The Novel Nominations

And so since I said I am going to pick up another novel so here’s the nominations

  • The Master of the Dark guild is smiling today again
    • I think it’s quite edgy but I like the settings. I will try to read ahead and decide if it’s too much of a harem
  • The GM Has Logged Into A Different World
  • Kureha’s World Adventure
    • read until chapter 5. I think I like it but we’ll see later
  • Impregnable Dreadnought
    • It’s short. It’s cool. It’s R-15. And has the word “WAR” plastered all over the chapter.

I still don’t know what to pickup but I will choose it from these 4.

YTIF 4. My Head Gets Cold as My Anger Goes By


Sorry for the late update. Please blame it on @PoorQualityTL because he/she/apache introduced me to “Youjo Senki”. A very good and militaristic anime with gigantic eye-balled female MC. Somehow, for some reason, I managed to finished it in 1 sitting and the day changed from saturday to sunday without me realizing. AND I HAVEN’T START TRANSLATING YET

On a very different note, I was playing yugioh randomly and HAVE you tried a Rainbow Neos deck? It was amazingly easy to summon, surprisingly easy to search, and absolutely destroys your opponent’s strategy. I mean, 4500 ATK that can shuffle either all opponent’s monster, all opponent’s S/T, or all opponent’s graveyard back into their deck? That thing combined with Masked Hero Acid means a HUGE middle finger as large as the playing field.


Anyway here’s ch4


When I woke up, I noticed a slightly softer texture than the floor wrapped around my body.

Apparently I was in my bed. Was it a dream that I went to another world? That would be great.

But unfortunately, my REAL bed was covered in stacks of books so there’s no way I can lay around like letter 大 like I was doing right now.

I don’t know who did it but someone put me on the bed.

Why can’t it be a dream?


Since morning my forehead was hurting, my vein popping, my stress maxing, and my frustration was breaking through the limit. While I thought that my blood vessel might break, I had the first morning in another world.

For now, I’ll eat some breakfast. I guess was rolling a bit all over the bed without permission.

First of all, the first thing I noticed when I woke up was I was wearing something like red Nazo Tribe clothes. I had a sudden urge to rip the clothes apart because it was the same one as what that woman was wearing when she came here.

(TL: ナゾの民族衣装だ – Nazo no minzoku ishonda; This is the first thing that popped up on google. Can someone please help me? What in seven seas is ‘Nazo’? )

But still, they change my clothes without permission, so I got angry and tore away most of it. Since I have no other clothes, I made it closer to a one piece clothes that was tied around the waist.

Anyway, I don’t know what happened if the fabric got wrinkled, usually I just iron it or put them in the laundry shop. I don’t know anything about ironing and cleaning until I came to this world but I guess there’s nothing really wrong with it.

And then, what did they do to the table top? Did they use decoupage liquid? It looks like some scrolls about Tenshi and Guardian of Scarlet Dawn was plastered perfectly.

(TL: Tenshi = God. Just in case if you forgot. And decoupage liquid is transparent liquid glue similar to varnish. It is used to create decoupage arts and crafts)

I was thinking about what kind of lettering was applied but at the same time, I had an urge to break those scrolls apart in anger. I tried to them the scrolls but it was covered in decoupage glue and it didn’t peel off even when I used my nails.

The characters written were similar to kanji and katakana and there’s some differences in some parts. There’s some unknown letters here and there but somehow I could understand the meaning of the text.

Speaking of grammar, it was confusing at first but it was close to a regular Japanese (Subject – Object – Verb). Because the long sentences here are extremely short, other features are difficult to find. Overall it looks like some Japanese and weird stuff mixed together.

What’s with this chaos? I was kind of okay because I took some lessons in traditional Chinese.

I pressed down the anger and try to decipher the scroll. The scrolls was actually well placed because you can put your dishes on the table and read the scrolls without the dish blocking the sentences.

I can guess a few reasons:
① Maybe this world’s leaders, obviously with few screws loose in their heads, thought that I disliked their God because I don’t know the wonderfulness and the importance of their ‘Tenshi-sama’.

