Isekai GM 15. A Bad Premonition


It was morning.
I washed my face to make me feel fresher. As I headed out, I saw Adelle swinging her sword in a vacant lot.
Her blurring sword matched her unorthodox movement.
I felt pity to her enemies. Since soldiers often fight with standard movement, they couldn’t fight her at all.
But we must not forget that soldiers can use their numbers as a weapon. In the end, number defines the battle.

「Morning, Masaki-dono」

She greeted me as I came out of the inn.
Back on the ship, I often found her training alone on the deck.

「Do you need a practice partner?」
「I’ll stop for now, thanks for the offer. Even if the wounds would heal immediately, I don’t think I should show that in the city」
「Is that so… I’m on my usual morning jog. What are you going to do?」
「I’ll come with you. It’s nice to be able to run along the sunrise」

I could hardly contain my smile as I imagined Adelle smiling innocently while running along the sunrise.
It would take years for me to forget that image. I forced down that feeling and started running.

「Yosh, let’s go. The last one makes coffee in the room」
「ah, oi wait for me!」

I ran ahead without waiting. I have an imagination to kill.

Both of us ran around the town, many people could be seen preparing their own shop.
Some could be seen sleeping on the corner of the road with empty bottles in their arms. To be able to sleep like this meant that the security was good. Even so, having someone sleep outside isn’t really a good news.

We finished our morning jog and returned to the inn.
Even with 【Physical Ability Up (XL)】, Adelle still beat me without breaking a sweat.
Even my body understood that.

It’s my loss. I’m afraid that she was faster than me.

After returning to the inn, I made some coffee but I was stopped by a knocking on the door. There was Adelle enjoying coffee in the 『Room』. I served some cookies and sweets. Today’s cookies is chocolate.

「Please come in…」

I thought it was an underling but Earl Allan came in instead.

「Pardon my intru- Oh it smells nice. What is this room? This hotel shouldn’t have anything like this…」

Ah… It couldn’t be helped. I didn’t want him to know this but… let’s explain it very briefly.

「I used magic that leads to a certain airspace. In this place, we have water supply and housekeeping, there’s a bath here as well. Because it’s too convenient, I hope Earl would keep it as a secret. Here is some “hush money” for you」 (TL: In case you didn’t realize, he skipped a lot of detail about the 『Room』)

I present a cup of coffee to Earl Allan.

「This magic is surely amazing… I haven’t seen a lot of furniture-type Magic Artifact. If other nobles knows about this, they will waste no resource to obtain this magic. I’ll keep it a secret」

The coffee server comes with the so-called Magic Artifact.
It’s practical and convenient so it really helped us.

「Hoo… This is tasty and delicious」
「You should try this too. It’s Masaki’s handmade cookies. It’s a desert that’s way more delicious than those served in the royal palace」

Adelle who was enjoying coffee recommends the cookies that I made.
You really rate my cookies that high?

「Let’s see …My god, it surely is. Now I understand why all of you seemed so happy. I understand now. It has a special taste that can’t be described」

So he realized it’s greatness. Good.

「I’m honored for the praise. So what is your business today? There should be some time until our departure」
「That is the case but I received a report this morning」
「Yes. There is an empire ship heading to the kingdom. I thought about catching it but they seemed to have a wind mage」
「Only a ship… That is suspicious」

Suspicious indeed. Considering it’s the Empire, they had power to pulverize everything in their path.
But only 1 ship? You better think that there is something… I had a bad feeling.

「Let’s hasten our departure. I have a bad feeling」
「You think so too? But the report came in this morning and I am not ready for departure yet」
「Our luggage are prepared and our ship can leave immediately」
「Then please bring me and my subordinates. But I hope the bad feeling will wear off」「Then please do」

I drank my coffee in one gulp and gather all my undrerlings.
All of them gathered quickly. We held our baggage in one arm and prepared to leave immediately.
Wait a second!!! Claudia was still sleeping!!

「…Waa? I’ll take her there. Masaki-dono go ahead and meet the Earl」
「Sorry to bother you, I can’t just barge into a lady’s room」

Leaving Claudia to Adelle, we returned to the ship with the Earl’s men.
Soon, Adelle was arrived carrying the half-asleep Claudia.

She’s useless in the morning. yare yare…

「If you don’t wake up, I’ll confiscate the idiot sofa」
「I am awake! What a lovely morning!!」

Don’t change your attitude so quickly!!

We were a bit worn out, but with this we are prepared for departure.
After we paid our anchorage fee, we sailedimediately. To raise our speed, Paddle and Peddle used their wind magic to boost the sails.

I examined our surrounding. There are some ships similar to fishing boat here and there but as soon as I mark the fish I can understand this. Disguising as fishing boats eh? Unfortunately, I could identify them immediately.

It’s half a day travel by boat from this place to the kingdom. If we continue to use wind magic like this, the Earl said that we will catch them in an hour or two.
Paddle and Peddle consumed a lot of MP recovery potions. They worked really hard.

I was reworking my skills so I could fight anytime.

Passive skills:
– MP Auto-recovery (Medium)
– HP/MP Auto Recovery (Medium)
– Physical Ability Up (XL)
– Increased Close Combat Capability (Large)
– Increased Perception Ability (Large)
– Increased Leadership (Medium)

Active skills:
– Wave Sword
– Sonic Blade
– Grand Armor
– Air Raid

Because I need to protect the Earl as well, I set the defensive skill 【Grand Armor】 and the support skill 【Air Raid】 so I could float in the air for a certain period of time.

Both skills extends to my allies, 【Grand Armor】 will completely disable 3 attacks. But it consumes a lot of HP to cast. (TL: yes HP. not MP. Think of it as Templar Assassin’s 【Refraction Armor】 from DotA with HP cost)

【Air Raid】 gives my allies the ability to float. It’s to prevent them accidently falling into the sea and sinking. It can’t be used to fly in the sky like 【Wing】 but it can make you float on jump-height.

A voice resounded in my head after completing my skills.

《There are no suspicious signs in the surrounding. Continue patrolling》

It was Adelle’s voice. It was a telepathic line that mages use to communicate with each other.

Paddle and peddle seemed to know about it’s existence but they couldn’t use it without knowing the spell. Then Claudia taught them. Paddle and Peddle were able to use it immediately because it was surprisingly easy to remember.

