ToK 63. Warrior of the Army


TL: I like YTIF. The story is interesting and the RAW is easy to read. UNLIKE a certain WN with hundred of chapters of WALLS OF WEIRD KANJI SCREWING WITH MY TRANSLATOR

(I’m looking at you, Tower of Karma)

It was short but in that short moment, the death struggle of the female wolf was etched into everyone’s mind. It was engraved on the heart of all soldiers whether friend or foe. But even her brilliant struggle only lasted for a minute or two.

(Hah… Hah…  I guess this is it… Look at me… I am the-)

She collapsed. The moment she turned her blade to counterattack, her knees gave up. The price for moving so wildly in apnea state has taken it’s toll. Color disappeared from her face, her lung was seeking air, and sounds like asthma can be heard loudly. The extreme condition that destroys her chance of surviving.

(wikipedia: apnea — suspension of breathing. During apnea, there is no movement of the muscles of inhalation, and the volume of the lungs initially remains unchanged)


Both Gregor and Anzerm was stunned for a moment. They did not expect this kind of development at all.

“*Wheeze*… *Wheeze*… Damn it… all…”

The end has come.

“I’ll let you… take my head…”

Anzerm understood that this is the end of her struggle. Gregor raised his sword with a serious look. It was not the expression of a man looking down on a woman. It was an expression full of respect for his opponents.

“It was a good fight. You fought well”

Nikka’s face twitched at Gregor’s remark. She did not stop until the very end. Desperately trying to move her body, even when the body screaming for air and refuse her command.

Anzerm, who wasn’t interested in Nikka’s neck, thinks for the next phase of the battle

“Well then, for tommorow…”

He heard something. It sounded like wails of dead people resenting the living.


Before Anzerm can warn him, Gregor was blown away along with his greatsword. It was a fast, strong, and heavy blow.

“What the he-”
It was surprising. To be able to give such a destructive blow, who was it?

There’s no way he should be standing here. He lost one arm and shouldn’t command any troops.

“That was a nice fight. Now let me play as well”

“Anatour! Why is he here?!”

He should be resting after White Mask took his arm. But he was there, standing with his spear on his only arm.

“Did he just blow me away? With just 1 arm?”

He certainly doesn’t look good. Anatour’s face was pale white and blood can be seen from his bandages all over his body.

“For now, take care of yourself, wolf”

He can hear Nikka saying something like “i can still fight” in the background. Anatour smiled.

“Hmph, I’ll deal with these weaklings”

The spear cries. Even with only one arm, the spear swung without bounces or slacks. Just looking at it makes you understand the level of his strength.

(Shit, did I spread the soldiers too thin?)

Anzerm regret his decision. He should have taken some kind of precaution for this kind of attack. That way, he can kill Nikka perfectly without dealing with intruder. What is done is done.

“Gregor, we’ll fight him together”

“I know”

The two understood that even in this condition, Anatour is still stronger than both of them combined. Back then fighting Nikka was hard enough. They had experienced first hand how she handle her sword, and they were struggling to beat her even when she’s on the brink of death.

Anatour is different. Even after being hurt after the fight with White Mask, William Rivius, he’s still the famous crying spear who was famous in seven kingdoms. The White Mask must be very strong to be able to take one of his arm.

The spear approaches without warning. Both of them barely managed to block it somehow. The difference in strength was clear.

‘Weaklings’. That word was enough to ignite the spark inside them. The swords and lance clashes. If they lose, then it proves that they were weaker than William.

“Too weak!”

The wails of the dead spread and strikes them.

Overall, the battlefield was remained in a deadlock. There are incredible fight here and there but the overall movement was slow. However the war situation was leaning gradually to the Nehderk’s side. However if you ask the soldiers about it, the answer is none.

The curtain falls on a fierce battle on the middle of mountain area.

“Ha! Are you running away, White Mask?!”

Volf roars while William glanced back and smirk.

“Congratulations mountain doggy-kun, you win this race. Be proud a bit”

What’s with that rude remark? Volf frown his eyebrow.

Volf, who won, was on the attacking side. After doing the persistent attack over and over, Arcadian army finally falls. Without giving the chance to gather their resources, Volf exhausted and blew off the army without a trance. That’s the reason he won.

“… Your last chance of winning has gone. Your last fort has fallen! This is the end! THIS IS THE END!”

For the first time, Volf finally gained an upper hand. The Arcadian army was furious on Volf’s remark. Anger spreads around him. As Volf expected, their reaction was great.

