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anyway, here’s ch3

I am really amazed people who took care of people around them. I wonder would happen if those people are on the verge of breaking.

For example, when they cant’ take those stress anymore.


A few maids came and cleaned up the room, then a woman approached me.

“I am sorry for the loud voice, Minafuchi-sama. We had shown disgrace before you. We humbly ask you to forgive our rudeness”

Ah, a smart person. I can’t think any other word for this woman.

Actually, she was not that eye-catching, but she’s still a beautiful woman. She has a nice face. Her long hair was tied up with three beautiful hairpins, the bigger hairpin was reflecting the faint sunlight.

She was wearing red clothes, it was clearly brighter than everyone’s dirt brown clothes and in addition to silver threads, her sleeves was engraved with gold threads creating a delicate pattern that can not be compared to the previous girls.

Given how luxurious this woman looks and the decorations on her hair, I think she’s one of the higher position staff. I just don’t know how high her position is.

(TL: The word is actually ‘higher position official’ but the it sounds like a soldier title so I chose the word ‘staff’. I’m not even sure if she’s a ‘maid’ or ‘head maid’ either so I think the word ‘staff’ or ‘personnel’ suits her for now)


For her to call me with my family name instead of the title, have one of them dropped a food tray and the other one attacked me, and apologize for the commotion to smoothly and easily gather information. It’s actually a well-thought plan.

There’s no honesty in that. I can’t understand this world’s people. *shrug*. I don’t want to get involved.

Maa, let’s give her positive answer for now.


“Ah yes, I don’t really mind actually”

I responded politely. The woman smiled and bowed without worry. I sort of like her personality for not speaking needlessly.

“We prepared some meals as hospitality for our God’s guest”

“I am planning to return to my world so don’t bother with the hospitality thingy”

“Yes, but we are supposed to serve you while you are in our God’s temple, Minafuchi-sama. That’s why until you return, we will do our best to treat you well”

Oh nice, not only she didn’t touch the subject about restraining me here, she had observed me and really tried to not anger me.

Not that it works though. On the other hand

“Isn’t it too late to say that?”

(TL: seriously, everything triggers her)


As I expected, her smile was not even waning when hearing those spiteful words. .

“You know, I’m pretty disgusted by your flattery. I myself, even if I like being in such a place, it doesn’t mean it’s in within . Treating me as a guest? Just imagine being your guest makes my intestines boil all over again. Why? Because it seems that you guys just kill off 3 random people just to observe my reaction! Do you know that?”


I don’t know what kind of mistakes the girl and soldier’s did before I came to this world, but it certainly adds my irritation. What I don’t know is how the resident of this world would act based on their crime, but it certainly unrelated with my anger.

Even though I told her not to, the little girl who was still shouting that damn title while she was dragged out of the room. Of course she was taken because of her own fault. The soldier who blame me for it increased my anger to the extend that I want to crush his eyeballs.

So, in front of these troublesome situation, the presence of this woman only adds fuel to the fire. If only I was a bit calmer, maybe I won’t mind her attitude. But right now, I was so irritated to the point the point that my vein nearly explodes. Under this condition, such things are impossible.


“I apologize but my humble self can not comprehend your thoughts, Minafuchi-sama”

The woman gave me a perfect elegant smile as she lowered her head.

When I saw her smiling expression, I lost my reasons . All my emotion and stress came out.


“You see, I hate every second of existing in this world. I really want to beat up the one who pulled me into this world without consent nor agreement. This is abduction! I was taken away from my family and friends and abruptly brought to this world”

Surprised, the woman retract her smile. The maids behind her stopped their movement and stare towards me.

“I don’t need anything from this world. Compared to my world, such things are worth less than garbage!!  All your hospitality and your things are worth less than garbage, do you understand?! Such worthless thoughts, if you really have consideration, then return me to my former world! Why can’t you understand that?!”

(TL: I sympathize with our MC but I am tired of her attitude.)

No sound can be heard except my short breath and the rustling of the women’s clothes for a while.

I have never been so emotional in my life, it probably the first time ever since I was born. I can even feel the rough impulse that swirling inside my stomach. I was that desperate that I might throw every table and chair in that room but I’d rather not do it. I was trying not to touch anything from this world if possible. Not breaking the chair, not touching anyone physically, not leaving traces of myself in this world.

Not forgiving any actions that this world had done to me.