My circumstances are special and a log came out the moment the voice reached my head. It’s a personal call called 『Whisper』 that players and GMs used.
As soon as I imagined it, I was able to use it.

At the same time, 『Party Communication』 can be used as well. It’s a feature that can convey your voice to your party members. Even though they can receive the telepathy, they can’t send anything back to me.

I haven’t tried 『Shout』. I couldn’t try this because the voice will travel far beyond the map.

《Affirmative. Tell me if you see anything》

I closed the telepathic line and fixed my sight to the sea, imagining a 『Map』map that only visible by me.

Since 『Map』 has 3-dimensional structure, I can see everything from the bottom of the ocean an even further underground.
We need to be more cautious for underwater attacks.
I maximized the size of the 『Map』 and lay a widespread warning net.

「At this speed, we should see the Kingdom soon. After that cliff, it’s our Saint Drag Kingdom」
「There are a lot artillery on that cliff… And also a fort. This way, it’s hard even for the Empire to use their numbers to attack」

According to the map, the Kingdom was standing on a cliff in the coast.
There was a military base on the cliff and the military base’s water canal was connected to a huge lake, it explains why it was also famous as a commercial port.
At the top of the cliff, there were a large numbers of artilleries. Regarding defense, it has considerable power.

However, I couldn’t shake this unpleasant feeling… It will soon became reality.

《Masaki-dono! It’s emergency! The sea god Leviathan is attacking the Kingdom!! The naval battle has begun! They are suffering from the damage!》

A huge shadow that had never be seen at the edge of the map came out and a message was sent from Adelle at the same time. At the same time as Adelle’s message, a huge shadow was seen on the edge of the 『Map』.

《I had confirmed it’s presence. I am heading for battle. Don’t act rashly!》

When it ended, the Earl who suspected that there was something spoke.

「Did something happened?」
「The sea god Leviathan came and attacking the Kingdom this very second」
「What!? Why would Leviatha-」
「I don’t know. However, the damage has been done. I will go on ahead. Paddle, Peddle! Full speed ahead! Barbarossa! Give them the orders! I’m counting on you!!」
「「「Aye Aye Sir!!!」」」
I buffed my allies with 【Protect All】 and 【Quick Bite】 to strengthen their physical defense and increase their attack speed. Furthermore, we arranged the support using Grand Armor and Air Raid.
I took out some HP and MP potions to recover. The fact that I need potions this early is a bit disappointing.

「Masaki-dono. Onegaishimasu!」
「Of course!!」

Responding to the Earl’s request, I headed straight to Leviathan using 【Wing】.

At the end of the cliff, a huge shape that couldn’t be compared to something as petty as a frigate ship, A dragon whose strength comparable to gods was shaking in rage.

Passive Skill:
MP Auto-recovery (Medium) (Magic Fencer)
HP/MP Auto Recovery (Medium) (Lord Paladin)
Physical Ability Up (XL) (Grappler)
Increased Close Combat Capability (L) (Dark Road Knight)
Increased Perception Ability(L)(Assassin)
Increased Leadership (Medium) (Guild Leader)

Active Skills:
Wave Sword (High Knight – Road Paladin)
Sonic Blade (Swordsman)
Grand Armor (High Knight)
Air Raid (Magic Fencer)

Isekai GM 14. Earl Allan


I changed Count into Earl because the machine kept translating it as Earl and I kept forgetting to change it into Count.

I was almost done with the chapter before I realized it, so I said ‘fuck it’ and kept it as Earl.

Here’s chapter 14

Earl Allan guided us to a gorgeous mansion… no… it’s a security faculty for the Chivalric Order. He seemed to hate useless luxury.
Even so, the furniture looked expensive, Barbarossa told me later that there were a few famous things that rarely seen even among aristocrats.
It’s the first time we were surrounded by so many treasures.
I wonder if this guy used all of them.

「We humbly thank you for helping Viscountess Adelhide Bernstein of Valentine Kingdom, a friend of Saint Drag Kingdom」(TL: Can someone paraphrase it?)

Sadly, the place is no more.
Adelle were actually a noble of a destroyed country.
Everyone from the Pirates of the Round Table were surprised. Both Barbarossa and Roxas as well. The only exception was Claudia.

「The Valentine Kingdom only cares about your competence so even a woman can be a noble」

「Then why didn’t you tel-」

「Iyaa, I think it would be more interesting if I kept it a secret」

Claudia was laughing happily.

(TL: I don’t think this is important but here’s the raw. クローディアは気楽に自分に接してくれたアデルの事を気に入り、アデルもまた同じ捕まった仲とでもいうのか。事実を知っても特に畏まったりせずに気楽に接してくれるクローディアの事を気に入って二人とも友人のような感じになっていた。)

「Count Alan, I am not a viscountess anymore. Both my parents died and our kingdom was destroyed. Now I am only Adelhide Bernstein. A vampire knight of a lost kingdom, and a member of Pirates of the Round Table」

「I see… What about… your people?」

「I fought against the Empire to let them escape but… most of them fell. I think I am the only surviving True Vampire…」

「Even so, I am glad that we can meet you in safe condition. The King will be pleased」

Earl Allan smiled brightly. The knight finally smiled after knowing Adelle was safe. (TL: help pls… 最初であった時は凛々しいまさに武人という感じだったのだが余程Adelleが無事だったのが嬉しいのかもしれない。)
Did Adelle know the King personally? We just saved an unexpected character.

After Adelle finished her story, Earl Allan faced me.
While trying not to be frightened by his gaze, I tried to look a bit more ‘dignified’.

「We need to ask something from the Pirates of the Round Table」

「Okay, go on…」 (TL: taking some liberty here)

「You told us that you escaped from the Empire, can you tell us anything that you know about the Empire’s current state of affair? Of course we had placed spies in the Empire but we need every information from every source」

「I understand. I will tell you everything we know」

Since Earl Allan knew Adelle personally,
I think it’s alright to share information with him.


Since it will take some time, I ordered everyone else to go shopping.
The remaining ones are Barbarossa, Claudia, Adelle, and me.

I started my report.
I was summoned from another world.
Then sent to prison and couldn’t use magic.
Saw a number of battleships.
It had just attacked somewhere and brought back a large number of prisoners of war.
Then I blew up a majority of battleship when I escaped.

