ToK 61. Crisis


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The battle intensifies, but not on the upper stream. It’s not the place where the two generals collide. It’s a little down the stream where Nikka and Gregor fought.

“Yosh!” said Gregor while making a pose.

The objectives are completed nicely.

“I got your back now”

Anzerm von Kruger moves. He came to take the pawn called Nikka, vice leader of the black mercenary group, who left the defense and focused on attacking Gregor’s army.

“No fucking way!”

Nikka, who was attacking Gregor aggresively, can’t help but left dumbstruck. Her destructive power should be enough to wipe Gregor’s army but she’s stuck with attrition battle so she focused entirely on attack. This created a gap for an ambush.

“Give it up, woman! This Gregor von Tundar have fought hard. But you are a woman, a mercenary. Therefore you are not even my opponent. Hahahaha!”

Ignoring Gregor, Nikka guides her soldiers away. Nikka is not stupid enough to fight in this condition. Her only goal is now: Escape.

“Do you think you can escape?”

Before her was Anzerm, who was blocking her escape route

“Tch…” Nikka clicked her tounge while looking at Volf’s position in the center.

“Shit.. I can’t pass”

The first one to notice the change in Nikka’s battlefield was Ywain, who was fighting at the upper stream. He had been surpassed by Gilbert’s army but he’s still holding control and maintaining his dominance.


Ywain cursed his captain from afar. There’s nothing he can do from his position, which is the furthest from Nikka. Nevertheless, nothing can be done about it. If Volf lose Nikka, who supported him from every aspect, Volf will not get away easily from Ywain’s wrath.

“You dare to look away. Don’t underestimate me, Lion!”

Gilbert’s sword swung vertically. Even though the attack was avoided, a line of blood was formed on Ywain’s cheek and eyelids.

“Tch.. I don’t have time to play with you!”

The two fought each other. No one can get close to them. In one-on-one fight there’s no one can match Gilbert but Gilbert was fighting on equal terms with Ywain.

(I don’t think I will lose here but I can’t imagine myself being able to kill him. As expected from von Osvalt household)

But Ywain was impatient. The whole situation is bad. He’s stuck fighting here while Nikka was in trouble. Volf was not in situation where he can move either. Today he was supposed to push the center and fight the White Mask. He can only hope for Nikka’s survival.

Meanwhile Volf immediately sense the whole incident in the battlefield. But he was in the middle of infiltrating the fort. If he realized it before he attacked, would he change his plan and rescue Nikka? Knowing Nikka, she wouldn’t want to be rescued before Volf claims victory at the fort.

Nikka is one of the closest person to Volf. A part of his past. The only one who knows his origin and his hardship. She is, without doubt, an important person to Volf.

But the ‘Wolves’ do not get ‘captured’.  Even if Nikka is an important person to Volf, he has to prioritize the objective and claim victory. Volf hesitated. Should he follow his leader self who was the leader of “Black Wolf” and claim victory or his personal self and save Nikka?

“Maa~a whatever. I will attack and attack! Just you wait, White Mask! The Wolf will be there soon”

“Will he retreat? Hmm no… he’s getting closer and closer”

William watches Volf coming from afar by sweeping his soldiers from side to side. He didn’t show a shred of hesitation at all. Perhaps there was no a chance where Volf will go away at all. Even if Arcadia took Nikka from the game, there’s no major change in the battlefield.

“In terms of tactics, I am a bit inferior. Even my fighting capability is below him”

In many aspects, Volf was ahead from William. William have no tactic to overcome this situation.

“But still, I am going to win”

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ToK 60. Black and White – Meeting Each Other Again

Tower of Karma chapter 60


The battlefield has reached a stalemate. Neither army makes any progress. Except for Gilberto and Ywain, who were struggling to death in upper stream, they were sick of attrition wars. Since Volf was able to maintain the dominance for the first time, the front line was secure. So it’s not a scenario that emphasis on the tactical side but it seems to push the center for the time being.
“Well then, are you going to fight” That said- As expected from “Black Wolf” truly strong and agile attacks.

It is not enough to push the center, but Volf’s army is still strong. Once you’ve got the enemy side, breaking through the arrow rain shield as an umbrella then jump into enemy team at a stretch and overrun it.
“I can not understand the intention, but… I will finish eating as it is.”
The harsh attack of the Wolf changes the color of the center.

“Tch, that guy again. I’m starting to get sick of him”

Before Nikka’s eyes were Gregor’s army. As Anzerm explained, the reinforcement made a considerable effect on the battle.

Gregor also had a small fortress was erected as per William’s manual. Nikka shouldn’t be able to capture it even if she take the long approach. This attrition battle is clearly in favor for Gregor, it doesn’t sit well with Nikka.
“Daaaaaaa! Uzeeee! Come out quickly you damn coward!”

Gregor did not move at Nika’s cry.

(This is nice) Gregor had experienced it himself. William’s knowledge gained from many books and worth thousands.. no.. millions experiences. The effect surprisingly changed the Arcadia army’s effectiveness on this battlefield. (I don’t think I can lose if I do it well)

If their armies clash with each other head on, it will result in death match. Their skill are almost equal and death will be inevitable. The manner Gregor fights is knightish and straight forward but now, Gregor is experiencing the benefit of strategy. “Now that we’re fighting again, I don’t think I will lose.”

Gregor’s army has the high ground. Even if the army led by Nikka can hold down better on the plain, the higher ground is creating an absolutely favorable condition. There is no defeat on this battlefield. At least Gregor did not feel like losing.

“Besides, today is … it’s going to be interesting.”

The fortress that appeared in Volf’s eyes clearly had different atmosphere. High quality trees are also used in some places. It didn’t look like built overnight, but it was probably built in anticipation of being pushed here. To predict this far, only Volf knows such a man.

“Ossha! Do not forget to re-partition it, white mask!”

White mask, William Riuvius, overlooks Volf from above the fortress. Volf can see the color under his mask. (I wonder if his physical condition is fully healed). The complexion is well, and no trauma is found.

“I’ll play with you if you can reach here”

“That brat!”

He fell to the provocation but- To build such a splendid fortress in such a short time. So he possessed such human resources. This is wonderful. But still, Volf does not doubt his superiority. He can break through and get inside.

“I will crush it!”

Utilizing speed, the wolf rides the battlefield. Even though the cavalry was sealed, the fierceness of the wolves did not waver.

“Ho.. Do it then”

Using shield to defend from rain of arrows, Volf’s army advances. However, it is admirable to be able to move around so fast in that state and making attack variations. Not that arrows can give the best performance in mountain warfare anyway. That is why there is a gap to get in there.


There’s nothing to fear from rain of arrows if you know it’s path. There are many obstacles from the top to bottom of the mountain. Even the bow, which is the best weapon in plains, is useless after striking one forest leaf. Volf did not miss the chance.


It was quick. Volf cuts the distance at unbelievable speed like there is no problem with the rain of arrows.

As he jumps – “Let’s go for round two, White Mask!”

Wolf’s twin sword slashed two necks in a blink of an eye. At that moment, Volf finally infiltrate into the fortress. Fast and strong. William, who is in the fort, can see the fight. Wolf’s speed was still troublesome. Not just his speed as individual, but his speed as a group.

“Umu.. You’re no match to me”

William also prepares to fight. Black and White. This time they fight once again.