When the woman finally realized, she bowed to me who was breathing heavily and took the other maids in panic and pulled them out of the room. It seemed that she ran away.

It was a correct judgement. It was probably the best decision she ever made because my vein were really going to explode. Who knows if I really threw a chair right into her beautiful face.


I drank the minimum amount of water to moist my throat and to relieve some acid in my stomach. Then I went to the empty spot in the corner of the room and rest there. All the stress, anger, and frustration made me tired. I need a rest.

There was a fine bed in the center of the room but I refuse to use it because of my hatred. I took some breath several times to calm my pulsating heart and resist the urge to vomit. The truth is, I don’t even want to send this world’s air into my lungs but perhaps this Crimson World is not really that bad, so I endured it for the time being.

The ones at fault are the humans of this world. It’s their fault that this world had to call a person from another world and impose a role like a slave without permission.

The kidnapping, the slavery, the violation of human rights, the worst barbaric unreasonable selfish nosy attitude are those damn human’s fault!!!

TL note:

Don’t ask me about my next project. A friend introduced me to another part time job recently and I hoping to scrap enough money to fund my college tuition and the damn TOEIC exam.

I hope it won’t disturb my translating schedule (Saturday/Sunday) and I still need to read all the WNs in the suggestion box.


Expect ch4 on Saturday or Sunday.


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YTIF 2. Even If You're a Child
YTIF 4. My Head Gets Cold as My Anger Goes By

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      1. Not really, was farming money on Persona 5 while reading some novels on my phone when my phone notified me, seeing there’s a new released I then quickly nepu’ed

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I really do enjoy this series. Finally a protagonist that understandibly reacts to abduction, and possible indoctrination throught either emotional manupulation or magic curses.

    I just don’t understand why other commentors are so angry with her. While she is WAY to emotional, she is exactly on point.

    I hope she runs away, and perhaps takes revenge, and hopefully return back to her world.

    1. I think everyone agrees with your point. What makes them angry is the fact that the protagonist didn’t play it ‘safe’. Personally, i think she should gather some info and discover her power THEN act like a rascal.

      But it would be a boring regular WN, no? *insert evil laugh here*

      1. Playing it safe is why many victims of bullying keep on getting bullied. Give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile.

        1. The problem with what the MC is doing is that she is probably surrounded by those unknown people who abducted/summoned her and if it wasn’t for that unknown power which she had no clue about she might have already been killed and someone else would have been summoned to take her place… and even with that power… they can still kill her… they can just drop her off in the middle of nowhere and she will probably die of starvation or dehydration as she would likely have no clue of how to survive in the wilderness of some unknown land

          So acting in such a way is extremely risky and have little upside (as far as I can see)

          It seems way more beneficial to try and manipulate them to get as much information as possible (about the world if she needs to escape from them… or about ways to return if possible) doing so would also potentially make escaping easier as they are less likely to expect it

      2. this is relatively safe for me tho, they probably can’t actually kill her off like what somebody thinks, or else they might have done it already

    2. What makes me look at her negatively is that from the very start shes been obstinate and abusive towards them, which is incredibly stupid, shes alone, has no one to fall back on for support, and the only people she sees are these assholes.

      It could be worse, instead of being smart and playing their game, finding out more and exploring her options, she has decided to throw a tantrum, how fucking stupid. I totally understand her anger, but instead of directing it towards more useful means to secure her survival, this bitch is doing everything she can to get her ass split.

      Defiance in the face of overwhelming odds I can understand, defiance out of ignorance I cannot. Bitch be more aware you dumbass ho, get a grip, spitting the dummy is childs play, act like an adult you stupid mangy cow.

      She only knows that she is going to protect their God, she knows nothing else other than that, shes completely unwilling to listen or even compromise, instead shes a petulant little bitch who refuses to acknowledge anything. bleh.

    3. I completely agree like in most novels the summoned person will liken the situation to kidnapping but they wont ever pursue it further than that and just shrug it off but this MC is funny because she is not just letting it slide and reminding them every three seconds til they get it.

    4. I agree. I like how she doesn’t just accept it and gets angry. Everyone keeps saying she should play it safe, but she’s emotional and they keep provoking her. Most people aren’t rational when they are angry and say things they don’t mean or do things they know they will regret. She is so angry and upset that she can hardly keep herself from rampaging and throwing a chair at that ladies face.

      I find it really refreshing for now.