The Earl blew his drink at the moment I told the last point.

「Wait wait wait, can you repeat it once more? I think I heard it wrong… I thought I heard you destroying hundreds of ships and more」

「I didn’t really count it, but there were huge ships… maybe it was a frigate. There were about 120 of them. And about 40 of the smaller sized ones… I think they’re called Caravel. I just put a little gimmick on their hull, but I failed to wreck some of them. Most of them sink instantly when as they exploded. But at least some of them wrecked and became useless」

「Big boss, we encountered a fleet on the way out」

Barbarossa added my report from my back. I totally forgot about it.

「And then we sank down 3 vessels that we encountered on our escape and a prisoner ship. We let the prisoners take one of the ship and headed east. The last surviving ship was sending the soldiers back home. We also gave them a warning that if we meet them again, there will be no second chance」

Earl Allan and Adelle were both stunned by my report.

「How did he sink those fleet…」
「Realy… the fleet that destroyed my home…」

They muttered like they were amazed.

「I wanted to say ‘Company Secret’, but in reality I summoned a bunch of monsters with explosion ability and attached them to their hull. Then I ordered them to explode at the same time」(TL: In case you didn’t catch it, he lied about how the bombs work to make it more believable)

Earl Allan was running the feather pen in full speed to record everything I said.
I only could see a bit of it, but his writing is tidy. (TL: ‘Beautiful writings’… what the hell was I thinking?)

「I see… No one expects underwater attack. If Masaki-dono can dive that long, it will take time but it’s possible. But how did you breathe?」

「I made air using wind magic. It’s not hard to keep air in one place」

「To be able to use magic like that… It would be easy for Masaki who can fly in the sky like the report said」

I didn’t lie. I heard from the twins that air can be kept like that.
I just didn’t use it since I can breathe underwater.
I think that summoning 【Time Bomb】 may also be possible.

「Where does the prisoners came from?」

「Since I was kept in prison, I don’t know about it. The only thing that I saw from a distance was beastmen who looked like wolves and beastmen with cat-like tail」

「I see… So maybe they are from the south」

The south is an area with a lot of beastmen population, it was also said that their country were also destroyed.

Then I reported to Earl Allan what I known for a long time.

Barbarossa fought with the Empire along with the pirates from the south.
Pirates in these parts fought hand in hand with the Empire, the weak pirates anchored and ended up became bandits and thieves.

Adelle was taken as prisoner after losing a war with the Empire.

Claudia was taken prison while fighting as an adventurer near the Empire.

A butler came in while we were reporting and served us cakes and tea.
I usually don’t drink tea, but it was really delicious.
The tea cakes were delicious as well… but my cookie from cooking skill 【Taste Essence】 was still better. How far will this skill goes?

When all the talks were over, the sun was set and it was evening.

「Thank you for your information today. I think that I will head to the kingdom tomorrow to report my data, will you come with me?」

「Of course. If you accompany an Earl, you can enter the Kingdom without difficulty. There’s no way I would refuse」

I bowed politely.
Courtesy is important so I kept using it, especially in modern society.
Even as a Big Boss, I can’t act freely like a pirate even among the nobility.

「I had arranged some accommodation for you to rest on your stay. Since the Kingdom is cold, I had prepared some warm clothes for you」

「I will gladly take that offer」

「For you who destroyed the Empire’s naval force, it is just a small appreciation for what you did. There will be a proper prize from his Majesty later. You should expect it」


This way, we are acquainted with Earl Allan and we got some luxurious accommodation that he offered.

After a while, the people who went out to shop came back to inn.
It seemed the place were too pretentious and we were stopped by the guard. Thankfully Adelle were able to explain the situation to the guard and we could enter the building.
People always willing to listen to a beautiful woman. That guard, his eyes were fixed to her chest.

After the others were back, we explained what happened with the Earl.
Earl Allan said that if we do well, we might became a pirate directly under the kingdom.

「Is it okay to not enter the marine?」

「If we get in, we need to discipline ourselves and cooperate with other people. If that happened, we won’t be able to fight freely like before and we will suffer from complaints if the marines are suddenly increased. The Earl-sama understand it」

Barbarossa replied to Roxas’ question.

Pirates should act like pirates, and that is for the best.
The one who protect the country are marines.
Us pirates fight in the sea as rogue.
There’s no need to go beyond the light and darkness.

「Yosh, you guys. It’s time to sleep」


I ordered everyone to sleep. Even so, I allowed them to drink lightly, but we have to go to the kingdom tomorrow. Some of them went to drink and the others went into the luxurious bed to sleep immediately.

Barbarossa was gulping down the liquor and Roxas was there to keep him from going too drunk. When the time comes he will stop by himself, so I think it’s alright.
And so, we recharged ourselves in the luxurious inn.

Isekai GM 13. Satellite City Schutzwald

We got 2 new friends joining the Pirates of the Round Table.

The first one is a vampire knight. Adelhide Bernstein.
She is a True Vampire.

She could fly in the sky like a vampire, compress mana, throw it like a lance, and change it’s shape into a sword to fight. It’s more like a skill. Although she had little magical talent, it seemed that she had great perception ability.

She had silver hair and golden eyes. Her style is great, and her breast are relatively large. Her slender legs are attractive. Her skin didn’t look like vampire’s, she looked like any ordinary people under the sunlight. She is indeed a beauty.

The other one is Claudia Fyura, who fell in love with my idiot sofa and the other furniture in the 『Room』. I think she took interest in me. It’s scary to imagine that she might dissect me for the sake of it.
(TL: previously, I translate dame sofa as sofa. I think that this sofa will be a recurring villain who strips people from their productivity, so I will start translate it as idiot sofa. The softness turns people into idiots)

She is good at using magic with tags.
When I asked her about it, she put a note with a pattern on the ground and a small earth golem emerged from the ground. She said that the golem can change depending on the material.
She could make a lot of small sized golems, but only a few person-sized golems. It seemed that the ability was limited by mana.
Instead, she could make 50 smaller ones.
Her power seemed to be useful for human-wave tactics.

Regarding other magic, she can use every common magic except light and dark attribute.
Her 【Water Magic】 can heal but not as much as my 【Healing Magic】, but it can recover to some extent.