② Maybe they want me to realize how much the duty that I’m trying to refuse is actually worth.

③ Hearing my words that I wanted to return to my original world, they wanted to give me a sliver of hope covered in melted chocolate and sugar.


After I finished reading, I can summarize a few points that The Scarlet World has come to peace because of Tenshi. Guardian of Scarlet Dawn’s duty is to protect the nearest (?) Tenshi. Then Tenshi keeps the defense until the defense of the five other than Guardian of Scarlet Dawn

(TL: again, I don’t know. そして天子には暁紅守の他にも五の守りまでの守りがつく。)

That was the content… Was it.. something like a children’s picture book? It reminds me about the story of “Rabbit of Inaba” that I got from a shrine on shichi-go-san. (TL: I put some explanation at the bottom of the chapter)


It feels like oil was poured into my frustration.



But anyway, what kind of shabby status Tenshi has that Red Guardian of Dawn’s job description was written as “Honorably becomes Tenshi’s warrior and protects Tenshi forever”. Do anyone really want a 24-hour security job plus being a counselor? No way.

Especially since I can’t remember anything about martial arts except about protecting yourself and your mind. And I obviously don’t know anything about counseling.


The yesterday’s group of granpa who attended my summoning soon entered the room right after I finished my breakfast. Yesterday, their attire did not seem very realistic. To be honest, they looked like they were doing some kind of cosplay. I thought that the costume was just for impression but when I look closely, I noticed that it had a shape like a wizard’s robe. They had a large hood with a long length and their sleeves shaped like a cone.

I was still irritated but I was able to observe more calmly than yesterday. I could feel nothing but disgust when I saw their faces but at the same time I thought that probably they were the only people that can return me to my world. I will try to reason with them.


“Apologies Guardian-sama, it appears that you didn’t get a good rest last night.”

(TL: Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is too mouthful so please forgive me)

I don’t remember accepting that I will become Guardian of Scarlet Dawn and I don’t remember I wanted to stay here.

I got angry and I wanted to shout so badly but I somehow swallowed it down. However, I glared at the old man who looks like the representative of the group.

“Today because Tenshi-sama has allowed it, you are going to have an audience with Tenshi-sama. We will show you the way”

Audi… Audience? Like audience in front of a king or something like that? Are you telling me that I can meet this Tenshi? And you are coming with me? It’s hard to understand what they said because they used old words like in old movies.


“Now.. now… She need to dress up first”

“Then you better call me a maid”

“Ah, then bring some red clothes”

Suddenly the other old men start to speak. Ignoring them, I stare at the representative.

“When will you return me to my original world?”

“We can’t tell you”

What the hell was that mean? Is it impossible or not? Which one is it?

While biting my lips, I endured those words. Somehow, it seemed useless to continue this story to this people. Just as yelling at a civilian random maid that ‘I am not a freaking Guardian of some Scarlet Dawn’ would help me with anything.


“… If you say you are going to arrange a dress up, let me take a bath first. I slept like that yesterday and I would like to brush my teeth so get on with it”

I gave up trying to appeal to these people directly. I kept getting angry since yesterday and my willpower to mess around with such people are wilting.

“Bath? Starting now? No way, we will make Tenshi-sama waiting for too long.”

“Since morning bath is just washing your head and body, it won’t take long. Then please at least let me use the washbasin. I want to at least wash my face a bit.”

When I said that the old man called a maid with troubled face then left the room.


The maid who seemed familiar with this matter took me to a stone veranda that seemed to be fine even if the floor got wet and handed me a tub of hot water with nice temperature. I wash my face quickly, squeeze one of the two towels handed to me, and wipe my body with it. Incidentally, the cloth was nothing like a towel. Just an ordinary cloth that looked like a shirt. I felt a subtle feeling…

How do you prepare the toothpaste? I was offered something resembling a toothpick. I felt delicate. I don’t want to live in a world without face towels and toothbrushes. Such a sad way to live.

When I thought it was the end of preparation, I was pulled to a room that looks like a clothing room. Oh, because I meeting a great person, do I get to change my clothes? I finally understand the meaning of that old man’s words “we will make Tenshi-sama waiting for too long”. None of the clothes in the room are suposed to be layered like a kimono, and how long will it take to prepare them?

