Heibon 9. Apparently, I did see the red-eyed man

Heibon 8. On my 20th night, I died
Heibon 10. Trials Comes One After Another

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Okay… First, let’s recap the situation. Hmm…

It appeared that I was inside some sort of a hut. If I had to guess, this was the hut that I  was supposed to live in. Second, I was laid on a bed inside of the hut. The first thing I recognized when I woke up was the wooden ceiling. Also, I could hear the birds chirping from outside of the window across the bed. Judging from the light coming out of it, I assumed it was around early morning.

Hmm hmm…
There was absolutely nothing wrong with this.

However, the only thing bugging me was…


「Zzzz… Zzz…」


Who the hell was this ikemen sleeping beside me!?!?

I almost jumped back in reflex when I realized that his arm was coiling around my body. If only I have my weapons with me. I scanned the room but I couldn’t find them anywhere.

I asked the spirits around us for some explanation, but for the life of me, I couldn’t exactly understand their gestures.


But at least I catch the gist of the situation.


This ikemen-san carried me to this hut and there was no sins committed between us.

Those 2 facts are very important.
Especially the later one.



「Maybe he’s not a bad guy…? probably…?」

I slowly released myself from his arms and stood up so I could inspect the room in more detail. For the matter of fact, we were sleeping in some sort of bedroom. Opening the door, there was a hallway. In the hallway, there were 3 doors that were connected to its own room.

I opened one of the doors in the hallway and found myself in a relatively large living room. It contained a kitchen as well, with a table for 4 people right in front of a kitchen counter. On the kitchen’s right-hand side of the room, there was space to have some talks right in front of the fireplace.

Since Rey-sama was quite furious about this place, I was worried about what environment they sent me into. Surprisingly, I was given this hut which came with a toilet, bath, and even a storeroom. All without paying a single cent. Hey, isn’t this quite a good deal?

Well, rather than the hut, I think Rey-sama was angry about them sending me into this place…


「Ah! Found it!」

I breathed a sigh of relief after finding my luggage. My weapons were casually laid on the top of the table. Of course, I wouldn’t and couldn’t use my bow indoor, but I could at least equip myself with my sword and dagger. It was at that moment when I realized…


「I… Wasn’t I supposed to be dying?」

I wasn’t thinking about it when I scrounge around the hut, but I was pretty sure I was dying before I fainted. What happened after that? My injuries were healed without any traces and my clothes were perfectly fine as well.


「Was it magic? But who did it…? No way, did that ikemen actually…?」
「It’s 『Yes way』 actually.」

(RAW text:
「Masaka… Sakki no ikemen-san? 」
「Sono “masaka” da」

I turned around right immediately. The previously-sleeping-ikemen was yawning to shake his drowsiness off.


「Your overall condition looks much better now, I see…」

He observed me from top to bottom before giving me another nod.
Meanwhile, I kept looking straight at his face.
Where did I see his face again?

His black hair was about waist-length. His moderately fit body was quite tall, at least 2 heads taller than me. Each part of his face was well-featured.
But the thing that stood out the most was his eyes. Both of his slightly slanted eyes shone.

Deep dark red.
I know!! This guy must be…


「Ah! You are the KY guy in the forest!!」
「k-kei wha-?」

(TL: KY = Kuuki Yomenai – being unable to read the situation or being unable to pick up on the mood of a conversation)

Now I remembered.

Wasn’t he the creep who kept saying『Are you dying?』 and 『How foolish』 right in front of a severely injured person!?


「Why are you here!?」
「Why speaking in such manner? Is that how you talk to someone who carried you all the way to this hut, healed you, and took care of you when you were suffering from constant feverish nightmare for 3 days straight? Isn’t that just rude?」

「……You did?」

The spirits around us nodded in agreement, so it must be true.


「Eh umm… I… am deeply grateful for your help」
「”Deeply grateful”. My name is “Avard”. Yours?」

「Oh, err… I am “Rio Akizuki”」
「Rio, was it? You can call me “Av”. These guys were causing a huge fuss so I helped you. Things will be very interesting」

I caught something behind his sneering laugh.


「By “These guys” did you mean…?」
「Hm? You can see spirits too, can’t you?」

He said as he poked one of the spirits that flew around him.


「You can see them too!?」
「Of course I can. Well, duh」

He nodded like it was the most natural thing to do.