It’s nice to have a healer with ability to summon golems in the group.
She was also familiar with magic artifact, so I’ll ask her to identify them if I managed to procure one.
She had blond hair and regular sized chest. When she looked beautiful when she was calm, but her image was ruined by the idiot sofa which brought the ugliness in her heart. But overall, she’s a friendly person.

We couldn’t force the other slaves to join us. There were also small children, so we can’t invite them aggressively.
They didn’t seem to be from the Kingdom so I’ll ask the guards in the Satellite City near here. And let’s hand over these slave ship as well.
The idea of slavery isn’t really that bad, but there are a lot of cases where orphans are kidnapped and turned into slaves. It was illegal in many countries.
The only exception is the Empire.

(The slaves themselves are not bad. People sell themselves to support their family. Besides, criminal slaves are also a form of punishment)

Families who are too poor and can’t live without selling themselves are common in ancient Japan. If slavery was forbidden, the entire family will starve to death or worked to the bone with low wages.

I’d rather be a slave. At least I have something to eat.

There are a few people who thinks like that.
The issue also leads to employment problems. There will be an influx of cheap workers.
In modern times, there are many companies who worked their employees 24 hours 365 days with low wages and no holiday breaks.
As a result, there were some cases where simple slavery would be better.


We changed our route to satellite city Schutzwald at once. To help the slaves and turn in the slave ship crews. And since our food stock were dwindling at amazing pace, I wanted to refill it before we arrived to the Kingdom.

On the other hand, what do I do until we arrive?………studying.

「Well then Masaki-dono, let’s start the test」

「Please do」

「Let’s begin the first test. Good luck, Masaki」

「Don’t say it while sinking in the idiot sofa……」

Claudia is giving me a test while enjoying herself on the sofa. She had coffee on one hand.
It’s my first test in years. The school days are so far away, in term of years and dimensions.
The reason why I studied is simple. I never buy anything in this world yet.

I never had the chance.
Being summoned to another world, sent into a prison, arranging a prison break.
Destroying war vessels and became a leader of pirates.
Party hard and capturing a random slave ship.
And now, returning former slaves and turning in slave ship crews.

In other words, I need to be able to read and write in the city.
Initially, I was thinking about asking the pirates to teach me but they are useless.
Roxas can barely read numbers. He said that he remembered everything in order to not getting scammed when trading.

But now we have Claudia and Adelle. Even though they were one of demon-kin, both of them had education because they’re acting as a scholar and a knight.
(TL: someone help pls… 魔が付くが学者という事や騎士っぽい振る舞いをしているから教養があると思い頼んでみたのだ。)
Both of them happily gave me an OK.

Education is power.
Students need to study hard.
But remember to play.
As a GM I just want to say that you need to study hard and play harder.

This world’s character is similar to katakana so it’s hard to see but relatively easy to remember.
With this I do not understand Cyrillic letters or translations If it is a stylist it should be a lot hard to memorize.
(TL: I’m at loss with this one. これでキリル文字とか訳が分からん文体だったら覚えるのに相当苦労するはず。)
The numbers were Roman numerals. It was easy so I didn’t have any trouble about it since the first day.
At first, I had trouble with the complicated letters and get a lot of wrong answers, this went on for days, and it ends today on the graduation exam.

「………Yosh, I finished reviewing. Please grade it」

The listening test is over, I handed the thin wooden board that substitute exam paper to Adelle.
Adelle couldn’t stop staring at the board as she received it.
Next to her, Claudia fell from to the sofa.
Her coffee was spilt.
Oy don’t waste the coffee!

「……It’s perfect score. It’s amazing, Masaki-dono. Have you been educated somewhere?」
(TL: She was asking if Masaki was ever gone some kind of education somewhere, but I was struggling to form the question in English)

「In my previous world, my country gave aids for education so every children can read and write. The numbers are same so I don’t have any trouble with it. The letter were also similar to the ones in the previous world so if I can understand them if I put some effort」

Then I proceed to tell them that I was summoned from another world.
I was the leader of these pirates and I don’t want to keep my past as a secret among them. But my abilities were a different matter.
I haven’t told anyone about 【Invicibility】 yet. It’s too dangerous to disclose this information.

「I-I see… So that’s why you can get perfect score on the numerical test」

Claudia managed to rise from the sofa.
Has the sofa prison’s effect weakened?

「Is this enough to shop around the city?」

「It should be alright. This is enough to be employed as a staff in the castle. Your writing is beautiful and easy to read」

The literacy rate of the people in this world is low. People like Roxas, farmers, and general public couldn’t even read and write letters.
Although there are educational facilities to study, they are expensive so only nobles and aristocrats can afford them.
On the other hand, I was taught by the beautiful Adelle-sensei for free.

「The writings should be beautiful. Writing speed is important but it’s useless if no one can read it」

「I heard the same thing from civil workers. Even if it’s not an important document, you should write it as beautiful as possible」

It seems that this world is quite similar. In my workplace, there was a guy who placed too much importance on speed and we were overwhelmed by unreadable documents.
No one can decipher his “encryption”, that includes colleagues and seniors.

I savor a cookie after the test.
The two women enjoyed their cookie in relaxed manner.
Using a culinary skill 【Taste Essence】, I can make a very delicious meal. This tastes great. However, if I do this too many times I would get stuck in the kitchen, so I only applied it to simple dishes.

We were having an elegant break time in the 『Room』 when someone shouts from the outside.

「Big Boss. We can see the city! It’s Schutzwald!」

A voice came from an underling who was watching.

「Schutzwald? What kind of city is it?」

「Well, it’s a city under Kingdom’s protection, it’s main commodity is fishery and commerce. There are soldiers  from the Kingdom assigned there so the security is good」

「Are they fine with pirates?」

Since I had never anchored at a harbor, I don’t know if they accept pirates.
I’m going to leave this to Barbarossa. They made me into Big Boss without my permission, so I think they shouldn’t complain about me giving orders.

「Soldiers won’t take a move unless a crazy situation occurs」

「On the other hand, if there are anyone running rampage, pirates will help the soldier? Pirates are important customers」

Claudia stretched her hand to reach the last cookie, but Adelle snatch it away in a heartbeat.


「First come first serve!」

The knight has no mercy.