The maid pull out a dirt red colored clothes which seemed to make the clothes she was wearing looks even heavier. Of course I firmly refuse it.

Perhaps it’s a rule that will not change even in this world that it would be disrespectful to not present yourself in a proper appearance but why should I follow the rules of clothing in this world? I am not a resident of this world so if you want me to dress up then prepare something from my world. Will it be a high school uniform or a kimono.

If you can’t, then I don’t care.

Likewise, I refused all hair ornaments and hairdo that they offer.

Although it was a bit chilly, on top of red one-piece clothing that I made on my own, a flower like a red peony was drawn on a white background.

(TL: a.k.a clothes that she rip on her own)

I was dressed in a long-length jacket similar to those old men, which was a compromise between us both.

Since I was not wearing uniforms, I let them put some make-up on me. I was hit with white powder, but what is it? Is it the poisonous ones like the ancient Chinese?

(TL: she’s talking about lead based make-up from 15th to 19th century)

So now I am going to meet this Tenshi. The old men who saw my appearance, and compromise because I was fussy about wearing clothes of this world. There were also some maid who failed to put on proper clothes on me. All of them looked dissatisfied.





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Anyway tomorrow is a holiday but I will be busy since morning. Not because of religious activities but I was in charge of decorating for a campus event and I really need to start working.


I will have another chapter translated by tomorrow if I can but no promises.

*shichigosan – children festival celebrated for 3 & 7 years old girl and 3 & 5 years old boy

**Rabbit of Inaba – Inaba no shiro usagi – A rabbit wanted to see a princess, so it made a wager with a shark to see whose family was more numerous – the shark or the rabbit. The rabbit used the sharks that lined up to cross the other shore, but the sharks tore off its skin. It was told to wash its body in salt water, but the pain only made it worse. Okuninushi restored the rabbit’s skin by having it wash in fresh water and cover itself with reeds.




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Once again, thank you…

YTIF 3. Stop with Your Nosy Attitude


TL note:

Reading the comments makes me feel like:

“Oh yeah, that’s making so much sense. So that’s why the author wrote it like that”

It made me realize the story from different points of view and really helps me with further translations.

Keep the comment coming, guys. You know that I read every single comment here even if I did not reply to all of them.

10/10 would read comments while reading RAW again


PS – I’ll try to find someone IRL to edit this. Someone who speaks English and lives nearby so I can bang at his door at 2 AM… mwahahahaha….



anyway, here’s ch3

I am really amazed people who took care of people around them. I wonder would happen if those people are on the verge of breaking.

For example, when they cant’ take those stress anymore.


A few maids came and cleaned up the room, then a woman approached me.

“I am sorry for the loud voice, Minafuchi-sama. We had shown disgrace before you. We humbly ask you to forgive our rudeness”

Ah, a smart person. I can’t think any other word for this woman.

Actually, she was not that eye-catching, but she’s still a beautiful woman. She has a nice face. Her long hair was tied up with three beautiful hairpins, the bigger hairpin was reflecting the faint sunlight.

She was wearing red clothes, it was clearly brighter than everyone’s dirt brown clothes and in addition to silver threads, her sleeves was engraved with gold threads creating a delicate pattern that can not be compared to the previous girls.

Given how luxurious this woman looks and the decorations on her hair, I think she’s one of the higher position staff. I just don’t know how high her position is.

(TL: The word is actually ‘higher position official’ but the it sounds like a soldier title so I chose the word ‘staff’. I’m not even sure if she’s a ‘maid’ or ‘head maid’ either so I think the word ‘staff’ or ‘personnel’ suits her for now)


For her to call me with my family name instead of the title, have one of them dropped a food tray and the other one attacked me, and apologize for the commotion to smoothly and easily gather information. It’s actually a well-thought plan.

There’s no honesty in that. I can’t understand this world’s people. *shrug*. I don’t want to get involved.

Maa, let’s give her positive answer for now.