As the weaker one, in order for Arcadian Army to win they mustn’t not get pushed from the center. Volf can’t understand their strategy to use Nikka as a bait, but in the end everything went well for him. The center was pushed, Nikka survived, and Anatour ressurected.

The winds of war was in favor for his army.


“I can not win against you, that much is certain. But-”

The sun starting to set and shadow covered William’s face.

“I’ll win this war!”

William leaves the place. That figure who didn’t seem to mind losing puzzles Volf even more. He acknowledge his weakness but even so, William is going to win.


Volf was standing facing the wind. He was excited. Although he was superior in terms of power, it’s a bit different. He wasn’t sure if he can absolutely win this war. He looks forward what kind of hand will the White Mask use.

“Haha.. fine then”

Volf laughed while thinking. A number of combinations runs in his head and it was crushed by different measures. That’s it. Volf can’t came up with the idea for Arcadian Army to overturn this situation.

“If there’s really a way for you to win… then show it to me…”

“Is this really a spear?”

Even when fighting 2 on 1, Anzerm and Gregor can’t win against the tattered enemy. Anatour, who was dominating the fight, is a monster.

“There’s no way we can approach him in close combat. It’s impossible!”

They are no match. The enemy was a close combat specialist and wiped the floor with them. Should he abandon his pride and fight in the distance?.

“It going to be rough”

“Aa, I’m going to return at once, you go back and gather the troops”

“I know”


In tomorrow’s battle Anatour will return to the battlefield. They’re glad that Nikka was out from the picture today. If Nikka and Anatour attack at the same time, their power will be immeasurable. They are in a difficult situation.

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YTIF 2. Even If You’re a Child


just in case, the characters refers the god as “Tenshi-sama” but I can’t put that word properly when our MC speaks. It sounds better when she refer the god as “Your God”

The maid who I chased out didn’t return. Instead, a little girl and a soldier with a sword came in. The girl was carrying a huge food tray, probably my dinner.

“Esku- Excuse me! I have brought dinner”

A girl, maybe about 8 years old, with high pitched voice tried her best to serve me the meal. The girl carried the tray carefully to not spill the content however, it seems the tray is too heavy for her small body. I can see her hands trembling and her expression distorted from her suffering.

As I saw it, her clothes didn’t seem that bad. It looks like a regular everyday cloth to be worn in public. It has simple design with long sleeves and hem, like ancient clothes. It has dark brown color and her sleeves were laced with silver threads. It only looks European on that part while the whole cloth looks like a hakama.

I turned my eyes on the soldier who was standing two steps behind the girl and frown at me.

“Is there anything you want to say?”

I throw the spiteful question at him and taste my food quietly. I will repeat it again, ever since I came to this world my rage meter hasn’t go down at all. In this state even the soldier’s expression is irritating me.

To begin with, wearing that kind of face is the same as picking a fight with me. I am was kidnapped and forced to do unreasonable work with no compensation. I am clearly the victim here.

“… No… but…”

He shut his mouth and glanced at the girl pitifully. I immediately understood his intention.

“You want me to help her because it’s too heavy, right?”

The girl seems surprised at my words and stares at the soldier.

“If you think so then you should help her”

“I can’t… I was ordered like that from the minister”

“So this girl carrying a heavy tray of food is ordered by that minister as well?”

“…  yes… ”

“Well, that would be this child’s job then. Then why should I help her?”

The man fell silent but glared at me angrily. The girl didn’t understand what happened and stood there frightened.

“If you have any complaints then return me to my world. Really, you guys are disgusting”

Hearing my spiteful words the little girl asked

“Anoo, Guardian of Da-”

“A, stop spouting that name. I don’t want to be addressed with that name. My name is Minafuchi Kaya. Next time you call me, you have to use that name”

I repeat the same thing that I said to the previous maid who ran away. The girl looked troubled and lowered her head, then she asked again.

“Minafuchi-sama, do you dislike your role as a guardian?”

“To be honest, I don’t want to be in this world”

“But, our god is kind and we can have peace under his rule”

“Ha? So what?”

I tilted my head. I can’t understand this girl’s words. I can’t understand the previous maid’s words either but it was because she was praising her god and talking about wonderful things if I serve her god, but this girl is a bit different.

The girl looks puzzled and the soldier behind her made an unreadable expression.

“Well, my previous world is peaceful so I lived there without worry. I have friends and family over there so obviously, serving your God doesn’t compare to my life in that world. So, which part of ‘I don’t want to serve your God’ that you did not understand?”