「Anyway, please don’t worry about it. Let them handle the slave children and the slave ship crews」

「That would be better. Even if we do a good deed. If you turn in the slave ship crews on them, there will be bounties」

「It’s nice to have gold,  but it’s not nice to be targeted」

「Masaki would turn the tables on them, though. As far as I can see, that sword has more power than an artifact」

So Claudia could understand just by looking at it. Obviously, this is a good sword.
It’s basically a boss weapon. The idea is to make players grind all day long for this weapon.
It’s sad to think about a boss monster trying to stay alive from the hunters.
I’m the kind of person who would hunt them for days.

「If you understand, then don’t spread the news about it」

「I know. Usually it’s taboo to spread information about legendary smith or craftsman. In the worst case, we might get some bounties instead」

「Then I can rest easy」

Being targeted for a weapon is troublesome. I’m fine with it, but it’s better not to cause any problem.


We got out of the 『Room』 and went out to the deck to look at the city.
There are a lot of ships anchored, proving the richness of the trading port city.
There was a big ship that was different from the Empire’s in the distance.

(Is that… a galleon?)

A dragon was drawn on the mast.
There are several of them. As far as I can see, there were no less than 10 ships.
But the Empire is still specialized in abnormal naval strength.

(If their ships came here, this city will fall as well)

Suddenly a small boat was headed to us. A soldier could be seen on board.
Roxas noticed it first, so he approached him and started talking.

「What are they talking about?」

「He asked if why we were carrying Empire’s slave ship behind us」

Roxas helped the soldier to turn the ship around and Paddle used his wind magic to assist.
Separating the slave ship and brought it to the military.

As we wait for the slave ship to be released, we docked to a vacant berth and several soldiers came to us.

「Are you the pirates that rescued these slaves?」

A red soldier cried out.
His plate armor and shield had the same dragon emblem as the galleon mast.

「Yes. That’s right. I hope that you will take care of them from here… is that okay?」

「Of course. Those we can identify will be returned to their hometown. Those who became orphans are protected here under the name of the Kingdom」

The protection here includes the search for foster parents and simple work at some facilities, just like the previous world.
Most of maids and manservant comes from these facilities.
There are some underdeveloped areas in the kingdom and they might get sent there, at least they got wage and won’t starve to death. These were what I heard from the soldier.
If they feel like it, they are allowed to go as adventurers.
But doing so will remove any protection provided by the Kingdom. The Kingdom doesn’t protect adventurers.

「I understand. Please wait for them to get off」

「Do you have injured or sick people?」

「Everyone is healthy. We had healed their minor injuries」

「Really? I really appreciate it」

I didn’t say how I healed them. I’d like to keep 【Healing Magic】 as confidential as possible.

We gave a small pouch to each slaves that leaving the ship.
The contents were freshly baked cookies and their recipe.
I also drawn the cooking method in case they couldn’t read the letters.
Just think of them as souvenirs.

「Thank you very much! Big Boss-san!」

「Open the contents later. Don’t sell them or get robbed」


The children answered in cheerful tone and the adults lowered their head as they told us their appreciation.

I never thought that this will be one of the town specialties in the future.


As everyone got off the ship, Roxas and Paddle came back with soldier wearing a fine armor.
Is he one of the higher-ups?
The soldiers salutes him.
I felt a bit nervous, but let’s keep it for ourselves.
Don’t get intimidated.

「Are you the leader of this pirates, Masaki?」(TL: he ends with Masaki kane, I don’t know if it’s a honorifics or not)

「Yes, I am. I am Masaki, the Big Boss. And you are?」

「I am the leader of St. Gran Kingdom’s Chivalric Order, Mark Alan. I’d like to thank you for releasing the slaves and capturing the slave ship」

The leader came. He may be quite a big-shot.

「Don’t worry about it. I did this is because I dislike the Empire」

「But still, I heard that you are a pirate, but you really don’t look like one. If I had to say, you have a very unusual air」

You can discover if someone is a pirate just by talking to them?
This guy is pretty sharp.

「You are right. Masaki is the one who rescued me who was caught by the Empire,  Count Alan」(TL: 伯爵 means either count or earl. I go with count unless someone disagrees)

Adelle said it braggingly while descending from the ship.

「Adelhide!? You are safe… thank god… We thought that all hope is lost when the Valentine Kingdom was taken down by the Empire…」

So he really is a big-shot.
And my colleague got acquainted with this great man.

Isekai GM 12. A Mage and A True Vampire


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Is she… alive?

The body before me was stabbed with spikes in multiple places… Even if she was alive, she might die any time.

「… ugh……….」

「You’re alive…!」

The pretty silver haired woman in front of me twitched in agony. I need to open the jail quick.

「Don’t go into the jail!! It will absorb your life!!」

A woman with fox tail surprised me.

「What did you mean absorb my life?」

「My name is Claudia. I’m a mage. That cage was designed to steal all energy from anyone inside it and kill them. Even a skilled adventurer wouldn’t even last 10 seconds」

「It’s just a little special cage…」

A cage that can kill anyone in less than 10 seconds.
I guess it will be troublesome if I didn’t have my 『Invicibility』.

「that… is right…….. Just give…. up on me…… Let me die……………」

Like a withered leaf, the silver haired woman squirt her voice.
Limbs, shoulder, torso, every spikes on her body twitches as she moves.
Her ruby colored eyes were fixed at me. Her expression was dark, like she had given up all hope.
(TL: taking my liberty here. The line isn’t really important anyway)

「Any normal men would give up. Unfortunately, I’m not normal」

I activated 『Invicibility』 and stepped into the cage.

「You really came inside…. You… Who are you?」

In the back, Claudia raised her voice in awe.
Don’t be surprised, the one in front of me is way more surprising.

「Sate, for now let’s pull this spike. Should I use recovery magic?」

「aaaa…… Recovery…… magic and…… potions are… useless……………But… How did you…… stay alive…」

「It’s thanks to my ability. Jaa… let’s start」

I said it as I pulled out a silver pike.
It was a slow and painful process. It’s better to pull them at once.

There were 10 silver spikes in total. I pulled the spike with one hand while supporting the silver haired woman with the other hand. If you melt all these silver, it will became a fortune.

I need to leave this cage, but I wondered if it’s alright to move this woman.

「Now I will go back to the ship…… Are you alright?」

Stabbed with silver spikes in multiple places.
Not affected by potions and recovery magic.
Hung on a cross.

