to the kingdom. I thought about catching it but they seemed to have a wind mage」
「Only a ship… That is suspicious」

Suspicious indeed. Considering it’s the Empire, they had power to pulverize everything in their path.
But only 1 ship? You better think that there is something… I had a bad feeling.

「Let’s hasten our departure. I have a bad feeling」
「You think so too? But the report came in this morning and I am not ready for departure yet」
「Our luggage are prepared and our ship can leave immediately」
「Then please bring me and my subordinates. But I hope the bad feeling will wear off」「Then please do」

I drank my coffee in one gulp and gather all my undrerlings.
All of them gathered quickly. We held our baggage in one arm and prepared to leave immediately.
Wait a second!!! Claudia was still sleeping!!

「…Waa? I’ll take her there. Masaki-dono go ahead and meet the Earl」
「Sorry to bother you, I can’t just barge into a lady’s room」

Leaving Claudia to Adelle, we returned to the ship with the Earl’s men.
Soon, Adelle was arrived carrying the half-asleep Claudia.

She’s useless in the morning. yare yare…

「If you don’t wake up, I’ll confiscate the idiot sofa」
「I am awake! What a lovely morning!!」

Don’t change your attitude so quickly!!

We were a bit worn out, but with this we are prepared for departure.
After we paid our anchorage fee, we sailedimediately. To raise our speed, Paddle and Peddle used their wind magic to boost the sails.

I examined our surrounding. There are some ships similar to fishing boat here and there but as soon as I mark the fish I can understand this. Disguising as fishing boats eh? Unfortunately, I could identify them immediately.

It’s half a day travel by boat from this place to the kingdom. If we continue to use wind magic like this, the Earl said that we will catch them in an hour or two.
Paddle and Peddle consumed a lot of MP recovery potions. They worked really hard.

I was reworking my skills so I could fight anytime.

Passive skills:
– MP Auto-recovery (Medium)
– HP/MP Auto Recovery (Medium)
– Physical Ability Up (XL)
– Increased Close Combat Capability (Large)
– Increased Perception Ability (Large)
– Increased Leadership (Medium)

Active skills:
– Wave Sword
– Sonic Blade
– Grand Armor
– Air Raid

Because I need to protect the Earl as well, I set the defensive skill 【Grand Armor】 and the support skill 【Air Raid】 so I could float in the air for a certain period of time.

Both skills extends to my allies, 【Grand Armor】 will completely disable 3 attacks. But it consumes a lot of HP to cast. (TL: yes HP. not MP. Think of it as Templar Assassin’s 【Refraction Armor】 from DotA with HP cost)

【Air Raid】 gives my allies the ability to float. It’s to prevent them accidently falling into the sea and sinking. It can’t be used to fly in the sky like 【Wing】 but it can make you float on jump-height.

A voice resounded in my head after completing my skills.

《There are no suspicious signs in the surrounding. Continue patrolling》

It was Adelle’s voice. It was a telepathic line that mages use to communicate with each other.

Paddle and peddle seemed to know about it’s existence but they couldn’t use it without knowing the spell. Then Claudia taught them. Paddle and Peddle were able to use it immediately because it was surprisingly easy to remember.

My circumstances are special and a log came out the moment the voice reached my head. It’s a personal call called 『Whisper』 that players and GMs used.
As soon as I imagined it, I was able to use it.

At the same time, 『Party Communication』 can be used as well. It’s a feature that can convey your voice to your party members. Even though they can receive the telepathy, they can’t send anything back to me.

I haven’t tried 『Shout』. I couldn’t try this because the voice will travel far beyond the map.

《Affirmative. Tell me if you see anything》

I closed the telepathic line and fixed my sight to the sea, imagining a 『Map』map that only visible by me.

Since 『Map』 has 3-dimensional structure, I can see everything from the bottom of the ocean an even further underground.
We need to be more cautious for underwater attacks.
I maximized the size of the 『Map』 and lay a widespread warning net.

「At this speed, we should see the Kingdom soon. After that cliff, it’s our Saint Drag Kingdom」
「There are a lot artillery on that cliff… And also a fort. This way, it’s hard even for the Empire to use their numbers to attack」

According to the map, the Kingdom was standing on a cliff in the coast.
There was a military base on the cliff and the military base’s water canal was connected to a huge lake, it explains why it was also famous as a commercial port.
At the top of the cliff, there were a large numbers of artilleries. Regarding defense, it has considerable power.

However, I couldn’t shake this unpleasant feeling… It will soon became reality.

《Masaki-dono! It’s emergency! The sea god Leviathan is attacking the Kingdom!! The naval battle has begun! They are suffering from the damage!》

A huge shadow that had never be seen at the edge of the map came out and a message was sent from Adelle at the same time. At the same time as Adelle’s message, a huge shadow was seen on the edge of the 『Map』.

《I had confirmed it’s presence. I am heading for battle. Don’t act rashly!》

When it ended, the Earl who suspected that there was something spoke.

「Did something happened?」
「The sea god Leviathan came and attacking the Kingdom this very second」
「What!? Why would Leviatha-」
「I don’t know. However, the damage has been done. I will go on ahead. Paddle, Peddle! Full speed ahead! Barbarossa! Give them the orders! I’m counting on you!!」
「「「Aye Aye Sir!!!」」」
I buffed my allies with 【Protect All】 and 【Quick Bite】 to strengthen their physical defense and increase their attack speed. Furthermore, we arranged the support using Grand Armor and Air Raid.
I took out some HP and MP potions to recover. The fact that I need potions this early is a bit disappointing.

「Masaki-dono. Onegaishimasu!」
「Of course!!」

Responding to the Earl’s request, I headed straight to Leviathan using 【Wing】.

At the end of the cliff, a huge shape that couldn’t be compared to something as petty as a frigate ship, A dragon whose strength comparable to gods was shaking in rage.

Passive Skill:
MP Auto-recovery (Medium) (Magic Fencer)
HP/MP Auto Recovery (Medium) (Lord Paladin)
Physical Ability Up (XL) (Grappler)
Increased Close Combat Capability (L) (Dark Road Knight)
Increased Perception Ability(L)(Assassin)
Increased Leadership (Medium) (Guild Leader)

Active Skills:
Wave Sword (High Knight – Road Paladin)
Sonic Blade (Swordsman)
Grand Armor (High Knight)
Air Raid (Magic Fencer)