    1. Her behaviour is logical. She said “No” and explained why not. The other party is at fault, right from the beginning.

      1. You say that like she has any say in the matter, shes been summoned, its like saying to ISIS no I dont want my head removed, Im like bitch please! we understand this isnt your problem, that its done against your will, but make the fucking effort to solve the problem not be part of it or hinder any chance you have of getting out of that shit.

        Who sits in a boiling pot and refuses to get out because “You put me in here asshole now you get me out” and when they dont her ass is cooking.. bleh

        1. Right now, those guys are like pirates telling her to walk off the plank, and she is refusing to do so.

          You want her to solve the problem. However, they are the ones creating the problem. Furthermore, she is not in a position to solve the problem.

          Don’t forget that she is in a world of magic. The moment she says “Yes,” even if she is only pretending, there is a possibility that she may end up in a binding contract. Admittedly, the author has not shown her thinking this deeply.

          A number of commenters have criticized her for her bad behaviour. IMO, she is fully justified in not being submissively polite to her captors. After all, they are fundamentally not showing her any respect at all. They are only covering it up by using polite words. It is no different from a robber brandishing his knife in your face while saying, “Please, dear sir, hand over your wallet.”

  3. Just a guestamation but she finds her power, breaks slave coller, kills everyone in her way, them joins demon lord to destroy the world.

    My best guess

    1. Oh, good, it’s working again. So occasionally, apparently just for kicks, WordPress starts suppressing all my comments across almost all it’s websites for no apparent reason. (Incidentally, the one time I contacted their service about it, they couldn’t tell me why it happens either. Sigh.) Anyway, I made a comment on the last chapter of this story, and even though that comment section is now three miles long, if it isn’t too much trouble, I’d appreciate it if you could fish it out of your spam filter. Sorry for the inconvenience. 🙇

      Fair warning, I was speaking in support of the MC. 😅

      1. Sorry to tell you, I don’t have a spam filter. Everyone can comment here but every post with a link are put on hold and I get an email every time they do. I think it’s from the wordpress itself

        1. Yup, it is. Under the main WordPress menu is a tab marked “WP Admin”. You can access more thorough controls for your comment sections there, including the spam filter.

          …WordPress is a pain in a lot of ways, but I supposed that’s the price we pay for convenience. 😥

  4. This is exactly the proper reaction someone should have. If their ‘God’ was so all powerful and wonderful, why pull someone from another world at all? Why not just give power to someone from his own damn world?

  5. She totally has a right to be incredibly angry. I just don’t feel great seeing her take it out on anyone in range. That’s just me though.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. I really like this MC, but hopefully don’t end in the Summon Slaughterer route, i want to see some revenge, not nosense killing. Thanks4chap.

  7. Thanks for chapter.
    Some people irritated about MC about just complain and not do anything. Then, all people like that isn’t read this novel explanation. It said that even though her skill, all people can’t attacked her. But if it without negative feeling toward her they can dragged her back Into her room. Futhermore all people in that world want her to protect their god , because that those people will prevent all cost to her back to her world. All people is her enemy and her room is strictly guarded. And most of it, I think even they can’t attacked her directly they still can deal her indirectly.

    1. Well MC is sure is incredibly lucky… she isn’t dead yet… because she has no idea how replaceable she is or isn’t… and if she is replaceable by summoning someone else… they just might just drag her off to middle of nowhere where she would likely die from starvation and dehydration as she would probably have no idea of how to survive there (or get her killed in some other indirect way)

      After all why keep around someone who is useless and only seem to work against you?

      1. It isn’t luck you know. First reason is because she summoned and selected by their god who want they protect. Second reason if they kill her, they don’t know if can succeed summon again or even they manage summon again but if next summoned person don’t have ability is the same. Last reason is how they looked by their god if killed person who selected as guardian by their own god. Because those reason they can’t indirectly hostility toward her if she just about bad temper and don’t use her power to rebel their god or something visible hostility toward their world.

        1. We have no clue how she was selected… for all we know the summoning just picked a random person or the god just rolled a dice

          We have no clue why they would need to summon a person from another world (there is probably reason I would think?)… if it is because she is special or if it is just that any person from that other world would work

          “Last reason is how they looked by their god if killed person who selected as guardian by their own god”
          We know almost nothing about this god and how they would view their guardian being killed or what kind of rules they have… all we know is that they apparently keep the peace (from the view of those humans at least) that is about it…

          For all we know that god could just be like…
          I don’t like her anymore and then remove her from position as guardian and possibly just strip her of her powers for then to summon a new guardian for her to end up being thrown out (and possibly end up dead?) or killed or something
          (after all we don’t even know what that god can even do)

          1. Well… At least that God isn’t that amazing for do that to every other world people, if that God is can do that, then there no reason for wanting to be protected.
            That because they don’t know fully about their God, they can’t do anything to make bad image from that God.