There are a few races that popped up in my mind.
Vampire or Devil.
Both of them are often sealed.

I had thought about demons but they were in prison with me and they were effected by recovery magic.
(TL: anyone know the difference between Devil (Akuma) and Demons (Mazoku)?)

If she’s a devil then she will be alright in the day, but if she was a vampire she might turn into ash or disappear.

「……I’m fine…」
「Eh!?! But you are… a vampire…」

Claudia reacts to the silver haired woman before me.
She really is a vampire. But what did she meant “I’m fine”?

「…… I am……… 『True Vampire』……」

「No way… A 『True Vampire』 only exists in legends and myths… are you… really…」

「Let’s talk later. Claudia, you must be tired after being in this place for so long. and…… You, what’s your name?」

「My name is…… Adelhide…… Adelhide Bernstein………」

「Souka… Adelhide. It may hurt but please bear it」

I hold her with princess carry and took her into the slave ship. The spikes pierced deeply into her arms and legs, even from her back to her chest. Any movements will hurt.

「…hey stranger…… you are… not afraid of… vampire…?」

「It’s not that I’m not afraid. It’s just there is no reason to be afraid. Besides, the people who done this to you are more scary」

「…fu…fufu…… Truly a weird… human…」

Adelhide closed her eyes and felt asleep in my arms.
It seemed that she was in a sleep deprived state while being pierced by the spikes. Was there any barrier?

I wondered why she was still alive in that cage.
I’ll let her sleep on my bed for the time being

(TL: *crossesfinger* pleasenotanotherarifureta pleasenotanotherarifureta pleasenotanotherarifureta pleasenotanotherarifureta pleasenotanotherarifureta)

The injured are put on the hammocks and the sofas.
Then we tied all the slave ship crew in their own ship and took all the slaves into the room.


Roxas had started cooking.

Moving quickly, he made some stomach-friendly dish like potato soup with steamed potatoes. The slaves seemed to be very hungry and they assault every greens, breads, and soup.

Barbarossa offers coffee to the adult slaves. Paddle and Peddle were distributing some sweet cafe au lait for the children. Both of them were a better choice than Barbarossa.

Sugar and milk were stocked for my coffee maker.
It never ran out anyway.
It’s a mystery but it’s a nice ones.

「Welcome back, Big Boss. If there’s any leftover bread, can I have them?」

「Ah, I don’t mind. If there are too many, we can process them into black breads」

Roxas was concerned about the about the bread but 『Quality Improvement』 can fix it right up. Recently, I hit a jackpot and a bread turned into a yakisoba-pan.

I carried Adelhide into my bedroom while everyone was eating.
No, I don’t plan to do anything nasty.

This is a serious injury. If she wasn’t treated soon, it will turn into a trouble…

Sate… She’s a vampire so I can’t use recovery magic… Luckily, she wasn’t affected by the light of the day.
But I can’t move her either. ……Maybe Claudia knew something?


While watching Adelhide suffering in constant pain, I called out to Claudia.
Claudia must be very hungry, she took out 3 servings of soup. Right now, she was enjoying after-meal coffee.

「Ara, Big Boss-san. You are really out-of-this-world. This is the first time I see a magic artifact like this. I wonder if I can examine how it works…… Can I do it?」

「That would be a very useless attempt. Anyway, Since you’re a mage, you know a lot of stuffs, don’t you?」

「Ee… I’m quite confident in my knowledge about magic artifacts, alchemy, and golem. And I know a bit of medicine. …Does Big Boss need some information about the vampire?」

「Thank you for understanding so fast. Anything helpful?」

「I know something that might help…… but… there will be a few consequences.」

Claudia put her coffee on the table.
The other slaves are full and lying lifelessly on the sofa.
Oi oi, don’t die on the sofa.

「What kind of… consequences?」

「If you leave it healing naturally it might take 1 year… but looking at the wound, it might even take 3 years」

「3 Years? Is there any way to speed it up?」

「………………By giving her blood… She would start to heal as soon as she had some blood」

「I see, so that will make her heal faster」

「However, if someone was bitten by a vampire they will turn into a vampire or lesser vampire. Big Boss don’t need to go that far, no?」

Becoming a vampire……
Should I give it up and leave it to mother nature?

Nah… Only normal people would do that.
I’m not normal. I guess I’m the only one who can do it.

Everything will be negated by my 『Status Effect Immunity』.
In the original game, there were also status effect called 『vampirism』

「Very well. Let’s do it.」

「A-are you serious? You will never be able to live under the sun! Is that alright!?!」

Claudia grasped my shoulders and spilled her coffee.
But Barbarossa held her hand.

「Claudia, was it? It’s alright. Our Big Boss has a broken ability. That’s why everything will be alright. Even though I was a bit worried, I trusted our Big Boss.」

Being comforted by Barbarossa, Claudia released my shoulders.
Then Barbarossa gave her another coffee to drink.
He was surprisingly caring.
I didn’t expect it at all.
This guy even delivered coffee for his underlings who was doing night patrol.


I headed back to Adelhide who was sleeping.
She was still groaning in pain. I need to do this quickly.
I cancel 『Invicibility』 and 『HP/MP Auto Recovery (Mid)』 to let her wound me.

I cut my arm and let it bleed. It burns like hot steel.

「Oi, Adelhide. It’s blood… Drink it. It might heal you」

I shook her body and she opened her eyes.

「You…… What… are you doing? Letting me… suck your blood…」

「That’s what Claudia said a while ago. She was the fox-tailed woman from before. It’s alright. I’m special. So it’s alright for you to drink from me… Hurry up, don’t waste it」


So stubborn.
Let’s force her.

「Now drink!!」

I shoved my bleeding arm into her mouth.
I could feel her fang hitting my arm, sucking the blood into her body.

Even though she was surprised, she drank my blood with her instinct. Was it vampire’s reflex?

She used both of her hands to hold my arm still.
Somehow, my surrounding became hazy.

(…ku…… Isn’t this a bit too long? Is it how it feels when your HP went down?)

I took a potion from the item box and drink it to recover HP.
Then my body started to feel better.
I could feel my physical strength recovering and I could see 『HP Recovery (Small)』 and 『Max HP Increase (Middle)』 in the skill frame. There’s no worry that the wound would close because the recovery is small.