「That’s a surprise… I thought only Rey-sama and I could see them… Is it because the other people who can see them didn’t say anything?」
「Ah no, it’s rare for humans to be able to see these guys in the first place. I was surprised too. By the way…」

He closed the distance and went right to my face.



No matter how good-looking he was, he won’t be able to catch me off guard.

I had spent my time looking at Rey-sama’s genderless androgynous beauty. There was also Arami-sama, Rey-sama’s assistant with her smart intellectual beauty. Not to mention those guys in the frontline corps, with their super-tempered muscles. Whatever type of beauty you’re talking about, I had seen it all.

Av was handsome, sure, but even after looking at his face right at my face, I didn’t feel I need to show any particular emotion.

Aaah… but really, he was so damn handsome. I just noticed his red eyes, but those eyes looked really good on him. Like really, it made you want to just close in and looked into his face real close. The word “this is fun” was written all over his face.


「You… Are you not afraid of my eyes?」
「What’s wrong with your eyes?」

「Most humans are afraid of my eyes. They fear and scorn me like some sort of abomination」
「Hmm? But aren’t the people in this world colorful enough to begin with? To be honest, I don’t think having red eyes is enough for people to be treated differently」

The people of this world was really colorful. As a pure-bred Japanese, I always wonder how did the people of this world have such colorful hair and eyes. For that reason, I didn’t think that 1 guy having red eyes would attract that much attention from such a colorful crowd.

By the way, I never dyed my hair.

It wasn’t because that I am such a good child or anything, but I just found it annoying if my hair lost its color over time and I had to dye it again and again.


「I see. So you are saying that I am just like any other people. Interesting indeed. I can assume that you could say that because you don’t know what these eyes mean. But what was it that you said before? Are you an otherworlder? If I remembered correctly, the humans summoned a goddess about 20 days ago. So answer me, human. Who are you?」

His mouth formed a curve as he observed me curiously.

How could I make such a stupid slip-up!?

Who the hell refers to a place as 『This world』, you dumb me!?
Aren’t otherworlders the only ones who do that!?

I failed… Even though Rey-sama had warned me to keep this as a secret right before my departure!!


「Ah… Ummm……」

I meekly glanced over his face and saw that he was totally serious.

It’s no use crying over a spilt milk.
Brace yourself, me.

「There was another person that was dragged into the summoning process. That person was me. Nice to meet you」(TL: お見知り置き – (JParser) formal phrase used on first meeting with someone to encourage them to remember you. (Shrimp’s Addendum) Like crushing their hand when you first shake hand)

I provided him with my sweetest smile to make sure he got it.


「By “dragged into”, did you mean that there is a 『proper goddess』 besides you? Can I assume that they’re getting rid of the nuisance and sent you here?」
「That “nuisance” you speak of is in this hut, you know? They sent me to this hut, which is located at least 3 km away from any sign of human community」
「Such a terrible  wonderful life you are living in」
「That’s totally right. But it doesn’t change the fact that I was sent here」

It can’t be helped.

As dangerous this place was, I lacked the common knowledge to live outside of this place. The information that I got from books were too limited. No matter how useful they were, those were text-book knowledge after all.

It is the world of “reality” that I must live.
And if I try to leave this “reality”, well, the result was obvious.

That’s why, I had no choice but to desperately gain as much strength as possible while I was in the castle.



「You want to live right inside a monster den? Even though you just died a few days ago?」
「Ugh… even if it’s painfully true, I still have a plan, you know?」
「Maybe I should start “forcefully feeding” or so…」

I read about it in one of the books back in the castle. The book explained this general monster trait in great detail. According to the book, most monsters love sweets.


I had no reason to not try it. I’m not that great of a cook, but at least my freshly baked cookies were not that embarrassingly horrible. I didn’t know how far I could go with this method, but it worth the try.

No! I’ll definitely do it! Ah, meanwhile, Av-san was still looking at me like I am some sort of interesting object he just found.


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And thank you helpful advisor for the reference of the slang KY. Apparently, I was referencing the wrong term.


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Heibon 8. On my 20th night, I died
Heibon 10. Trials Comes One After Another

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  1. Thank you for the update. A few minor errors: “I opened one of the doors in the hallway and was found myself in a relatively large living room.” and was found myself ➡️ and found myself
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  2. KY translation – Kuuki Yomenai, “Can’t read the air.” A person who does whatever they want, when they want without care for what anyone else thinks. However, people who are “KY” should “KY.”

    1. I guess it’s a blunder in my part.
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