  8. the problem i see, is that while the people behind this feel clever i get the feeling she sees though them.

    some people have to realize that we don’t actually know what happened to the people dragged away. don’t picture her as a teen in another world, picture her as a prisoner of war.

    the people who captured her are trying to induce ‘Stockholm syndrome’, get her to accept little things, plant an innocent care taker that can be bent later (the little girl), some confidant who seems to try and be understanding by using her name (the person in this chapter), no doubt they will try other little ploys.

    the problem is she isn’t some uneducated village girl. they have no idea what the education in our world is like and so i get the feeling she see’s though these ploys and that makes her anger increase.

    1. While that might be true… it is also incredibly dangerous… especially in the beginning when she have no clue about the power which protects her and don’t know anything about how easy she is to replace…

      For all she knows she could have possibly been immediately killed when she started acting up like that to for them to summon/abduct someone else to take her place
      But hey what do I know… maybe she doesn’t care about that risk or doesn’t see possible death as a big problem

  9. logic is right but her action gives zero result b’coz the people are actually greedy trash kind of people, i guess there’s gonna be some bloodbath once the mc got some ‘power’

  10. Thanks for the chapter~~~!

    Although I do think that summoning people from other worlds is wrong, she should just get her act together and come up with a plan to get out and (optionally take revenge) research for a way
    back home to earth.At this rate, the authorities are just going to find a way to make her submit to them.

  11. okies, I gotta realize that this is just a matter of hours for her, but isn’t she scared at all? Like, which side is your bread buttered on, ya know? or is this a bargaining point from the Trump Bargaining School ™ (bankrupt since 1997 but still intellectual property!!!)

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  12. Thanks for the update

    I’ve listened 2 people here considering the MC’s attitude annoying
    Certainly seeing the MC just complaining all the time is a bit boring, BUT DO YOU KNOW SOME PERSON THAT WOULD ACT NORMAL IN THIS SITUATION?

    Sadly this religious peopl can’t understand that someone isn’t agreed with them, and even this is to be a bad people, simply they have been taught that this is the normal

    If really they can’t kill or hurt her and the MC know this, I think that the best is just keep refusing. Soonner or later they will have no option but just let her go or let return to Earth

    And tis attitude is needed. If just any moment show even a bit of compassion, they will think that their tactic is working and they won’t give up

    The biggest risk is that in the meantime, someone decides that the MC isn’t a “mistaken hero” but a “fake/imposter-hero” and she has to be killed

    1. Well said.

      Some commenters have insisted that she should surrender, or at least pretend to do so. But from our own history, we know this is a bad idea. Pre-WW2, the Jews surrendered to Hitler and ended up dying in over-crowded trains en route to his death camps or dying to poison gas after that. The British soldiers in Malaya surrendered to Japan and ended up dying in the Death March.

      Pretending to surrender only works when you have enough strength (of your own) to break free under more favourable circumstances in the future. Our MC does not seem to have this strength. Any power she receives in the future will come from her captors’ side. Anything they give, they can take away. So any pretense is rather pointless.

      1. Interesting analogy

        Other reason to counter this “pretending to surrender” route, probably it doesn’t matter, but it woukd can be important

        If she somehow accept even a bit cooperate with them, and then she try to get out, she would can be accused of treason
        For this is the best just keep refusing till they have no option to accept that it is useless

        1. Apart from the issue of treason, this is a world of gods and magic. It is possible that the moment she says yes, she may become forcibly bound to a magically-enforced contract.

          1. It is credible but improbable

            If they or the God ever were able to do something like this, they would can directly directly without any “yes” or personal consent, and they have already done

            Also, for this people PoV, the moment that the MC turned something like their God’s chosen or champion, it is mostly like a bound magical contract or something like this, so they maybe even haven’t thougt in the needed to create a magic like this

          2. What you said is certainly true, if we assume their god is almighty. But we know his power isn’t unlimited because he needs some kind of bodyguard (the reason he kidnapped the MC). So it’s possible that his power is limited to bringing her to this world, and cannot unilaterally force her to serve him.