The girl’s face turned blue. Meanwhile the soldier’s face already passed the color blue and turned pale white instead. I wonder if they understand my feelings. If you understand then spread the story and make them return me to my world.

“N-no.. but Tenshi-sama brings peace to our Scarlet World”

“Un, but nobody knows when this Scarlet World is going to be destroyed”

Besides, even if I go the God shouldn’t have gone anywhere After all, I just arrived here so there shouldn’t be a need for the guardian job up until now. Because I hadn’t stay in this world before, there might be a chance that I wasn’t needed anymore. It’s your world so you have to do something about it yourself. If you can’t do anything then shut up and accept your fate. Don’t bother other people.

The girl was shocked by my words and dropped the tray with a loud clang. The food was scattered all over the carpet, which seem to be high quality.

“What’s going on here?!?”

The patrols outside heard the noise and came into the room. He was stationed outside to prevent me from escaping and breaking the furniture. He looked around the room and pales.

“Erin… You-Did you dropped the Guardian-sama’s food??”

I was sitting behind a table that separating me and the girl and the distance between the girl and the soldier is quite far. There’s no way it can be mistaken that the girl dropped the tray.


The word escaped the girl as the patrol grabbed her arm.

“Come Erin! You must be punished by the minister!”

“Wait a moment, Rohen! Erin, Erin is bad … ….”

The girl plead to me.

“Please forgive me.. Please forgive me, Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama!”

While pleading, the girl was dragged outside.


Judging from her expression, the punishment must be quite severe.


“_rgive me… Please forgive me, Guardi-Aah.. Aaaaaaaaaah”

I slowly tilt my head, waiting for her to be finally dragged outside. Her cry echoed in the corridor for a while before it disappeared completely. The soldier who came with her stares angrily.

“… Why…”



He raged. While shouting meaningless things, he drew his sword and charged at me. Unfortunately, colorful sparks spreads along with a loud clash as he struck me. Because of that, the soldier was thrown to the floor and his sword was sent flying. I don’t know what’s going on but everyone who attack me experienced the same thing. Even when I’m surrounded by 20 people, I can’t get hurt. Perhaps it’s because my job as a Guardian, nothing in this world can harm me. Sadly, if the attacker doesn’t intend to harm me, then the protection won’t work. That’s the reason I was caught before.

Hearing another noise, another patrol came into the room and stares at the disaster.

“Ouri, you bastard! You dare to point your sword to Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama!”

“Wa-wait.. That’s n- that’s not it.. This bitch.. Erin.. ”

“Do you realize what you did?! This is a rebellion!!”

Like the girl, the soldier was dragged away by the patrols while screaming at me.

I tilt my head like usual and muttered

“Why do I have to forgive you?”

TL: *read ch2* Give me back my sympathy, you bitch! You can rot in that world for all I care!

TL: That being said, I starting to love this WN    :3

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YTIF 1. All of You are Unforgiveable

Omega Harem Version:

AU: The main character is a “negative” type. Writing about this kind of story is indeed interesting.

TL: Actually, omegaharem had ch 1 translated already. Since it’s just 1 chapter, I might as well MTL it from the very begining. Click the link to access it

Without further ado, here’s my version

The idea of going into a game or manga world, struggling to save it and doing something to that world, sounds irritating and frustating to me.

I have always been like this. Some people might feel empathy to a fiction, but I’m the type that think otherwise. Up until now the world did nothing for me. I wonder why such people exist.

So, anyway..

I, Minafuchi Kaya, Japanese, a high schooler, now can’t understand it anymore.  Whether it’s game world or manga world, it seems like reality.

“Hero from the other world, possessor of strong spirits. Please, protect our God (Tenshi-sama) and the well being of our world”

An old men, who dressed in weird decorative clothing, said that to me who was stunned on some kind of altar. I bit my cheeks and the words came from my lips was obviously.

“Let me tell you this. I don’t care about your world, do it yourself!”

What makes me angrier is that they don’t seem to listen to me. What the hell?

“Well, you seem to be in a bad mood, Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama”

A woman said that worriedly to me, who was stuck in a room in a temple on a rocky mountain. I resist the urge to pour the cup that I was holding on the top of her head. I closed my eyes and said

“Ugh.. I think it’s about eight or nine times already but can you PLEASE stop calling me that? Is there something wrong with your memory?”