As she drank my blood, I kept drinking potion to keep my 『HP Recovery』.

All holes on her body were closed and some few scars were visible before they were gone completely. Her complexion looked better than before, she looked like someone with a reddish complexion.

Finally, Adelhide licked my wound.

I regained some physical strength by using healing magic on myself. Even so, the blood won’t recover immediately. I reactivate 『Invicibility』.

「Who are you? I never heard someone who can resist vampirism… iya… I must thank you first. Big Boss-dono, please accept my sincere gratitude for rescuing me from that evil cage and gave me blood to cure my injury.」

Adelhide descended from the bed and kneeled deeply in front of me.

I haven’t realized it before, but apparently she was dressed like a knight. It seemed that her clothes are restored by blood as well.
She looked like a vampire knight.

「Aa. I only tried to cause as many problem as possible for the Empire. No worries. Anyway, Masaki is fine. Everyone called me Big Boss but somehow I missed being called by my name」

It’s good to be called 『Big Boss』 but sometimes it’s better if you are called with your own name. Being called Big Boss may suit my underlings but I’d like to be called by name when talking with outsider.

「Souka… Then Masaki-dono. Please call me Adelle. All my close acquaintance calls me that way. It’s way shorter and easier to pronounce」

(TL: Adel or Adelle. Vote starts now!)

「Then I will call you Adelle from now on. Adelle, all your wounds are healed. Where’s your country? I’d like to bring everyone who was caught to nearby ports」

Suddenly her expression darkened and she hung her head.

「…My country……was gone. The Empire destroyed my country and killed our king. I fought with my friends and families to let the people escape. That’s why I was caught… The other’s are missing… probably……」

Even if she didn’t say it, I understood. You lost the war against the Empire and if you’re lucky, you might escape. Maybe some of them captured as prisoners of war, but most of them had died.

「Is that so… Then what are you going to do? We are going north to the Saint Drag Kingdom and I will live as a pirate. But, the Empire is attacking everything so war isn’t avoidable. If you’re looking for your people, how about dropping off there?」

「……Masaki-dono, Can’t I come with you instead?」

「To take revenge to the Empire?」

「If I said no… that would be a lie. I hate them. But… My comrades would feel sorry for me if I live like that」

「Jaa, why do you want to come with us?」

「Aren’t you going to fight the empire? That’s why I want to prevent further tragedy. Besides…… You guys.… Do you have connections to the kingdom?」



Honestly, there’s none.

At worst, the most reasonable plan to offer rare weapons and high elixirs that I have but I need to take care since I can’t replenish the stocks yet.

「I have a connection in the Kingdom. Taking me will bring so much benefits. And I can fight as well. How about it? Care for a vampire who can fight under the sun?」

The answer was obvious.
Having a connection is a huge impact.
Moreover, vampires are excel in combat.

Even among pirates, the Pirates of the Round Table were not good at fighting on their own.

The only mages are Paddle and Peddle. They had a good magical combination. They can sunk a war vessel with their combination of water and earth magic.

Roxas, who was familiar with Fire Magic, was great at handling Flame Blade and a shield.

Barbarossa could go berserk wielding 2-handed-weapon on one hand.

And last, me.

The kingdom won’t be able to resist to recruit these people to fight the Empire.
But the other ones are mediocre at best. Even if their weapons are superior, the wielder are only soldier level goons. They are just average.

They are important companions because we can leave daily chore and ship operation.
But overall, our battle capability should be high.

「I am thankful for you being here. I’ll request it then. Will you join us?」

「Of course. Glad to be here. Masak-, no, since I joined your pirate group, should I call you Big Boss?」

「Please stop it. I’m fine with Masaki」

「Understood. Then, Masaki-dono. Let’s work together」

「Certainly. Let’s work hard together」

We shook hands and a new member joined the Pirates of the Round Tables.
Her name was Adelhide Bernstein. A 『True Vampire』



「Ah. I’m glad to be here! This sofa! This delicious beer! This is the beeest!!!」

Claudia Fyura, the 『Mage』, was lying on the sofa.
This sofa… Is really a frightening opponent!!!

Isekai GM 11. Slave Ship


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「Owowowowow…. Roxas… water…」
「Brother… Big Boss told me to keep you from drinking too much. Here’s the water」

The day after the banquet, the almost-dead-drunk Barbarossa lead the Pirates of the Round Table set sail to the north.
I took a bath after I finished drinking and eating, just to wash away all the dirt and tiredness.

After me, all my men took the bath and cleaned themselves except the still-hangover Barbarossa.

It seemed that there are no custom when entering the bath, they just wiped away their body with water.

Everyone felt great after coming out of the bath. After-bath drink… I wanted to drink some beer but I must refrain from doing so. But Barbarossa was gulping down the beer *GUBIGUBI* right now.
(TL: I’m still not comfortable translating sound effects)

Since the boat was swaying heavily, I kept the 『Room』 open. The bed was exclusive and no one was allowed to use it but me.

Next is the usual morning routine. Light exercise while enjoying the morning sun.
It’s possible to do acrobatic movements thanks to my raised physical ability.

I decided to make some breakfast since Roxas was busy tending Barbarossa.
Even so, I can’t make some fancy menu.

Ham and egg in white bread. And finish it with coffee. Then I grilled some fish and patch up some vegetable salad. It was a menu that I would made in my original world.

Luckily I have a certain coffee maker like those in convenient stores. I can drink delicious coffee everyday. Like a beer server, how the coffee was replenished is a mystery.

「Big Boss’ food are amazing!! This is the first time I eat a bread this soft!!」
「Big Boss! Seconds please!」

Since I gave you seconds, I’ll work you to the bone.
I made some sunny-side egg on toast as second servings.
Suddenly, I became their parent.

Nothing happened since morning to noon, and so the day passed in peace. There’s nothing at all. It’s nice to have relaxing time like this.

I enjoyed this relaxing cruise for several days.
I can’t see any war vessels nor ships so I practiced magic.
Paddle and Peddle taught me the fundamental of this world’s magic.

The concept is to connect to use mana inside the body to open the gate to『Spirit World』from this 『Material World』, then the energy is reconstructed and released as magic.
There are gates that are easy to open and there are gates that are difficult to open.