            Furthermore, it is only the people who claim that the MC has become their god’s champion. There are other stories where MCs could only become a god’s champion after undergoing some kind of magic ritual or holy quest. The MC in this story has not undergone any such thing, so …

            In any case, it is still early in the story, and we do not have enough info. Any speculation is purely guesswork, though I admit having fun with this discussion.

    2. there is no such risk since her skill protects her from anyone with ill-will or killing intent automatically. so if someone considers her a fake hero (and starts hating/getting angry at her naturally) they will no longer be able to do ANYTHING to her

      1. In the raws aren’t details about that

        But thinking in other similar novels, it is probably that with the time , much people begin the believe to be a fake or imposter, and they’ll try somehow kill her

        Because with this setting, for the simple people is either he or she is an imposter/fake, or the great god has mistakenm this later unable to be accepted for the religious people

    3. “If really they can’t kill or hurt her and the MC know this, I think that the best is just keep refusing. Soonner or later they will have no option but just let her go or let return to Earth”

      The MC had no way of knowing this to begin with so this story might just have ended with MC being summoned then killed for acting up and then for someone else to be summoned to take her place (for all she knows she could possibly easily be replaced)

      And they can kill her? They could drag her into a room… so they could just drag her into the wilderness and dump her there where she would have no way of surviving (though it is possible that she could survive) or they could possibly also kill her in some other indirect way

  13. thanks for the chapter !

    well for me i hate a bitch that complains but not does anything (thinking next step/starting to take action/etc)

    but seeing this chapter made me changing a bit of my opinion for her “ah, so she can think after all” differentiating between scheming bitch and retard slave. so im looking forward next time

    strange she didnt realized though like theres ANY country that bothers returning summoned hero/otherworlder just when they summoned them. the conclusion either you finished what they wants to, find a way back home yourself, or getting disposed by them. yet still asking them to return her haha so ridiculous. like theres any reason for them to. conclusion = too troublesome, yep, forget it xD

    1. No all the MC are otakus that have read all the novels with summonings heroes

      If they really can’t kill or hurt her, just refuses is the best peauciful route to get either just let her go or let return

      1. “If they really can’t kill or hurt her, just refuses is the best peauciful route to get either just let her go or let return”

        But they can kind of hurt/kill her? They could catch her and force her into the room… so if they wanted to kill her they could possibly do it with an indirect method… like just trapping her in like a prison and giving her no food or water… or just throwing her out into the wilderness where she is also likely to end up dead

          1. “Even this would be better than be a slave”

            I am not sure I agree as slaves can escape/break out of their enslavement
            However dead people usually stay dead (though who knows in magical worlds)

            “Also if she can be substitute so easily, I think that they have already done”

            Well yes but she wouldn’t have know that to begin with

  14. Everyone seems to forget that she is just a high schooler. Not someone knowledagable about this kind of situations, not a resummoned hero. She isn’t going to become someone who knows how to smartly maneuver the situation. Frankly the way she is acting is consistent with her character and I don’t think she is over reacting.

  15. I begin to think that if I was in MC’s situation, I would do an hunger strike

    They wouldn’t can surely force me, because it would be a violent act, and soonner or later they would have no option but let her go

    Or just praying that if this god is minimal rational, he can see that is useless and return her to home

  16. ლ(`∀´ლ) <— Cutest thing I've ever seen

    It looks like the direction this story is taking is going to eventually leading to the Mc having no choice but to accept the new world. That's saddening.

    Thank you for translation ~3~

  17. I understand why the mc is acting like this. she was happy with her life it wasn’t like she was dreaming about being taken to another world nor training in a martial arts where she can’t use it unless shes in the other world. shes a normal woman that got kidnapped and is being forced to defend the world she knows nothing about and then a random person keeps calling her a name she told them not to call all the time so of course shes not gonna be happy shes constantly reminded of the fact shes kidnapped

  18. Hmm… As I thought after reading chapter 1, the author actually doesn’t know how to write a character like this. Their personality is probably pretty close to the main character of their other novel, who gets sick as soon as she’s a bit stressed, so they’re unable to imagine what such a character would be like. A sustained anger is cold, not hot. The MC is written as constantly in a state of erruption. But this kind of anger only exists on impulse. It is the type of anger you’d have when you are of a more weak-willed / laid back character and you errupt.
    I’m going to read a few more chapters, but if it’s this way all the way through, this won’t be for me.

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