My words were quite harsh but I ‘m already at my limit. It’s time for this useless conversation topic to end. Anyhow, I had asked her the same thing for about more than seven times already.

“I’m sure I introduced myself properly when we first met. It was right before noon, wasn’t it? Is it that hard to just remember it? I had told you so many times, right? That’s why I beg you please STOP calling me like that. Really, it feels like I am fighting with you. It wouldn’t be weird if I slap you right now”

I speak in a low voice.

It was dusk outside and the birds had gone quiet. Even so, my anger and stress level hasn’t reduced at all. My head hurts and my stress is at it’s peak.

“Umm… but, being Guardian of Scarlet Dawn and to be able to protect Tenshi-sama is very honorable duty”

“I don’t care.  Your god has done nothing to me in the previous world. I have no obligation to protect him. Why should I protect a god like him? I absolutely don’t want to do it”

“But still, it’s a honorable duty. I think it’s worth to serve Tenshi-sama for the rest of your lif-”

“I’m not a slave!”

I cut her words before she could finish. As I clearly had reached my limit, the woman fell silent.

“If you do not want to get beaten up, then get out of my sight. Now!”

The sound of her footstep can be heard as she hurriedly ran away. I finally opened my eyes and grind my teeth in frustation.

I was summoned at that morning.

I was supposed to go for a lunch with my whole family. My independent brother was returning home for holiday so we decided to go to a family restaurant and have some lunch.

It was at that moment. I don’t know what it’s saying but I heard a mysterious voice from somewhere. When I realized, I was transported to this world in a blink of eye.

I was sitting on a kind of altar in a large hall. Ten people were kneeling in front of me for unknown reasons. One of them stood up and speaks to me, who was dumbfounded by the completely unfamiliar sights.

“Human from another world, the priestess of the Blue World, the one who came from the dawn, thank you for coming to us ”

Another world? No, such thing is impossible. Priestess of… what? Dawn? What?

“Our god reigned over this Scarlet World, the world where you lived is called the Blue World. Since this Scarlet World lies next to the Blue World, there may be a little differences from yours.”

Perhaps, at this time my brain had processed the situation at a frightening speed. I managed to understand their words at tremendous momentum.

“The Scarlet world, has finally reached peace thanks to Tenshi-sama’s reign. We thank you for coming here and would like to ask you to protect our God as the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn”

I think my knowledge from manga and anime helped a lot. Whether I believe them or not, at least I managed to understand the story. It seems that I was summoned here to protect their God, which kept this world at peace.

People who spoke before knelled again, then the old man in the middle stood up. These people looked old but this old man looks much older, like the ones you’d find in local retirement home.

“Hero from the other world, possessor of strong spirits. Please, protect our God (Tenshi-sama) and the well being of our world”

The old man approached me, probably pleading sincerely. The voice that he makes sounds extremely painful.

Well, I refused him

“What do I care? It’s your world so do it yourself. I’m not that kind to help you. If you can’t do it yourself then give it up and accept the results”

I coldly spat those words at them.

“That… But-”

“I refuse. There’s nothing to talk anymore. Please ask another person!”

The old men raised their heads and plead to me

“… No please… Please reconsider!”

“No, I won’t do it even if you beg to me.  I have my own circumstances too. Is this a sick joke? This is basically an abduction. A kidnapping. And you still dare to ask for my help? Besides, how long do I have to keep this up? One hour? Two hour? I don’t have the time especially if I have to guard for days. Even if I have the time, I’d still refuse. It’s a guarding job, isn’t it? That job is dangerous. Why do I have to protect an unknown god in an unknown world? I absolutely refuse”

(TL: By the love of Poseidon, calm yo’ tits, woman)

I got angry. Well, since I was kidnapped there’s no need to be polite to the kidnapper, no? Hearing my words, the old men’s faces went pale. I wonder if they realized their wrongdoings.

“It can’t be helped.. Everyone, capture the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn!”

… eh?

By the old man’s signal, tens of people came at once. Of course, I punched, kicked, scratched, and bit my pursuers. But as the number of pursuers keep increasing.

Eventually I was beaten by the sheer number and something hot is pressed on my forehead.

“For now just put a curse on her. Don’t leave a scar. We’ll take her to the Scarlet Dawn Palace”

The burn on my forehead hurts like hell. To me who was living in modern society, it was the most pain I have ever experienced. I screamed to the top of my throat.

Then an emotion boil inside me and escaped my throat

“You bastards are- UNFORGIVEABLE!!”