The recovery magic that I used is 『Light』 and few people are able to open it. It sounds difficult. That’s why people sort of worshiping them.

Meanwhile, the 『Gate of Darkness』 that demons uses are difficult to open as well.

The basic alements are fire, water, wind, and earth are obtained by talent and someone who can control them are mages.

Paddle had opened wind and water gates.
Peddle had opened wind and earth gates.
They had became excellent mages when Roxas recruited them.

The magic in the game didn’t use that kind of concept so the detail was not clear.
Meanwhile, the twins wanted to learn 『Wing』 but I don’t know how to teach them. The image is important. If you imagine yourself flying, will you fly? Should we try it?

I practiced magic by picturing the image in my free time. After finally succeeding making an image of a small spear, I tested it out by trying to hit a fish. It flew right into the bottom of the sea. This needs some MP.

As MP decreases, mental fatigue was piled up. So it’s better to save MP and avoid getting tired. It seemed that you will faint if you used up all your MP.


A vessel appeared on the map when practicing magic.

「A ship. It didn’t look like a war vessel, but where is it?」

The size of the ship mark made me understand the size to some extent, but it was neither a carabell nor a frigate.

「Let me climb up and look for a bit」

「Oh, okay」

I stopped the magic practice and let my MP recovered. Although the automatic recovery was fast, fatigue accumulates when concentrating. You can’t just recover your fatigue.

When a subordinate came down from the mast, he rushes to see us in panic.

「Big boss!! It’s a slave ship! And it has imperial emblem!」

Is it an empire’s slave ship? Should I destroy it? Depending on the number, slaves can be loaded on this ship. I can accommodate most of them with 『Room』.

「Barbarossa, come over here」

「What is it, Big Boss?」

「There’s an empire’s slave ship nearby. Prepare for battle」

「Osu! I understand!」

When Barbarossa went back to repeat the order, all of them worked really hard. They jumped from deck to deck and raised the speed to the slave ship.

The lazy ones don’t deserve to sit on the sofa.
They had become imprisoned by the sofa.
I’m also a prisoner so I can’t really complain.

After everyone finished their preparation, I issued a command as the Big Boss.

「Starboard!! Target the slave ship on the starboard! You guys, don’t hurt the slaves!」(TL: Starboard = front-right side of a ship. Google it)

「「「AYE AYE SIR!!!」」」

The 『Pirates of the Round Table』 turned to the slave ship and ran straight using wing magic. Everyone was armed. They had eaten their fill and the morale is good. Still, let’s not be careless.



A watchman on the slave ship yelled with a loud voice. In response, the crew showed up with their swords, bows, and staffs.

「Don’t let them get close! Ready!! Fire!!」

The slave ship crew put magical power in a cylinder and release stone cannons, but all of them are blocked by my 『Gravity Wall』 and sink into the ocean.

「We need to make them spit out where they got these slaves from! Try not to kill all of them! If it’s impossible then you can kill them! Forward!! Everyone, Forward!!!」

I jumped on the slave ship while stretching the 『Gravity Wall』 before the pirate ship hit it, meanwhile Paddle and Peddle created a wind barrier to reduce the impact on our ship.

I hopped on the slave ship and slash a crew and a wizard in the back with my 『Sonic Blade』.

Thanks to Seven Arthur’s special ability『Hold Back』 the bodies are not cut, they were alive but groaning in pain.

Following me, Barbarossa and Roxas jumped on the slave ship.
(TL: Need help on this one: 俺の後に続いてBarbarossaやRoxasも飛び乗り、暇な時に練習していたのか船員を感電させて身動きを封じたり、炎上させてそのまま海に落とし消火もさせたりしてた。)

There are about 10 slave ship crew on board, they should be knocked out in less than a minute.
Suddenly a muscular man showed up 「You are strong. However, I am the grea- 」 but he was knocked down after eating a 『Sonic Blade』. I wonder what he was trying to say…

After tying all the crew, we discovered 10 slaves in captivity.
Apparently, they were frightened knowing that we were pirates.

「Don’t be scared. Even though we are pirates, we are fighting the empire. For now, let’s get you guys out of here」

「You’ll let us out?」
「Can I go home? Can I meet papa and mama?」

「Yeah. We will take you as far as this ship can go. From there, we will ask the guards in town, is that OK?」

「Un! Thank you, Mr. Good Pirate!」

Good pirates, eh? How can a pirate be “good”?

「Big Boss, this is a magical cage. If someone try to force it open, it will cause pain to the slaves inside. We can’t pick the lock」

Paddle who was analyzing the cage told me.
Magical cage is it? Do you really need a key?
I took out the 『Thieves King’s Wire』 that I used when jail breaking and inserted it into the keyhole, the door clicked and opened.

When the jail door opened, the slave ship captain looked at me in disbelief.

「No fucking way… The key is in my shoe soles!」

He hid it in a troublesome place. Maa, if I didn’t have this 『Thieves King’s Wire』 I could interrogate him and search the whole ship for it. But because it’s troublesome, I just used my special wire and opened it without effort.

All the slaves are women and children.
There were no 『Subordinate Collar』 but all of them were tied with rope. Several people seem to be beaten… painfully.

『All Area Heal』

They were surprised when I used wide area recovery magic, especially the beautiful looking woman with golden fox tail. Maybe she’s a mage.
I was glad that there were no scar left, but I must not use this carelessly.

「Barbarossa, please bring them to the ship. Roxas, prepare the bath and some hot meal. Everyone else will help Barbarossa and Roxas. Someone interrogate the crew. Find out where they capture the slaves. You may do whatever you want with them」

Everyone nods and moves according to my instructions. I headed to the captain’s cabin and tried to find any material about the empire, but someone shows up on the map at the end of the ship.


I began to walk following the map but I ran into a wall. There’s a person. But it’s a dead end.
I looked back and stared at the captain, he panicked and turned his face away. Suspicious…

「Hey, what is in this thing?」

「N-nothing… It’s just a wall」

He looked even more suspicious…
I remembered a karate move and hit the wall with it. When my fist hit, the wall crumbled down with a loud noise.

Before me was a small room and a single prison.
However it was not a normal prison, chains with some pattern were wrapped around the iron grid and created some sort of seal.

I got into the small room and saw several dull silver lights shining on a body.
There was a woman hung on a cross.

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