“Ah yes, I don’t really mind actually”

I responded politely. The woman smiled and bowed without worry. I sort of like her personality for not speaking needlessly.

“We prepared some meals as hospitality for our God’s guest”

“I am planning to return to my world so don’t bother with the hospitality thingy”

“Yes, but we are supposed to serve you while you are in our God’s temple, Minafuchi-sama. That’s why until you return, we will do our best to treat you well”

Oh nice, not only she didn’t touch the subject about restraining me here, she had observed me and really tried to not anger me.

Not that it works though. On the other hand

“Isn’t it too late to say that?”

(TL: seriously, everything triggers her)


As I expected, her smile was not even waning when hearing those spiteful words. .

“You know, I’m pretty disgusted by your flattery. I myself, even if I like being in such a place, it doesn’t mean it’s in within . Treating me as a guest? Just imagine being your guest makes my intestines boil all over again. Why? Because it seems that you guys just kill off 3 random people just to observe my reaction! Do you know that?”


I don’t know what kind of mistakes the girl and soldier’s did before I came to this world, but it certainly adds my irritation. What I don’t know is how the resident of this world would act based on their crime, but it certainly unrelated with my anger.

Even though I told her not to, the little girl who was still shouting that damn title while she was dragged out of the room. Of course she was taken because of her own fault. The soldier who blame me for it increased my anger to the extend that I want to crush his eyeballs.

So, in front of these troublesome situation, the presence of this woman only adds fuel to the fire. If only I was a bit calmer, maybe I won’t mind her attitude. But right now, I was so irritated to the point the point that my vein nearly explodes. Under this condition, such things are impossible.


“I apologize but my humble self can not comprehend your thoughts, Minafuchi-sama”

The woman gave me a perfect elegant smile as she lowered her head.

When I saw her smiling expression, I lost my reasons . All my emotion and stress came out.


“You see, I hate every second of existing in this world. I really want to beat up the one who pulled me into this world without consent nor agreement. This is abduction! I was taken away from my family and friends and abruptly brought to this world”

Surprised, the woman retract her smile. The maids behind her stopped their movement and stare towards me.

“I don’t need anything from this world. Compared to my world, such things are worth less than garbage!!  All your hospitality and your things are worth less than garbage, do you understand?! Such worthless thoughts, if you really have consideration, then return me to my former world! Why can’t you understand that?!”

(TL: I sympathize with our MC but I am tired of her attitude.)

No sound can be heard except my short breath and the rustling of the women’s clothes for a while.

I have never been so emotional in my life, it probably the first time ever since I was born. I can even feel the rough impulse that swirling inside my stomach. I was that desperate that I might throw every table and chair in that room but I’d rather not do it. I was trying not to touch anything from this world if possible. Not breaking the chair, not touching anyone physically, not leaving traces of myself in this world.

Not forgiving any actions that this world had done to me.

When the woman finally realized, she bowed to me who was breathing heavily and took the other maids in panic and pulled them out of the room. It seemed that she ran away.

It was a correct judgement. It was probably the best decision she ever made because my vein were really going to explode. Who knows if I really threw a chair right into her beautiful face.


I drank the minimum amount of water to moist my throat and to relieve some acid in my stomach. Then I went to the empty spot in the corner of the room and rest there. All the stress, anger, and frustration made me tired. I need a rest.

There was a fine bed in the center of the room but I refuse to use it because of my hatred. I took some breath several times to calm my pulsating heart and resist the urge to vomit. The truth is, I don’t even want to send this world’s air into my lungs but perhaps this Crimson World is not really that bad, so I endured it for the time being.

The ones at fault are the humans of this world. It’s their fault that this world had to call a person from another world and impose a role like a slave without permission.

The kidnapping, the slavery, the violation of human rights, the worst barbaric unreasonable selfish nosy attitude are those damn human’s fault!!!

TL note:

Don’t ask me about my next project. A friend introduced me to another part time job recently and I hoping to scrap enough money to fund my college tuition and the damn TOEIC exam.

I hope it won’t disturb my translating schedule (Saturday/Sunday) and I still need to read all the WNs in the suggestion box.


Expect ch4 on Saturday or Sunday.


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