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ToK 62. Black Wolf’s Vice Captain

Hello this is MayonaizeShrimp

Since translating only 1 novel feels lonely, I am considering picking up another novel or two to translate so please comment below if you have a suggestion.

My prefered genre is fantasy especially Isekai settings but I’m open for any kind of novel. No harem-slice of life bullsh*t please.

Harem is okay and I like slice of life. But I wish to translate something with a plot. Not a mindless “Hero’s funny daily lives of creating a harem in another world”. I don’t mind picking up a harem slice of life novel if it has a plot.


Putting my ramblings aside, here’s c62

Nikka was in a desperate situation. Gregor’s strong defence at the front and Anzerm’s pincer attack at her back, spreading his soldiers thin and wide to prevent Nikka’s escape.

“Vice Leader! Even if it’s only you, you have to escape” One of her subordinates speaks loudly

“Idiot. We can still do it!”

Maybe if she threw her responsibility aside, she might survive. As a woman, as long she lived she might be able to do something. Someday there may be a chance to live with Volf as well.

“I’m still… a warrior”

The woman who abandoned her. No, the woman who sold her. She lived with men, flatter him, and then left him to die on the side of the road. Nikka’s mother is that kind of a woman, a parasite. Those kind of woman are all the same.

“I’d rather die than live like that”

Nikka is different. She decided to live and fight with Volf. After her only friend’s death, she chose the same path as the man she loved. You have to fight to survive. There’s no meaning if you don’t win it by yourself.

Nikka rose from the ground. Using her flexible moves, she slices her enemies. Neck, armor joint, does not matter. She flew and cut her enemies’ necks and limbs.

“Rise you idiots! We can’t give up so easily!

When you die, you can’t move forward. So you have to live
(TL: People die if they are killed -Shirou Emiya, Fate/Stay Night, 2006)

“Vice captain… Oy wake up! We can do it!”


The wolves do not get captured. The wolves are undefeatable.

Anzerm observes Nikka on the battlefield. She was trying to attack Gregor with brute force. On the other hand Gregor too was relying on his army’s brute strength. It’s foolish. Anzerm is different from them.

“Surround and shoot them with your bow! Don’t let them get escape!”

He can’t make any mistake. He had to take that wolf’s head.

Even while covered by arrow bruises, the wolves still fought hard. Nikka keep avoiding the arrows by using trees and rocks. Even so, a few arrows still managed to strike her deep in a few places. Some of her men also collapsed while some of them turned into a pin cushion.

“Nooot yeeeeeeeeeeet!”

Her roar means nothing. Stand, move, fight, kill.
Kill like a beast.

“This is troublesome. I’m going in, Anzerm!”

Gregor who couldn’t wait anymore moves into the battlefield.

“That fool. He shouldn’t move on his own!”

But it couldn’t be helped since Gregor already moves. It certainly helps to finish their enemies faster but there will be lots of casualties. It’s not a beautiful way to win and it doesn’t sit well with Anzerm.

“That stupid idiot! Are you fucking kidding me? what should i do if he got caught?”

A victory must be beautiful and perfect. Outwit the enemy with tactics, complete victory without casualty. This is Anzerm’s motto and his way fighting.

“Struggle all you want, woman! This Gregor von Tundar will be coming for you!”

Gregor swings his sword and cut a soldier right in front of Nikka.

“Huh? Did you come to die, idiot!” she swung her spear.

Gregor parried with his sword. Both side fought against each other but suddenly-

“Die!” Anzerm breaks in. Leaving his men behind, he came with burning anger. A black sword aimed at Nikka’s neck. She used her spear to parry but it broke at the hilt.

“Anzerm! Don’t you dare to take my prey!”

Ignoring Gregor who was surprised by his sudden appearance, Anzerm aims at Nikka’s neck again. This time she can’t dodge it.

(Ah… I’m going to die)

Being surrounded by Gregor and Anzerm, she saw no chance of getting out from this situation. At that moment she drew her sword.


Anzerm’s sword disappeared. Nikka’s sword strikes Anzerm’s sword with so much force that broke his balance. Gregor attacks but it was parried by Nikka.

“Fu! You bitch, are you really a woman?”

Gregor cursed while Nikka parried all his attacks. Nikka’s sword pierced the gap in Gregor’s armor and strips a part of his armor.

“I will not die. I will fight and fight and fight until I kill both of you!”

For Anzerm and Gregor, fighting 2v1 with a woman is humiliating. Especially when they can’t land a finishing blow. Even while being surrounded, Nikka’s aura is roaring fiercely. Roaring of life shining to survive longer even for another minute. A beautiful obsidian shine that shapes a woman wearing a black fur coat.

(Damn it, I should’ve killed her with arrows) Black fangs scratches Anzerm’s cheek. Only a wolf can fight equally against two elite soldiers. Their sword slashes the air and their armor was scratched by the fang.

“You biiiiiiiitch!”

Nikka’s is fighting desperately, not even have time to breath or think. For her, death is not that scary. When she decided to walk the same path as Volf, she threw away her weak self. She cut her long hair and chased Volf desperately. To fulfill the promise with a friend, to fulfill the dream that her friend couldn’t fulfill – The wolf was here.

ToK 61. Crisis


Now I realized why no one is picking this WN.
This *beep* is hard to read

The battle intensifies, but not on the upper stream. It’s not the place where the two generals collide. It’s a little down the stream where Nikka and Gregor fought.

“Yosh!” said Gregor while making a pose.

The objectives are completed nicely.

“I got your back now”

Anzerm von Kruger moves. He came to take the pawn called Nikka, vice leader of the black mercenary group, who left the defense and focused on attacking Gregor’s army.

“No fucking way!”

Nikka, who was attacking Gregor aggresively, can’t help but left dumbstruck. Her destructive power should be enough to wipe Gregor’s army but she’s stuck with attrition battle so she focused entirely on attack. This created a gap for an ambush.

“Give it up, woman! This Gregor von Tundar have fought hard. But you are a woman, a mercenary. Therefore you are not even my opponent. Hahahaha!”

Ignoring Gregor, Nikka guides her soldiers away. Nikka is not stupid enough to fight in this condition. Her only goal is now: Escape.

“Do you think you can escape?”

Before her was Anzerm, who was blocking her escape route

“Tch…” Nikka clicked her tounge while looking at Volf’s position in the center.

“Shit.. I can’t pass”

The first one to notice the change in Nikka’s battlefield was Ywain, who was fighting at the upper stream. He had been surpassed by Gilbert’s army but he’s still holding control and maintaining his dominance.


Ywain cursed his captain from afar. There’s nothing he can do from his position, which is the furthest from Nikka. Nevertheless, nothing can be done about it. If Volf lose Nikka, who supported him from every aspect, Volf will not get away easily from Ywain’s wrath.

“You dare to look away. Don’t underestimate me, Lion!”

Gilbert’s sword swung vertically. Even though the attack was avoided, a line of blood was formed on Ywain’s cheek and eyelids.

“Tch.. I don’t have time to play with you!”

The two fought each other. No one can get close to them. In one-on-one fight there’s no one can match Gilbert but Gilbert was fighting on equal terms with Ywain.

(I don’t think I will lose here but I can’t imagine myself being able to kill him. As expected from von Osvalt household)

But Ywain was impatient. The whole situation is bad. He’s stuck fighting here while Nikka was in trouble. Volf was not in situation where he can move either. Today he was supposed to push the center and fight the White Mask. He can only hope for Nikka’s survival.

Meanwhile Volf immediately sense the whole incident in the battlefield. But he was in the middle of infiltrating the fort. If he realized it before he attacked, would he change his plan and rescue Nikka? Knowing Nikka, she wouldn’t want to be rescued before Volf claims victory at the fort.

Nikka is one of the closest person to Volf. A part of his past. The only one who knows his origin and his hardship. She is, without doubt, an important person to Volf.

But the ‘Wolves’ do not get ‘captured’.  Even if Nikka is an important person to Volf, he has to prioritize the objective and claim victory. Volf hesitated. Should he follow his leader self who was the leader of “Black Wolf” and claim victory or his personal self and save Nikka?

“Maa~a whatever. I will attack and attack! Just you wait, White Mask! The Wolf will be there soon”

“Will he retreat? Hmm no… he’s getting closer and closer”

William watches Volf coming from afar by sweeping his soldiers from side to side. He didn’t show a shred of hesitation at all. Perhaps there was no a chance where Volf will go away at all. Even if Arcadia took Nikka from the game, there’s no major change in the battlefield.

“In terms of tactics, I am a bit inferior. Even my fighting capability is below him”

In many aspects, Volf was ahead from William. William have no tactic to overcome this situation.

“But still, I am going to win”

I have to remove some sentences because it sounds too weird and redundant